28 January 2021

25 January 2021

Me on a Monday - 25 January 2021

This week seems have been about all things medical.  First off there was the collecting and wearing of a 24hr heart monitor.  Thankfully the hospital is only 10 minutes away and I had collected it, fitted it and returned to work by 9.45am.  The monitor was a small contraption consisting of three wires, 3 pads and one little monitor.  It was so small you couldn't even tell I was wearing one as it wasn't visible under my clothes.  

The pads, I have to say, were very uncomfortable and irritated me all day.  Thankfully I didn't feel a thing whilst I was asleep but next day I couldn't wait to get them off.  They seemed to be extra sticky and left huge red patches on my skin which were sore and itchy.  Note to self, ask if they do hypoallergenic patches if I ever need another one!!

I now have to wait two weeks to get the results.

Wednesday's medical excitement was an email from the Local Authority telling us that as we work in a Special Needs School we qualified for the COVID-19 vaccine.  The staff were so excited I think we actually broke the internet in our rush to get an appointment.  I managed to get mine booked for Saturday 23rd at 10am.

Friday was another momentous occasion as all the school staff were issued with COVID-19 Home Testing Kits.  We have to do a lateral flow test every Sunday and Thursday.  It's not nice having to stick a long cotton bud down the back of your throat and up your nose but if it helps then I'll do it.

Saturday morning saw me taking the 20 minutes trip to the vaccine centre.  Typically we'd had sleet  overnight and whilst we only had a mere smattering of the white stuff it made the motorway trip a little bit scary at times.  Especially when Mercedes drivers zoom up the outside lane and throw all the slush and ice over the front of everyone else's windscreen.  It seems that if you drive  Mercedes, Audi or BMW you get super powers and are able to drive at ridiculous speeds in appalling weather.  Sadly we saw the fire brigade heading down the other side of the motorway with their lights flashing heading towards an accident.  I only hope no one was injured.

Anyway, I got to the centre, had to wait 15 minutes for the lady in the car park, who gave out the leaflets, to get her coffee and come out of the building!.  Once inside the actual vaccine centre the staff were amazing.  I couldn't fault them.  They had the whole process down to a fine art.  Register, fill in forms, wait your turn, have your jab and then wait 15 minutes before going home.  I was in and out within half an hour.  I'm now booked in for my second dose on 10 April.

Sunday was a brilliant day.  It snowed!!  Yes! it actually snowed big, fat, flakes.  We dropped everything and headed out for a walk up to the windmill.  It's the first time we've had 'proper' snow since we left Scotland.  Quite a few people had the same idea but it wasn't too busy and we managed to slip and slide our way up to the windmill and back in about an hour.  It was a good job we went when we did as the snow had gone by mid afternoon :0(

Sunday afternoon, hubby made a lovely roast beef dinner and then in the evening I did some more of my Virus Blanket.  It's nearly finished so I'll need to get my thinking cap on and pick my next project.  We also organised a quiz with friends for next weekend.  This week's quiz was postponed due to football!!  

I hope you all had a good week and that you are all staying safe and well.


18 January 2021

Me on a Monday - 18 January 2021

 What a week!!

We started the week with six staff off, after testing positive for COVID and ended the week with eleven.  According to the local authority the school can stay open as we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe.  Some of the staff are understandable upset by this and I can see their point of view but what can we do?  Mrs W (the other lady in the office) and I went for a non-symptom test on Thursday (just to be safe) and were happy to get a negative result.
It's the first time in ages I was glad of something negative as I normally try to stay as positive as I can.

On a funnier note there were a couple of times this week that we managed to have a laugh.  Like the day Mrs W and I turned up wearing the same outfit.  She nearly wore the same scarf as me, but thought that if we were somehow wearing the same thing I would have that scarf on so she chose a different one.


Then there was the day we had to catch an injured pigeon from the playground.  We had all the PPE necessary and went out with a box and the darn thing was like greased lightning.  It might not have been able to fly but it could certainly move!  It took me about 10 attempts to catch it as my glasses had steamed up and my hair was blowing all over the place but I managed it in the end and took it to the local vet for them to assess it.  For the children's benefit, it was safely with the vet but I have  feeling that it was probably put to sleep.

I had another commission to make a scarf this week too and have almost finished it so it can go to work tomorrow and be on it's merry to Manchester in the next few days.  I used my favourite scarf yarn, King Cole Curiosity in Mother of Pearl.  I love the colours of this one so much I have ordered some more of the same wool so I can make one for myself.  If I'm allowed to blow my own trumpet, my scarves have been admired but quite a few people.

The Young Man had his 24th birthday on Sunday and we tried to make it as much fun as we could.  There was only the three of us and as we are unable to go out for meal we brought the restaurant to him.  Caffe di Blocco (or Lockdown cafe according to Google translate).  I made a menu, set the table like an old fashioned Italian restaurant and hubby fired up the pizza oven and made homemade pizza.  There were also banners, balloons and brownies.  I think he had a good day and in these strange times that is all that matters.



11 January 2021

Me on a Monday- 11 January 2021

Another busy week done and dusted.  And an eventful one too.

Monday -  It was back to work after the Christmas break.  No children though as it was an INSET day.  Just as well really as the senior staff and teachers spent all day figuring how to get the children into school for the next two weeks on a staggered return.  Lots of hours spent asking parents if they needed a place or if they were keeping their children at home.  With the lists finally in place, parents were informed only for it all to go out of the window at 8pm when The Prime Minister did a u-turn and put us all in lock own for another 6 weeks.
On a positive note we had a glorious start to the day and one of our lovely teaching assistants managed to take a photo from the playing fields.

