29 November 2015

Patio Postcards

Mary-Lou could you please email me your address so I can send you
Presley's Journal.


28 November 2015

Looking Back

Do you ever look back at your blog posts and think
"I'm so glad I blogged that as I'd forgotten all about it?"

Today I wondered what I was doing in previous years so took a look at 2009.
It seems that, yet again, I was left to walk Mossy
in the rain.
I miss my boy.

What were you doing on 28 November 2009?

25 November 2015

Letter to Santa

I think my sister and I might have left one of these for each other when 
we were younger but not now.

Love you Sib xxx

24 November 2015

Bike Rides

With the weather cooling down a bit it is much
 nicer to be out and about on our bikes.
On Sunday we took an 8 mile trip around the local lakes.

 Sorry about the finger in this photo!!

Even the Teenage one decided to join us.

The boys decided to race off and hatched a plan to wait until
I turned up, puffing and panting and then they'd ride off.

But I cottoned on to that plan and went riding past!!

It was a bit chilly to begin with but soon warmed up.
I only lost the chain once but it was soon fixed by John and
I must work out how to use the gears as we found the only hills in Katy!!

Another good day :0)

22 November 2015

Christmas Markets

I love a good Christmas Market I do.
So aren't I lucky that there are several to choose from in Katy?

John and I went along to the Home for the Holidays 
market in old Katy yesterday.

There was a lot of "Tatt" but also some good ideas for "make your own".

I liked the idea of making wine bottles into lamps
(although if I kept all our bottles, I'd have to start my own business!!)

I liked looking at the trees and wondering if I could add something to ours this year.

I liked the metal garden ornaments.  I really liked the peacock but would be worried
that someone would nick it from the front garden!!

and I liked the gorgeous small of the Christmas potpourri.
Orange Spice.
I ended up buying a huge bag of it, plus the bowl to put it in and the oil to refresh it.

It looks great on my coffee table.

The next market is in the local town next Saturday.
I hope John has some pennies left!!!

21 November 2015

Seeing Stars

I spent an hour or so this afternoon laminating and cutting out
orange stars for one of the teachers at Seven Lakes High School.

I just wish someone would pay me to do it, instead of doing it for free!!

18 November 2015

December Daily 2015

This is my favourite yearly journal.
Probably as it's all about the lead up to the BIG day.
This year I was just going to use the left over Christmas stash
I've had for years.  But I went to Hobby Lobby and that all changed!!
I bought some lovely Paper Studio papers and lots of embellishments
(all with 50% off).

I'm using a 6" x 8" Recollections Album and got a bargain as it was BOGOF!!

It is, of course, lime green and now has this cute little Santa on the front.

I had a rummage around and found a number of odd sized page protectors
and will just add paper, embellishments, journalling and photos every day.
Hopefully :) 
Roll on December 1st.

17 November 2015

Help Needed

Deb over at Paper Turtle has a niece who is in 5th grade
and is doing a Travel Journal.
It has found it's way to me via Belfast and London 
and now I want to send it on.
rather than send it back to the UK  
I was hoping that there was someone out there in the good old USofA or Canada
that I could send it on to.
If you would like to be the next recipient of this journal please let me know.
All you have to do is answer some questions about where you live, 
send Presley a postcard and post it on.
Easy Peasy!!
Any takers?

Just a little homesick :(

I admit to feeling a little homesick just now.

My friend Rehana and her husband own the Al Bahar Indian restaurant in Elgin, Moray 
and I shared her Facebook post for anyone who might want to hold
their Christmas party there.

This is what she replied.

