30 December 2008

A bit of shopping

Yesterday Ruth and I managed a child free day in Inverness. I have to say the sales were very disappointing (although it didn't stop some people). I managed to get a few things for Samuel and Ruth got some really cute things for Harry in Monsoon. We took the train and just as well as some parts of the way you couldn't see out for the fog. A lady we spoke to said it was -6 degrees in Inverness!!!

Today was another cold one so we decided to stay in Fochabers and popped up to Christies Garden Centre for a cuppa and a look round. I bought some lovely Yankee Candles. One is Clean Cotton and the other is Ginger Spice. After lunch Ruth and I went into town to pay Christmas money into the bank and had to stop for a Gingerbread Latte in Starbucks on our way home. First time I've had one and they're yummy.

28 December 2008

It wasn't cold.......honest!!

A very frosty walk

As we have to find walks where we can take Harry in his buggy we decided to go to Brodie Castle where the path is reasonably flat. It looked like a really lovely day when we left home but by the time we got there it was absolutely freezing....literally......it was -2 degrees. Brrrr!!
Harry got so cold he had to go back to the car early. Samuel tried his hand a bird watching but apart from a few ducks on the pond he didn't see much. It was also too cold to sit for too long. I managed to get a few good shots before my fingers froze to the camera.
We popped into the Old Mill at Brodie for lunch and a delicious hot chocolate. Harry was much happier once he'd thawed out in front of the fire.

26 December 2008

Christmas Day

A good day was had by all yesterday with presents and good food galore. Samuel got a surprise present in the form of an air pistol which we had thought was out of stock but arrived on the 23rd. Check out the James Bond pose!!

We also had a wrapping paper monster!!

In the afternoon, whilst the turkey was cooking we went for a walk around the pond to see the swans.After a really gorgeous dinner, cooked by John we had a very relaxed afternoon and later on watched Dr Who ( a must in this house).

24 December 2008

Tracking Santa

Just keeping an eye on Santa to make sure he's on track!! The Norad website is great and we've just seen him fly over the pyramids.

Christmas Eve

Today was a busy but funny old day. It started at 3.30am, then 5am and then 7.30am with poor Harry coughing and crying. He was at the doctor by 9 o'clock but once he got there he never coughed at all!! He'll survive but his Mummy might not!!

Later we popped over to Roseisle to see the Wishing Tree and then went to Baxters to try and see Santa but as he's so busy today he'd left early. Still the pancakes were lovely and there will be other years for Harry to see him. Ruth took Harry home for a nap and I took Samuel to the pub to meet his Dad and Uncle Andrew and we ended up playing sporty games on the Wii. Ruth and Harry thought they'd been abandoned.

We ended the night with a Chinese from the yummy village take away, which is a Christmas Eve family tradition.

It's now past 10 o'clack and both boys are still awake!!!

Just what you don't want at Christmas!!

What would be one thing you could do without two days before Christmas? For us it would be a broken floor board in the hall, which to replace means taking out the cupboard under the stairs!! John patched it up as best as he could so we didn't put a foot through it on Christmas morning. The joys!!

20 December 2008

11 December 2008

The Calcutta Cup

Last week saw the arrival of the Calcutta Cup at Elgin Academy. For a donation of £1.00, to Children in Need, you could get your photo taken with it.

To me it looked like an engraved teapot with three handles and no spout!! It was guarded by two burly minders and you weren't allowed to touch it. I don't think anyone would have got very far with it unless they wanted rugby tackling in the assembly hall!!!

10 December 2008

The New Cover

I've finally finished the new cover after spending two nights blanket stitching. I hadn't realise it took so long to do!! I'm much happier with it now and the 6 x 6 is much easier to handle.

7 December 2008

JYC take 2

After seeing Jo and Sharon's journals at the crop yesterday I decided to make mine again. I think I'd gone for the harder option with having a bigger book so I've cut it down to 6 x 6. I also bought some very yummy Fancy Pants papers to use too :) It's now so much easier to handle and I've made a new cover which I'm quite chuffed with. No photos tonight as no batteries so I'll upload one tomorrow.

Getting to grips with photos

After spending all day inside at a the Aberdeen crop yesterday I decided to take everyone to Lossie beach this afternoon to get some fresh air. It was quite busy and the camera batteries didn't last long (as per usual) but I managed to get a few good pictures while practicing focus etc. Unfortunately Samuel and his pal were too late for pictures as by the time they got down from the dunes the camera had died!!

I have to admit that really I don't have the first clue about taking pictures but I'm learning.

