30 September 2014


Trying to be healthy!!  Too many cakes and biscuits.  Not good for the waistline :0(


29 September 2014


Autumn (Fall) is on it's way.  It's a bit strange though as the temperature is still in the 30C and the mozzies are still out in force!!


266 - 271/365

Catch up time

Sorting out John's office.  It's a work in progress.

An early Birthday present form the boys.

Happy Birthday to me :0)

Ants in the pantry.  They love Baklava!!

A rare shot of the Teenager.  I wish he would let me take his photo.

I went driving by myself for the first time.  It wasn't actually as bad as I thought and if I keep of the highways I should be fine.

Happy Anniversary

Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary to my lovely husband John.  He's spending the day working and I'm doing housework.  Who said romance was dead?

23 September 2014

Scavenger Hunt the Finale

Well that's it for another year.  I have to be honest and say I haven't put as much effort into it this years, what with packing and moving but hopefully next year I'll be more settled and can do better.

My final two are

21 :: A photograph of you with something representing the season.  This year that would mean sunglasses.  Next year I must remind myself to get prescription sunglasses as I keep having to swap them over when I'm out and about.

No 15 - A Juggler.  I didn't see one single juggler this year (not that I normally see that many).  Instead I had to go with a substitute 

Alternative A ::  A Kite, Hot Air Balloon or Blimp.  I had almost given up on this too when this card arrived from my cousin and his fiancĂ©e.  Just in the nick of time :0)

Thanks go, once again to Rinda at Gallo Organico for hosting this and pushing us to find some pretty tricky shots.
Looking forward to next year already.

It's not all sunshine you know!

We have had so much rain in the last few days.
The temperature dropped to 27C and the humidity disappeared.
The rain came down like stair rods and the street was like a river.
Luckily it only lasted an hour or so and soon dried up.

22 September 2014


The Teenager needed another Heb B shot so we went to the RediClinic at the local supermarket!!  It's a little weird waiting for the Dr whilst everyone else is doing their shopping :0)


21 September 2014


A little bit of me time while the boys are at Airsoft.  My Project Life is now up-to-date.  Yay :0)


20 September 2014


How cute are these birdhouses?  I might need to investigate one of those for next year.


19 September 2014


Well - that's it then.


259 - 261/365

Drive through cash points (ATMs)!!  You don't even have to park up to get your money out.  They also have drive through Pharmacies and apparently a drive through Margarita Bar!!
That last one is a bit worrying.



Brownies  :0)  I finally managed to find sugar that kind of looks like Muscavado and found Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup in the International isle in one of the smaller supermarkets.  That equals one happy Teenager.



A postcard arrived from my sister.  It did make me laugh as I had thought my line dancing wasn't too bad!!


18 September 2014

Yes or No?

Today is the day.  
Scotland votes on independence from the rest of Britain.

Better Together

16 September 2014


Came out of the supermarket tonight and was met by this sunset.  The sun was huge and a beautiful shade of pink.  The photo doesn't do it justice.

15 September 2014

Me on Monday & 258/365

My Monday so far has consisted of

:: Sauce making

::  Internet surfing on the i-pad.

::  Bedroom tidying................... again!!

::  Postcards writing


::  Coffee drinking

and the usual washing and ironing.  I still have the dinner to make and a trip to the school to meet the teachers.

Hey!  It's Monday :0)

Me on Monday is the brilliant idea of Sian at High in the Sky.  Mine is slightly amended but the idea is there!!

14 September 2014


We took the boys to Laser Tag today and by the boys I mean the Teenager and our friend's son D, who's 9.  D has been asking the Teenager for weeks if he'll go and finally he caved and said yes.  If he's honest he had just as much fun as D did!!


13 September 2014


Pumpkins anyone?  It's the one thing they're not sort of here at the moment.  Not sure what state they'll be in by the end of October!!


