27 March 2012

25 March 2012

Warmer weather

It has been an absolutely gorgeous day today (20 degrees C) so whilst Samuel was off with the school doing his Duke of Edinburgh training Moss and I spent an hour or so wandering the lanes around the village.

We went past daffodils in full bloom.....

We saw the new swan couple building their new nest (on centre right of picture)

We walked through the trees, past the pond and out into the sunlight.

We said hello to the neighbours!!
And saw more "Daffs".

We went past the "Trades mans Entrance" round the back (We know our place!!)

and headed home via the raspberry canes.

I love seeing the village come into view.  It's so much quieter now the traffic is on the bypass.  Well apart from Sundays when every man and his dog stop at the Ice Cream parlour!!

How was your weekend?

24 March 2012

Photo a Day - 23 March

MOON - I cheated on this one as by the time I got home last night there wasn't a moon to be seen so I've borrowed this picture from 2009.  It was one I snapped out of the back bedroom window when the moon was full.

22 March 2012

Photo a Day - 22 March

KITCHEN SINK - An odd prompt and not something I'd normally think to take a picture of but here it is in all its glory.  Please excuse the decoration but having had new windows at the end of last year we still haven't re-decorated.

21 March 2012

Photo a Day - 21 March

DELICIOUS - A chip butty.                          Enough said!!

Photo a Day - 20 March

BEFORE/AFTER - My first attempt at a proper carrot cake.  I've made muffins before but never the BIG version.
It was for my friend Elaine's birthday and was Yum-diddly-umptious.

20 March 2012

The weekend

Sometimes I think about posting pictures on here and then wonder who really wants to read about what I get up to. 
What I should really be thinking is "Who cares what others think. This is my blog and if I want to blog about the washing and ironing I can".
I know there are some out there in blog land that don't like reading things like that but this is my diary and I want to be able to look back at past years and think "I don't remember that but I'm glad I blogged about it at the time".

So with that in mind, last week Amy at Over at our place asked about our weekend.  I hadn't taken any pictures last week to blog about so thought I'd do this weekend instead.

1. An early morning walk for me and Moss.  The teenage one was still in bed!!

2.  Home to breakfast and a read of Your Home magazine.

3.  The washing!!  Out on the line in the sunshine for the first time this year.

4.  A garden tidy up.  I just need to get some plants to fill those pots and it will look healthy again.

5.  Marble cake.  An easy recipe that the teenage one would never eat as he didn't like the look of it.  Until now that is and now he wants me to make another one tonight as there's only one slice left!!

6.  The day finished with me putting my feet up watching Upstairs, Downstairs.

Next year I can look back and see if anything has changed.  Maybe, maybe not but that's the beauty of blogging.

Have a great day :0)

19 March 2012

What are you reading?

This week I've started "Chocolate Girls" by Annie Murray and I'm really enjoying it so far.

Three very different women work together at Cadbury's Bournville factory, and their lives become entwined by war and work - and a child called David.
Edie, the main character, marries young to escape her unhappy family home. Widowed at 19 and, after losing her child from the marriage, she faces the war grieving and lonely. Then one night during the Blitz, an infant mysteriously abandoned during the bombing is handed into her care...
Ruby, meanwhile, doesn't want to be left behind in the wedding stakes and settles for marriage with Frank.
Finally there's Janet, kind-hearted and susceptible to male charm, who is hurt desperately by an affair with a married man.
David, the child who steals Edie's heart as she brings him up through a time none of them will ever forget, is the love of all their lives. And when David is old enough to wonder who he really is, he leads Edie through struggle and heartache to a life and love she would never have dreamed of...

18 March 2012

Photo a Day - 18 March

A CORNER OF YOUR HOME - Mine isn't so much a corner as a wall.  I love the mantelpiece John made for the living room.  I believe it's called "Floating" mantelpiece as there are no bits underneath to hold it up.
The wood is an old piece of oak that came from a local distillery and when John was sanding it down made the shed smell of whisky.  We kept the shavings to put on the BBQ :0)

Photo a Day - 17 March

GREEN - It has to be green for St Patrick's Day.  The first green shoots on my Clematis.

Photo a Day - 16 March

SUNGLASSES - The teenage one is all ready for his summer holidays.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to Mums everywhere.

