31 October 2008


It wouldn't be Halloween without the school disco!! As usual Samuel wants to go as something gruesome!! This year he toned it down a bit and went as the Grim Reaper!

Pumpkins by John :)

25th Anniversary

It's 25 years today since I boarded a train at Liverpool Limestreet and went off the join the Royal Air Force. Mum and Ruth were there to see me off and I travelled to Hereford to start my 6 weeks basic training.

Where has the time gone?

The Bathroom

Whilst Samuel and I were away in London during the Tattie holidays, John put a new bathroom in. It wasn't quite finished when we got home but the nice man has now been and put the lino down so except for covering the pipes, ordering a blind and getting something for the wall it's FINISHED :). I think John's done an amazing job and it's now a pleasure to have a bath!!!


26 October 2008

Something crafty

I've finally done something crafty this week. It's Sheila's birthday just after they go home next week so I wanted to have her card ready so she can take it with her. While she was doing the crossword this afternoon I popped upstairs and made a quick card. I love these papers from last months GoGo kit.

Never Too Old

No matter what others may say we know that you are never too old to play on the swings. Just look at Sheila and Bernard today. What a job we had getting them off so the kiddies could have a go!!! lol :)


We went out to Roseisle Beach today while the sun was out. I had to lend Sheila a hat and it was just as well as it was freezing on the beach. Mossy had a good time in and out of the waves but we didn't stay too long as the wind was getting up. Samuel managed to find yet more shells for his 'Nature Shelf'. (More stuff to put in the garden when he's not looking!!)

We took a walk round the woods while we were there as Sheila was on the look out for a Red Squirrel as she's never seen one before. Samuel managed to see one run along the ground and up a tree but all the rest of us saw was it's tail!!

It was just starting to rain as we got back to the car.

25 October 2008

Strictly for Grandma

John's Mum Sheila loves Strictly Come Dancing and says that come Saturday night she stops what she's doing and sits and watches it with a cuppa and chocolate. Todays chocolates came in the form of a big jar of Quality Street!!!!

Productive day

It was blowing an absolute gale today with trees and branches all over the road and sand from the fields so thick you could hardly see to drive through it. After being into Elgin to get Samuel's hair cut and a quick trip to Starbucks we went home and battened down the hatches.
Samuel cracked on with painting his Warhammer figures and John and his Dad put the radiator back in the bathroom. I then gave Sheila a quick
lesson on how to make macaroni cheese. Later on Samuel and his Grandma made cakes and had fun icing them!! After a fish supper for tea it was time for Strictly.

23 October 2008

Trees and cakes

Today has been an odd sort of day where I don't seem to have done much but have a lot to show for it!!
I was up early at 7.30 to put the re-cycling out and then did the ironing. Then I: made breakfast for everyone, did some shopping, took Mossy and the in-laws out for a walk, walked up to Christies for some bird seed, made a cake and then started the dinner. I'm now sitting down and I'm shattered!! I wonder why?

While out for a walk Samuel decided he wanted to climb 'his' tree!! I wondered just how many other kids have climbed the same tree in the last hundred years!!

When we got back from Christies Sheila and I made a Pineapple Upside down Cake. It's 30 years since I made my last one, in cookery class at Somerville Middle School and it was a first for Sheila who at the young age of 67 was making her first one ever. It turned out really well and was delicious with custard :)

21 October 2008

Back Home

Back to normal today after travelling back from London yesterday. It's been a day of washing, food shopping and shopping for bits for the bathroom.
I did have to buy a new hoover as well as John managed to break the other one when he connected it up to his sander!!! Will he ever learn?

19 October 2008

Back to Kew

Yesterday we decided to go back to Kew to try and finish off Samuel's sticker book. We managed to get a few more done but still haven't covered every inch of the place. We saw a few of the resident Parakeets although they are difficult to see as they match the greenery at the moment!! I saw this tree and laughed at how much like a face it is. The Japanese pagoda was a bit of a disappointment as it looks a bit tatty and could go with a good clean and a lick of paint! (I'm so fussy!!) We'll have to make another trip next year to find all the things that come out in spring and summer.

Bubble Mania

On Friday, as it was dry, we decided to get the bubble machine out. Samuel also had a bottle of bubbles he got from the Singing Handyman he met in London!! The two of them had a great time and Harry thought it was fun to try and pop as many as he could!! It doesn't cost a lot to keep your kids happy.

17 October 2008

Changing the Guard

They're Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Samuel and Liz went down with Harry!! In all the years we have been visiting London we've never seen a changing of the guard. Yesterday we made the effort and went to Buck house to see what the fuss was all about. Harry decided he wanted to walk accross Green park so Samuel gave him a helping hand. There were hundreds of people there and it was difficult to get a chance to see what was going on. I managed to find a space and put Samuel in front of me and told him not to move!!! Unfortunately it take about 30 minutes to change the guard and we didn't have time to wait, but it's one of those things that is on all the time so we'll get another chance to see it all.


On Wednesday Ruth and I took Samuel to see Joseph at the Adelephi Theatre in London. He didn't know he was going as we told him he was just going out for a surprise. His face when he saw the tickets was a picture.