12 September 2014



in Texas they mean something completely different than they do in the UK.
Here they are, in my opinion, UGLY, overly big, over priced (anything from $60 - $105) rosette type things with ribbons on that the girls wear during "Homecoming" week.  Apparently boys wear smaller ones on their arms.  As you can imagine the Teenager is NOT happy that he may have to wear one and has decided that he IS NOT under any circumstances going to!!

What do you think?  Pretty?  Ugly?  or both?!!  Me I'm going with both :0)



I actually walked to the supermarket this morning!!  I know "Walked" in Texas!!  Who knew people did such things.  I wanted to check out how far it was and how long it would take so when my nephew comes to stay at Christmas we can walk to Starbucks!!


I set off about 9.50am with my trusty "cool backpack"

and walked past the fountain

along the neighbouring streets

around a few bends

and through some shady glens

I stopped in at the local dentist and registered us all and then walked around the corner to the supermarket.  It took about 20 minutes and in that time I didn't see another soul out walking.  I saw one lady on her bike and about 6 cars.  We obviously live in the quiet part of town!  I got back about 11am, hot and tired but happy I'd been out and about.  The locals probably think I'm nuts but I actually miss going for a walk.

10 September 2014


I've finally unpacked all the books.  There are some good reads in there I might have to look at again.  All I need now is a bookshelf to put them all on!!


9 September 2014


Went for coffee today and met some lovely ladies.

Kosmos Cafe - a non-profit coffee shop committed to "changing the world, one cup at a time".


Me on Monday & 251/365

Sian at High in the Sky hosts Me on Monday and this week I've adapted it slightly (I took the idea from my sister Ruth who did the same thing).

Today saw me mainly....

::  Ironing the Teenagers "School Uniform"

::  Striping and changing our bed

::  Sorting out the Solicitors who are selling our house.  Someone there can't count properly and I told them so!!

::  Face Time with my BFF Carol.  It was so nice to chat to her.  Can't believe it's been over 2 months since we had a natter.  E-mails are just not the same.

::  making cakes for the Teenager.  The shops may be full of cakes but home made are always better.


I also swept the floor, did the ironing and made the dinner.  I can't remember when I ever had time to go to work!!

How was your Monday?

8 September 2014


Galveston, Oh Galveston, I can hear your sea winds blowing......................Any one remember that song?  I had it on 7" vinyl!!  Oh dear.  I hasten to add that it probably belong to my Mum or Dad and I didn't actually buy it :0)
Anyhoo we went for a drive down to Galveston yesterday and ended up at the old Historical Pier (which opened in 2002!) and the boys had a go on the rides.  
There is so much more to see in Galveston but that's for another weekend involving an overnight stay I think.


7 September 2014


I can finally print off the photos for my Going to America Journal.  There was a problem with buying ink as we have a UK printer which needs to know we've moved to the USA!!  Who knew?


5 September 2014


Guess what Hobby Lobby have on sale already?  Rows and rows of them!!!!!


4 September 2014


Took John for a walk round the block after dinner.  This photo doesn't justice to the clouds.  The colours were amazing.



I wrote a letter to my friend Daisy yesterday and look what I found on the inside cover of the writing pad.

Ahhhh!! He loved his mum


3 September 2014

Pile of Postcards Part 2

I've been meaning to post about the last few postcards I received in the Pile of Postcards Exchange that Sian organised.
My first batch can be seen here and since then I've received three more:

One from Alexa who sent a lovely card from The Peak District.  Her message was all about the countryside and the landscapes of the moors and I so wished I could see it.  I'm missing trees and greenery at the moment!!

Then there was one from Lea who sent one from Paris.  I love Paris but when you go with two very grumpy males it's doesn't make it a good visit.  Next time I'll have to go with the girls!!!

And finally, but by no means least, I had one from Helena.  I'd sent one to Helena and she sent me one back from Glasgow where she was a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games.  How cool is that?

This was a really great idea and thanks go to Sian for organising it all and keeping us all straight with who we were sending to etc.  It must have been a lot of hard work but it was very much appreciated.  I'm now looking forward to the next one.