29 May 2015

Happy Birthday

Happy 47th Birthday to my little sis.

You're catching up up now!!

See you in 10 weeks  :0)


Hats off

Mum was under instructions to have a photo taken in a cowboy hat.
So that's what we did today.

28 May 2015

Ooh La La

Took mum to my favourite coffee shop today.
We were very good and only had a small cupcake :0)

26 May 2015

It's a bit stormy!!

Luckily we were back home and in doors before the storm hit tonight.
Mum swears she didn't bring it with her!!

Photo taken by a friends husband!!  It made the local news channel.  

25 May 2015

She's here!!

Mum has arrived.
A little later than planned but here now.
BIG hugs all round.
That darn bag got in the way of the only photo I took before getting the hugs in :0)

Almost here

Mum is on her way.
It's almost time to go and pick her up at the airport.
It's been too long since we've seen her.
Ooooh.  I'm getting so excited :0)

Photo stolen from my sister Ruth's blog as obviously I couldn't take it could I?

18 May 2015

Me on Monday

My Monday had mainly consisted of dancing with some of these lovely ladies.
What a great bunch they are.

I've also sorted out long overdue paperwork and taken the Teenagers tuxedo back to the shop,
done the ironing, stopped for coffee and have sorted out dinner.

How was your Monday?

Thanks to Sian for her MeMe on a Monday 

17 May 2015

Senior Prom

Never in a million years did I (or the Teenager)
ever imagine that he'd be going to his Senior Prom in America.
But he did.
And he had a great time.

He met up with six of his friends and went out for dinner.
He managed to get his free!!  I like to think it was because of his British accent
but I think it was more a case of they forgot his order.
They had photos taken outside someone's granny's house
then travelled to the Marriott in Sugarland for the dance.
He said he had a great time and even managed to dance.

He said he was glad he went.
I said nothing!!

12 May 2015


I came home from dropping the Teenager at school to find this tiny wee fella in the garage.
John would tell me to get rid of it as they attract snakes 
but it's so small (about 1 cm)
I don't think a snake would see it!!

11 May 2015

Me on Monday

Just another day in Texas.
Up early and cooking tortillas at 6.30am
(What a good Mom I am)

Making the beds

and a quick tidy up of the bathroom

E-mailing my pal back in Fochabers

Drying my hair which has been wrapped in a towel for over an hour!!

Doing the washing followed by tea drinking and pottering around

before the landlord coming round to talk about guttering 
due to water causing problems at the back door

collecting the Teenager from school as it's bucketing down

then home again to make dinner, to nearly blocking the garbage disposal (I didn't) 
to watching some TV and then trying to sleep due to a thunder storm.

Just another normal day :0)
How was yours?

10 May 2015

One year ago

10 May 2014

Can't believe it's a year since our Eurovision party.
I miss these girls :( 

Happy Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day in the USA.
I got to spend it doing what I wanted.
I baked three cakes, pottered around,
helped the Teenager with his homework and
had my dinner cooked for me by the boys.
BBQ spare ribs.
There was also a Mother's Day Margarita made by the Teenager.

It was a lovely day.  I'm saving going out for dinner until my mum comes over in two weeks.
Then we can celebrate together xx 

6 May 2015


I thought I'd have a bash at making biscotti again this week.

They turned out OK.

but could be a little crispier :0)

4 May 2015

3 May 2014

I can't believe it's a year since John flew out here to Houston.
Where has the time gone?

Saying goodbye to family before heading off to Heathrow - 3 May 2014

Girls Night Out/In

What a great night I had last night with the girls from the walking group.
Margaritas, great food, lots of wine 
the hot tub.

1 May 2015


My friend Joanne (the Texas one) gave me tulips last weekend
when she and her family came round for dinner.

They were one of my dad's favourites and they are lovely.