Tuesday - We all knew it was coming, so it was no surprise when we went into lockdown 3.0.  We only had four children in school as their parents were both key workers.  All the staff are in this time around as the head teacher wasn't happy last time as a some staff were happy to sit at home for the duration and not help out.  
It was another day of meetings and sorting transport for the children so they could come back on Wednesday.  This time when we informed parents, it didn't change!!
There was also a text from my hairdresser to say that my long awaited appointment on Saturday was cancelled.  Luckily I still have a box of hair colour from the first lock down so the grey can be disguised.

Wednesday - Not a good day in the USA as the 45th President seemed to incite protestors to storm the Capitol.  The scenes on the news were disgusting. Roll on the 20 January when hopefully they get someone with some sense of right and wrong.
I managed to parcel up, and send off some birthday cards and presents so that they all arrived before or on the day.  
Caught up with the first episode of The Serpent on BBC1.  A very good drama to start the year even if the subject matter is a little gruesome and disturbing.

Thursday - Another busy day at work.  The first week back is always busy but hopefully we will start to slow down a bit now we have everything in place for the children.  We had 36 in today and I only saw about 4 of them as they have to stay in their bubbles and aren't allowed in the office corridor anymore.  I miss seeing them.
Popped out the the health centre for a blood test.  There and back in 20 minutes!!

Friday - I thought we were going to get snow but it turned into sleet and only lasted 5 minutes.  It even warmed up to 3C.
Hubby made slimming world kebabs for tea which were delicious.  Unfortunately I followed that by eating mini cream eggs.  Only two mind but that's not the idea :0)

Saturday - Happy Birthday to my nephew who was 14 today.  Where has the time gone?
It was a day of housework and crochet and then in the evening we face timed our friends in Scotland and had a great laugh with them.  We decided to arrange a quiz for next weekend and are hoping some other friends will join in too.  It should be a good laugh.  It's been 18 months since we all got together.  Hopefully it won't be too long till we can get together again.
A letter arrived with a date for me to pick up a 24hr heart monitor.  They don't fit it for you at the moment so I hope I put it on properly.

Sunday - More housework and then an afternoon to myself.  The weather was dreich and I wasn't  feeling the urge to go for a walk so an hour or two with my crochet did just fine.
Hubby made pork fillet for dinner which was lovely comfort food for a day like today.  Another episode of The Serpent and an early night ready to start again tomorrow.

And just like that another week is over.


7 January 2021

4 January 2021

Me on A Monday - 4 January 2021

And just like that it is over.  Christmas went by in the blink of an eye and New Year is done and dusted.  I don’t know anyone who wasn’t glad to see the back of 2020.  

I’m thinking positive this year and am looking forward to the time we can all meet up safely again.  I have so missed seeing family and friends.

So, what have I been doing since Christmas?

I managed to get an appointment to see the doctor and have been in and had an ECG (which was all fine).  I’ve had a few worries I wanted him to try and sort out so I’m now waiting on a blood test and a 24hr heart monitor.  All will be well and if not, we’ll worry about that if it happens.

I have been slowly sneaking the Christmas decorations away bit by bit since the 27 December.  I love my tree being up and the twinkly lights but after a few weeks I just wanted to get them out of the way.  It starts to feel a bit cluttered when they’ve been up since the first Sunday of Advent.  Hubby never noticed!!  They are all now boxed up and back in the loft and my living room looks light and spacious again.

My poor dining room mid move.

Whilst I was taking the decorations down hubby decided that he wanted to move his office upstairs to the spare room.  He’s been in what was the garage for the last few years, but our lovely neighbour, Mr A uses his garage as a workshop and is building something for his grandson which involves a lot of sawing and hammering.  Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but when you’re working from home and trying to hold a meeting via Zoom or are on a phone call it gets a bit noisy.  Hopefully, it will be a bit quieter now he’s at the back of the house.  The move also gave me time to tidy the other rooms and I now feel that we are all clean and tidy for the new year.

I have been hooked on Bridgerton (on Netflix) and must admit to sitting and binge watching a few episodes each afternoon.  Well, I did have to finish the series before I headed back to work.  I love a good period drama and was pleased to find that I knew who Lady Whistledown was long before the big reveal.  I’m normally rubbish at guessing “who dunnit”.

Crochet is a big part of my stress relief routine and I have been busy planning what to make next year.  I made scarves and blankets this year but there are only so many blankets you need before they start taking over!!  I thought I might make baby/child blankets for the local Children’s Hospital or even make hats and scarves for an Etsy shop I have yet to set up.  The list is long and endless, but a very generous wool voucher from Santa will make it easier.

Surely one cancels out the other

I am back to planning what we eat.  We may have overindulged slightly over the last few weeks, but the mince pies have now gone, and the leftover packets of biscuits are heading to work.  There are still a few chocolates left but it would be rude not to finish them off.  After all, everything in moderation.  I have stocked up on loads of fruit and veg and the cookbooks are out.  Meals are planned for the next week as are lunches as it’s back to work.  Hopefully, those few extra pounds will be away in a week or two.

And that’s it.  What a busy week.  Next week will probably be just as busy if the school is open.  We will have to wait and see what Boris says about it all.