31 March 2020

Stay at Home

The Government has told us that during the COVID-19 crisis we should all stay at home.  I totally agree. Why would you want to go out and possibly come into contact with someone who has the virus?

The problem with staying in all day, every day for weeks on end is ........ What to Do?  Here's what I've learned over the last week.

1.  Get up at your usual time and get ready as you normally would.

2.  Don't put the TV on.  Listen to the radio or an Audiobook.

3.  Do some on-line courses.  Whilst you're not at work you should still be doing something work related.

4.  Make a list of all those jobs you keep putting off  i.e cleaning the windows or emptying the ironing basket.

5.  Do one of those jobs everyday to keep yourself active.

6.  If the weather is nice enough get out in your garden.  Fresh air is essential and will make you feel less sluggish.

We could be "At Home" for a long time and having a routine will definitely help.

30 March 2020

A Housewarming Present

Friends of mine are moving into their first house together (once Corona virus has moved on) and I thought I'd make them a blanket as a housewarming present.

I had quite a lot of leftover wool from my very first project and it just happened to be the perfect colour for them.

I did have to buy one or two more balls as the rows went on, as she turned out to be a bit of a monster!!

A very beautiful monster though. ♥♥♥

29 March 2020

COVID-19 Social Distancing

Last weekend was the last time we could get out before being told to stay home.

I think we nailed Social Distancing!!

28 March 2020

Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch?  It's one of those things that you say you'll do but don't necessarily get around to doing.

When we lived in Texas I was very good at keeping family back home up-to-date with the goings on at the Lee Ranch, by sending a letter, Yes!! an actual letter, every fortnight.  Some sent replies, most didn't.

Now that we're not able to get out and meet our friends and family it's time to get back into old habits.  This will be either an email, a text, a phone call, face time or even an actual piece of paper.

Some will answer, some won't and some will just delete but at least I sent it.

26 March 2020

COVID-19 - Working from Home

It's been a strange few weeks.  It's like something from a SiFi programme on TV.  Firstly hearing the news from China and the lock down procedures they had in place to being told to stay home and only go out for essential items and work.

Our school is open to vulnerable children and those of key workers.  It's scary situation.  The school staff are putting themselves at risk by coming into school to teach these children when they don't know if anyone in that child's home is infected.

What happens if all the school staff end up off sick?  We don't have PPE like NHS workers.  We are open to infection but the council have said that this is OK.

Yet we still turn up.