Monthly Make - March 12

This month I made tiny wee felt houses - just because.  They were a bit fiddly but I like the finished item.

and just to get an idea of size here they are next to my cuppa.
What to do next month?

15 March 2012

Photo a Day - 15 March

CAR - the front of my lovely Peugeot 308.
I'm hoping for a dry weekend as she could do with a good wash.

14 March 2012

Photo a Day - 14 March

CLOUDS - These were the clouds at 4.20pm today.  The sun was out but the sky was still grey.

Photo a Day - 13 March

SIGN - This little "Sign" was left on my PC at work while I was at lunch!!  It's from one of the Depute Head Teachers :0) Nice to be appreciated.

Photo a Day - 12 March

FORK - Not much to say about this one really. 

I've skipped two days as I didn't take any photos but that's the good thing about this challenge.....you can just do as much or as little as you like.

12 March 2012

What are you reading?

I'm just about to start "War Brides" by Helen Bryan.  It only cost me 77p ($1.20) on Kindle so I couldn't pass it up.

The title might make you think that this is a romance novel, but it's not; there is some romance in it, but the main focus on the story is on the friendship of 5 young women, in a small village in England in the years of WW2.

Evangeline is a belle from New Orleans who elopes with an English naval officer as a means to follow her true love to France.
Alice, who has lived in the village all her life, has been jilted by her finance and is resigned to life as a spinster. Elsie has only known a life in poverty in London's East End, but is evacuated to the village and becomes a maid for Lady Marchmont. Frances is Lady Marchmont's god daughter, who is sent to live with her after behavior causes scandal in the family. Tanni is a young Jewish bride from Austria, who doesn't know where the rest of her family is, or if they survived.

Together, they form strong bonds of friendships as they face hardship, loss and danger; and that bond is still just as strong when they meet again 50 years later.

Photo a Day - 9 March

Crunchy red apples.  The only type the Teenage one will eat!!

Photo a Day - 8 March

The windows in our kitchen are new and the whole room now needs re-decorating so I try and disguise the plasterboard with my orchids.

Photo a Day - 7 March

This is a necklace my sister bought me for Christmas a few years ago.  It's really lovely and gets lots of comments at work.  But shame on me the silver needs a good clean!!

Photo a Day - 6 March

Behind as usual!!

5PM was the prompt for the 6 March and this is what I was doing.................the ironing (always the ironing!!)

9 March 2012


What were you doing this morning at 8.15am?

I was driving to work under a huge, bright rainbow
Photo from Google

listening to Jimmy Osmond on the Chris Evan Breakfast Show on Radio 2.  He was great to listen to and took me back to the good old days!!
I spent half the morning humming "I'll be your long haired lover from Liverpool you'll be my sunshine daisy from LA"  :0)

Hard to believe he's only 48.  But then he was only 9 years old when that song was No 1 in the UK.

5 March 2012

Photo a Day - 5 March

A SMILE - The nearest I'll get to a smile from Samuel.  He'd just been busted for talking to his mates on X-Box instead of doing his English homework.

Photo a Day - 4 March

BEDSIDE - Only just made this for yesterday.  It was almost midnight before I took the photo.

4 March 2012

Photo a Day - 3 March

NEIGHBOURHOOD - This is the part of my neighbourhood I see the most.  The pond on the local estate where I take Moss for a walk.

Photo a Day - 2 March

FRUIT - There seems to be a lack of fruit in our house at the moment.  Probably due to the recent teeth removal of both me and Samuel!!

This pear is a stress toy that Samuel brought home from school last year after students from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen visited his school.  He can't remember what they talked about but brought the pear home anyway!!

1 March 2012

Photo a Day - 1 March

Happy St David's Day.  Today's prompt is UP and what could be better today than looking UP at some daffodils?

Photo a Day - 29 Feb

WHAT YOU'RE LISTENING TOO was the prompt for the 29th.

As I listen to Radio 2 most of the day (when not working) I didn't think a normal picture of the radio would be very exciting so I thought I'd take a picture of Samuel's I Pod which seems to be surgically attached to him some days!!

Photo a Day 28 Feb

The prompt for the 28th was MONEY.
This is the contents of my purse.