27 February 2009

Talent in the Family

Good news today from little sis. Cheryl Johnson from Scrapbook Inspirations magazine contacted her about one of her SLYMI LOs and asked if she will submit it for the magazine's Readers' Gallery!! How cool is that? I'll be looking out for it in future issues.

Richard Hammond!!

Today Milne's primary had a "Come as your Favourite Celebrity" day. Trouble was they only gave us 2 days notice!! Up until last night we had no idea who he was going to go as or where we would get any necessary items for that person.
One brain storm later, after watching one of his favourite programmes, Brainiac, Samuel decided he could go as Richard Hammond as all he would need was his jeans, a t-shirt and a shirt. (That was all he wears when he's on Top Gear too Samuel tells me). So after hunting through his wardrobe we had our outfit. As for the hair....well that had to be from an earlier programme as we didn't have time to grow it overnight!!!

Nikon D60

John bought me a very spangly new camera at Christmas and I have spent the time since getting to grips with it. Not easy when I have no idea what an ISO is!!!

Enter the D60 for Dummies book (with love from John). Having had a quick look through it tonight I managed to put a bit of bling on Samuel's tooth that fell out earlier. I'm well chuffed I even managed to find the menu.

P.S. Plot spoiler...........There is no tooth fairy so I can just give him the money!!!! Oh to be 12.

22 February 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

This film is a must see. It's absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Go, go see it :)

SLYMI wk 8

Welcome to week eight and we have a special guest! Our challenge this week is set by lovely sponsors A Trip Down Memory Lane, and they challenge you to... CUT A PHOTO!

Well I'm wasn't too sure about this weeks challenge as cutting photos isn't really my thing. This photo, however, looks better for being cut out as it had a dark background with the TV and the window in view
Not sure I'l be cutting more pictures any time soon though but it's good to learn new ways of scrapping.

21 February 2009

Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy. 4? today and the nearest I was going to get to see him smile. There's one in there somewhere but it seems to be camera shy!!!!!

Home made chocolate cake with cream and fresh strawberries. Samuel got a baking book from the library but then left me to make the cake!! He did do the chocolate decorations on the top so I can't take credit for making the whole thing.
Spike Milligan........Dad's favourite. When I saw a range of Spike cards in Smiths I had to have a closer look. This one made me laugh and even Samuel thought it was funny. Must be in the genes!!!

18 February 2009

Daft Dog

I was mooching round the "other supermarket" today and came accross this mug. The look on the dogs face is brill and for the bargain price of £1 was too good to pass up. I'm off to make my cup of tea in it now :)

PS. the sheep seem to like it too :)

On My Windowsill

While doing the shopping in Tesco on Monday I picked up these daffs half price. Two bunches for £1.00. They had opened today when I got home from work and look lovely on my kitchen windowsill. Also on there are the sheep that Ruth bought me last year for my Birthday and which I meant to blog last September and never got around to it!! Although I'm not doing the 365 photo challenge I am trying to take more pictures this year. I'm not doing too badly so far :)

16 February 2009

Birthday mini book

One of our Chelsea Pensioner friends, Jim, is 94 on the 21st so I thought I'd make him a little book.
He painted a beautiful picture of Elgin Catherdral, for Samuel, a few years ago and I wanted to send him the photos so added them to the book along with a few pictures Samuel had drawn for him. I copied the Happy Birthday on the front from SI magazine this month.

A splash of colour

After days and days of snow it was nice to see that my flowers had survived the blizzards! It's so nice to see a splash of colour back in the garden.

Go to work on an egg

The old slogan is making a comeback and while I wasn't working today, I did have a boiled egg at lunch time. It's so long since I've had one I couldn't find my egg cups. Samuel came to the rescue by letting me use the one he'd had an easter egg in when he was little!! Thomas the Tank Engine has been lurking at the back of the cupboard for a long while as Samuel wouldn't be seen dead trying a boiled egg!!!!!!

14 February 2009

Love Birds

I made these little crocheted Love Birds for John for Valentines Day but in true male fashion he doesn't really "Get Them"!!! I think they're cute though.

SLYMI wk 6 & 7

Week 6 was scrap with ribbons and week 7 was to use an old photo. In an attempt to finish Samuel's album I've used his baby photos. His Christening Lo has all the other photos tucked underneath the main photo. The other LO Ruth will hate as she doesn't like those pictures but Samuel looks so cute screwing up his nose. Only a few more pictures to go and his album is finished.