Rehana Ahmed likes this.
Rehana Ahmed
Rehana Ahmed Thank you  was just remembering you yesterday as I was gazing at your pic in office Xx
Like · Reply · 14 mins
Liz Lee
Liz Lee Anything I can do to help a friend J Can't believe I'm still on the cupboard door. You must all need a night out to get some new photos J
Like · Reply · 9 mins
Rehana Ahmed
Rehana Ahmed Aww Liz ... I always miss you at this time , new and old all treasured 😀
Like · Reply · 8 mins
Liz Lee
Liz Lee You're such a sweetie J
Like · Reply · 7 mins

She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. 
She is kind and generous and always willing to help in any way.

It’s at times like this that I really miss my friends back in Scotland.

First Pint

The drinking laws in Texas state that you can't legally drink alcohol
until you're 21.
and this is where it gets complicated.
Some restaurants will let an 18 year old drink alcohol if their parents
buy it for them and sit with them whilst they drink it.
Not all restaurants allow this, some do then change their minds 
the next time you visit.

We went to out first "British pub" on Sunday
where they happily served Samuel with his first pint of lager.

The Richmond Arms, Houston
It looked like an British pub (apart from the American football on the TV)

It smelt like a British pub but thankfully didn't have a sticky carpet!

and the Teenager was able to enjoy a pint in the beer garden.

All is good.

15 November 2015

Daylight Robbery

One of the local grocery store here has a really 
good range of "International" foods.

I dropped in yesterday to buy British sweets to make up a
Selection box for the Teenager (yes I know he's nearly 19)
and I saw tins of Quality Street.

Imagine my excitement J
Then imagine my disappointment when I saw the price L

In proper money that roughly 17.00 Great British pounds.

I will never complain about paying a fiver for a tin in Tesco.

Needless to say I didn't buy one.

12 November 2015

The Cheesecake Factory

The upside of not working means you can sneak off
during the day, with your friend and partake of deliciousness like this.

Craig's Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake
at The Cheesecake Factory

It was a struggle but I bravely managed to eat the whole thing
(apart from the cream and the dollop on top).

My friend Yvette bravely tackled this beauty.
Red velvet cheesecake.

Maybe it won't be so bad having to go to work.
I don't think I could cope with all those calories every week!!

11 November 2015

Remembrance Day vs Veterans Day

One thing I have noticed since moving to Texas is the difference
between Remembrance Day and Veterans Day.

Both are held on 11 November.

In the UK there is a two minutes silence 
at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

In the UK we have Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph
with thousands of people paying their respects and sooo many
organisations marching past with pride as they lay their wreaths.

The Queen lays the first wreath

Source Google

Followed by members of Parliament and other foreign dignitaries.

Source Google

All the services are represented from serving military 
to the Scouts and Air Training Corps.

Source Google

Many wait for hours just for the privilege of marching past.

Source Google

It's all done in a very British way.

Veteran's Day is a little different.

Flags are put out in neighbourhoods

Source Google

Major cities have a parade.

Source Google

People line the route and wave flags.

Source Google

People wish you Happy Veterans Day

Source Google

They have a Veterans Day Sale where you can get anything from an 
upgrade on your next cruise to $100 off a mattress.

Source Google

Neither of these is the right way to do things but neither is it the wrong way.
We're just different.
But the one thing we both agree on, is that we should honour our veterans
in any way we can.

10 November 2015

Me on Monday

After a weekend of  dropping the Teenage one off at 
sporting clubs and work, changing the beds, doing the laundry
spending too much time reading and helping hubby with dinner,

Monday was quite quiet.

Dancing for two hours followed by coming home to 
freshly made sausage roll and coffee before taking the teenager
to open a bank account.

Followed by even more reading.
My kind of Monday.

How was yours?

Thank you again to Sian at From High in the Sky for hosting 
Me on Monday.

6 November 2015

It's getting worse!!

Even Christmas will be "Cowboy" this year.

All net proceeds go to Children's charities.

Hurry up December I want to play Blake!!

5 November 2015

A True Texan

It's official.
I'm a Texan.
I watched the CMA Awards last night 
and knew the artists, songs and presenters!!

♥♥ I'm Lovin' it ♥♥