5 December 2008

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Now I know that next August is a long way off but to get tickets for the Tattoo you have to book now. All the seats for the day I wanted are already sold out!! so we're going on Thursday 13 Aug 2009. A long way off but something to look forward to :)

4 December 2008

Sarah's Challenge prompt 14

This week was all about keeping in touch. My LO is about being penpals with my friend Michelle in Australia.
Remember Me!

As we are approaching the holiday season and the time of writing lots of Christmas cards, why not reconnect with a dear friend or a distant relative. Surprise them with a note or a card that conveys your warm feelings and will leave you both glowing for days. So dig up that old phone number or do some detective work and find them on the internet and send an email. Catch up with each others lives and remenisc about the good old times. For this weeks challenge I would like you to create a LO that means something special with the old friend that you choose to catch up with.

1 December 2008

Disco Elves

Thanks to Jo and Val for showing me how to get one of these!!! Made me laugh :)
Sorry about the poor quality. Me and technology don't mix well!!!

And finally today.....

the front cover of my Journal Your Christmas book. This project started today and I've got to print off my pictures so I can get cracking. If I don't it will end up in the same place as Shimelle's 'So You Think You Know Me!'

(I have a bag in the darkest recesses of my craft room where all the unfinished stuff ends up!!)

Christmas Cards

After seeing Fiona's place cards in this months Scrapbook Inspirations magazine it gave me the idea of making cards for the girls at work. I alway make their cards and was having trouble thinking what to make for them this year. The paper is A Wonderful Christmas Time by Papermania......I know who knew they did such nice papers!!! The pointsettias are made on the Cricut.

Kayaking LO

I scraplifted a fab Lo by Eileen at Scrapagogo. It was in the July 08 booklet and was perfect for Samuel's kayaking photos.

28 November 2008

Tartan Day!

As it's the nearest school day to St Andrew's Day we had to wear something tartan for work!!!! Not being a 'local' I have absolutely nothing at all to wear in the tartan department so I raided my ribbon box and found some tartan ribbon I bought in a local craft shop.
What to do with it was the next challenge but thanks to Google I managed to find a site with a tutorial on how to make ribbon flowers!! Its Sharon Bs craft site and worked a treat. As you could see the stitching I added a splat flower and a brad and stitched a safety pin on the back. Doesn't look too bad if I say so myself!!
So as not to waste it it will now find a home in my JYC book!!

26 November 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Ruth decided that it might be a good idea to journal our Christmas this year and who am I to say no? It's probably a good year to do it as it will be the first time we're together with the two boys. One who doesn't believe in Santa anymore and one who has no idea who Santa is!!! Good times :)

25 November 2008

Sarah's Challenge prompt 13

This week was a relaxing challenge.......and I did..... for an hour till I was even more wrinkly than usual!!!

This week as the temperature has taken a dip towards the very cold I would like you to surrender to the healing power of froth and bubbles in a very hot bath. Baths are an essential part of the true pamper routine, as a fancy start to the day or a relaxing end to the day. So give yourself the gourmet bath of all baths, a bath that would put Cleopatra to shame. Try something different, a bit of aromatherapy oil or bath salts, scented bubble bath, bath bombs, or flower petals. If you can (safely) play a little soothing music, add some candles and unplug the phone. For this week’s challenge, I want you to take a picture of your special bath and journal all about your routine. Happy bath time

Look what arrived in the post!

I had a parcel arrive at work today with what I thought were the extra pages for my BOM journal. It was indeed my pages but inside as well was a little something from my nephew Harry. He's nearly two and has already got the idea of buying things that can be scrapped after use!!! What a clever lad :)

24 November 2008

Another LO

I do so love having a week day off work. I seem to be able to crack on with LOs during the week. It's just normally too late at night once I get in from work to start faffing with stash.
Anyway here's a LO of Samuel at his first kayaking lesson. I kept getting him to stand still for photos and this one just seems to be one too many!!!

UKS Challenge

Yet again I'm off work on a Monday!! This time it's because Samuel's off sick with a sore throat and a cough. Probably all those snow angels yesterday!!
Anyway while he was asleep this morning I did the UKS weekly challenge. It's not quite the same as the sketch but then that's the whole idea. The picture was taken in July 08 while Samuel was having a 'Shot' on the air rifle.

23 November 2008

A walk in the snow

To blow away some cobwebs this morning I dragged Samuel and John up to Winding Walks. We really couldn't pass up the chance to take the dog out in the snow. He loves it.
Samuel made some Snow Angles and I got John to give me a piggy back when I got tired!! The view of the village is lovely when the snow is out.