12 February 2009

Valentine's Heart

Samuel came home from school today with a lovely heart he'd made (while they had indoor break due to the snow). It's a magnet and has pride of place on my fridge so I can see it every day. I have to make the most of little things like these as before I know it he will be too grown up for such things!!

11 February 2009

A Nice Surprise

When I got to work this morning I found this chocolate heart lolly on my desk. All four of us in the office got one. It's from one of the ladies in the Modern Languages department who thought it would cheer us up if we'd had a busy week. She was right. After being really busy for the last 2 days it was nice to feel appreciated. It's the little things that matter :)

No Ducks

All our ducks seem to have deserted us. Probably because the pond is frozen solid and covered in snow but possibly because great big diggers are rumbling past their home every day!!!

8 February 2009

More Cyber Cropping

I had to get as much done as possible as it may be some time before I get to do as much again!! I've also done an accordian book but I'm making some of those for Mother's Day so the pictures will have to wait!!!

7 February 2009


While I was busy cyber cropping John and Samuel were doing Masterchef!!! John did Victoria Sponge and Samuel did Chocolate Souffles. Both taste delicious :)

Cyber Crop

As I haven't been to a crop since the beginning of December I thought I need a day of scrapping. What better than some fab classes from UKS. I've managed 3 LO, a mini book and and accordian book. Not bad for day one. A huge thank you to Ruth for the JBP of the kit for the Sherlock Holmes class. I still need to photo some LOs but that will need to wait till tomorrow when the light is better.

6 February 2009

New Addition

We finally had to admit defeat and buy a new washing machine. The other one is 9 years old, leaks, has a broken door, makes a weird noise and doesn't spin!!!! But other than that it's fine !! Today my lovely new Hotpoint arrived and has done a wash already. No messing about :)

Strange Skies

The sky today has been neither one thing or another. One minute it's white the next grey and a few times bright blue with sunshine. We took this picture in between snow showers when we took Mossy for a walk.

Highway for Heroes

My sister has this on her blog so I thought I'd put it on mine as well. Being from a service background and having a husband who returned safely from Iraq it is important to me that our service men and women get all the help and recognition they are entitled to.

Please take the time to sign this petition, which asks HMG to rename the stretch of road from RAF Lyneham to Wootton Bassett, currently the B3102 to Highway Of Heroes. In case you are unaware, this is the road that our dead serviceman returning from the Middle East are driven along en route to the Oxfordshire Coroner's Office before returning to their loved ones for burial. Please sign.

5 February 2009

Marley & Me

I've just finished reading the brilliant "The Island" so I thought I'd go completely in the opposite direction and start Marley & Me. Ruth bought me this book ages ago and as they are just about to make a film of it I thought I'd read it first. Hollywood always ruins a good book!!

Snow Angel

No fresh snow is compete without a snow angel in it!!


What do you do with a day off in the snow? Sledging of course!!!

At 9.45 this morning we headed off to the school playing fields and spent an hour messing around in the snow. Even Moss had to have a go on the sledge!!


We'd been very lucky here this week as so far we hadn't had any snow. Until this morning when we woke up to a good 6" of the white stuff. All the schools were closed, the roads hadn't been cleared and the A96 was closed between Keith and Inverurie. It was an "at home day" for all 3 of us.

3 February 2009

UKS weekly challenge

This week the Flower Power Blossoms came up with this:

Use black and white - 10 points
Use round sketch below - 10 points
Use stamp - 5 points

Use flowers - 5 points

Here is my attempt.

Coffin Bank!!

Anyone remember the metal coffin shaped money box that had a skeleton in it that grabbed your money? Well my friend at work, Daisy, found one in her attic that belonged to her son (who's my age) and gave it to me for Samuel. She thought it would be right up his street!! She was right. Any money that isn't nailed down goes in it.

1 February 2009

The Bypass

The Fochabers bypass is underway. Well it is as far as cutting down trees is concerned. They haven't got the contractors sorted yet but are at least making a start. Work is due to start in summer 2009 and should be completed by summer 2011 (but we shall see!!!!!!!!)
The trees around the pond have all been cut down and our cherry tree is no more :( they have also cut a path through the Gordon Lennox estate as far as the A96. Progress indeed. At least the snowdrops are still blooming and the swans are happy :)

Poor old cherry tree!!