31 July 2008


Samuel has his first visit to the orthodontist today in Aberdeen. BIL has very kindly offered to take us as Zog is in the garage. Hopefully the dentist will get the ball rolling for his brace.

30 July 2008

Baked delights

Busy, busy, busy today. Goulash in the slow cooker, Apple Crumble cake, Gooseberry crumble and Apple crumble all ready for pudding. It all smells lovely.
Ruth is not too far away now so poor Mossy had best make the most of his few minutes of peace before Max gets here :)

Busy Day

I've got a busy day today with one thing and another. My sister and her family are coming up for a few days so as John is at work I'm in charge of making something for supper!!!! Good job I've got a slow cooker. I'll add photos of my cullinary masterpiece later :)

29 July 2008

Holiday Face

One of the many holiday photos!! Samuel enjoying an ice cream after scoffing the biggest pizza on the island

Last crafty thing I did

Before going on holiday to Lanzarote the last things I made were two little books for Samuel to give to his teachers at the end of term. Lucky Mrs Cowie will get one next year too :)

First Post

OK here goes...........

I'm still trying to figure out what goes where and how to add stuff. Good job my sister is coming up tomorrow to help me sort this out :)