31 October 2013

More Pumpkins

Just came across another pumpkin picture.
The year John made these a couple of teenage kids knocked on the door and said "Mental Pumpkins Man".

We thought so too :0)

Happy Halloween

No Trick or Treat in this house again this year as we're all "Too Old".  :0)

Here are some of John's creations from past years.  Guess which one the Teenager did?

30 October 2013

Trying to create

I've been in a bit of a lull with my crafting of late.  I really want to finish my Florida album and my new crochet blanket, but I just can't seem to get the energy to do anything.

I thought if I looked back at old crafting projects it might renew my 'Get up and Go'.

29 October 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to being back at work after the October holidays.
Hello to catching up with friends.
Hello to sorting out some help for the Teenagers exams.

Hello to escaping the storm that hit the south of the country yesterday.
Hello to buying a new microwave.  The other one has given up completely.
Hello to having friends over on Saturday for good food and a chat.
Hello to you.

How's your week looking?

28 October 2013

Family photos

I love this photo.  The Teenager (smiling), Mum and me.

and I love this one of the boys too.  What a difference a 10 year age gap can make.

26 October 2013

Photo Bombed

My 6 year old nephew wanted to take some photos when we went to Chester for the day.  I let him have my camera and he took my photo.

Little did I know that the shot was being hijacked by the Teenager.  Apparently it's known as Photo Bombing!!

Who knew?

Apologies for the windswept look.  It was VERY wet and windy that day.

21 October 2013

A day at the Museum

We're down south at the moment for a few days and today we took a trip across the river and popped into the museum.  If I'm honest, it was a bit of let down.  A lot of the displays weren't working, the Dinosaurs were almost non existent and the Time & Space section had a few clocks and one rocket.
A few of the best bits were the Bug section

The Egypt section

The two dinosaur exhibits

and the bit where the Teenager got to lift a piece of a meteor.
After the museum we went over to the train station to meet my sister and nephew who are also visiting for a few days.


16 October 2013

Simply a Moment - October 13

15 October 13.  6.10am

Hubby has just gone to work.  I'm not working today as it's the school holidays.  Do I stay up and start some much needed housework or do I go back to bed with a cup of tea and catch up with Boardwalk Empire?

Guess what won?

A very short and simple moment this month but one that's worth a mention as it only happens about once a year :0)

Simply a Moment is hosted by Alexa over at Trimming the Sails.  Why not pop over and see other moments from this month.

15 October 2013

Happy Anniversary

Happy 8th Anniversary to my lovely sister and brother-in-law for yesterday.  I'm not quite sure where the last 8 years have gone.

We hope you both had a lovely day.

Ruth I would have posted this yesterday but your lovely BIL hogged the PC all day for work.

7 October 2013

Hello Monday

Well this week I'll be saying.....

Hello to it just being the teenager and me for four days this week.  Hubby is off to Norway.
Hello to saying Happy Birthday to my friend Sharon.  21 again.
Hello to only having five days left at school before the Tattie holidays.
Hello to taking Moss to the vet for his booster.
Hello to Parents' Evening.

Hello to having a manicure.
Hello to making sure the teenager get off to work on time.  He has three shift this week.
Hello to making sure the same teenager goes for his flu jab.
Hello to not having to rush to get shirts etc washed and ironed for school next week.

How's your week shaping up?