The show itself was fan-tas-tic. Lee Mead was excellent and has really made the role his own. The cast were funny and the Pharaoh was actually Elvis!! Close Every Door had me in goosebumps from top to toe. It was the quickest 2 hours of the week. It was well worth the money and would definitely be something you could see again.

15 October 2008

Imperial War Museum

On Monday this week we took Samuel to the Imperial War Museum. (I think it's the only museum we haven't been to).

He was in seventh heaven. He was let loose with the camera and most of the pictures were tanks and guns!! He said his favourite bit was the Secret War as that involved spys!! We need to go back again as we didn't have time to see everything we wanted to.

12 October 2008

The Sky at Night

Andrew very kindly got his telescope out tonight so Samuel could see the Moon and Jupiter. The Moon was brilliant and he could see all the knobbly bits!! Jupiter was a bit further away but he could still see her moons!

This was the two of them this afternoon setting it all up. Very technical work needs tea!!


It was absolutely gorgeous today so we walked to Kew Gardens. The place is massive and we only managed to cover a small part of it. Samuel got a book in which he has to put stickers when he finds certain plants/trees. He had great fun in the Palm house looking for the biggest bamboo and banana trees. There were a few things he couldn't find but we later discovered that it was because they have been removed for refurbishment!!! We still have the Japanese Pagoda to visit and the tree top trail. Between us Ruth and I managed to get some really good pictures.

11 October 2008

Thank you to Jo

I have to say thank you to Jo for putting a book on her blog that she bought for her son. It's called The Diary of Wimpy Boy. I thought I'd get a copy for Samuel who is, I have to say, a reluctant reader. He absolutely LOVES it and can't wait to get his hands on the next one. He started reading it on the sleeper last night and I had to tell him to put his light out at 10.45pm!! He woke up at 6.45am and the first thing he wanted to do was read!! He only has few pages to go. Long may the reading continue.

On my hols

I'm on holiday now for two weeks as it's the Tattie holidays from school. Finished work at 4pm last night, got the sleeper at 8.40pm and was at Ruth's in time for breakfast!! The sleeper was really comfy with a soft quilt and pillows. Shame my brain wouldn't close down for the night and let me sleep. Finally dozed off at 4am. Wonder why my bags have bags today?
Harry obviously likes his Auntie Liz as I'd only been here 20 mins when he wanted a story.
Sorry about the scary woman in the photo!!!
Off to visit Kew Gardens tomorrow. I've never been before so I hope it stays dry. I'm hoping to take some pictures so will upload any decent ones tomorow night.

9 October 2008

Sarah's Challenge prompt 6

This week it was the turn of the movies.

This week i want you to take advantage of the rubbish weather we have been having. Get that heating on, light the coal fire and just chill out for a bit. Organize your very own private film festival to highlight your favourite actor, comedian or director. If you are doing this as a family, each pick a favourite to watch. If you are doing this alone, go for all those mushy tear jerkers, lol.And remember, a true film festival is not complete without snacks, popcorn or icecream. Dont feel guilty about it, you need sustenance for all that viewing.So for your LO this week i want you to create something about your mini festival or your favourite films. Have a think about why you love the same type of film all the time, why it appeals to you. Come up with some lists and again incorperate into your LO.

Here's my LO. The Admit One ticket has a list on the back of who picked which DVD in the photo. I can't remember the last film we all watched so we're going to find one we all like and take Sarah's advice!!

This week.......

This weeks has gone past in a blur. I can't believe that tomorrow night we'll be on the sleeper to London.
John bought me some more flowers this week as my Birthday ones have all died off. This time I suspect, they were a lot cheaper but no less lovely.In return I've made him a Dundee cake (first one ever) so he has something to have with a coffee whilst he's putting the new bathroom in next week. I have tested it and it's edible!!
Samuel had to look after the class mascot, Buddy, on Tuesday so decided to take him for a walk with Moss before taking him to swimming club. Buddy then had to write up his diary!!

And finally this week, Harry asked his Auntie Liz if she could get him some cool wellies (not that he knows what they are!!). Anyway here's a little taster as I don't want to spoil the surprise :)

Thursday already!!

I can't believe it's Thursday already and I haven't put anything on here since Sunday. It's been a busy week so far with housework, ironing and packing to go away tomorrow night. I did make time last night to watch Heroes and I'm happy to say it all seems to be making sense at last!!

5 October 2008

It's Sunday....It must be time for a walk!!

Over the last few weeks I've been making John and Samuel come out on a walk with me. We might not go very far or like today we might go further afield. Today was the turn of Wark Woods up at Duff House. It rained on the way there but as we got nearer it stopped and the sun came out. It was lovely and had I not had dodgy batteries in the camera, would have been perfect for snapping some Autumn pictures. (I'm not sure if it's the batteries or the camera that's dodgy). There is a nice woodland walk there that takes you past the old Ice House and the Mausoleum. It took us about an hour to walk round it as John and Samuel had to keep stopping to look for conkers.

The play area also has a new swing which Samuel had to test drive. Unfortunately his Dad thought it was great to push him as hard as possible trying to make him fall out!

(PS. I think Santa might bring me a new camera if this one doesn't buck it's ideas up) :)