31 May 2009


SPS & SOS...all in one!
Samuel waiting for his turn on the "Greasy Log"!!

and the front of Samuel's school (but only for the next 5 weeks!!)

30 May 2009

A few pictures from the last few days

It's been a few days since I blogged properly as doing 2 jobs last week I've been shattered by the time I got home. That and the fact I just don't seem to have time to fit everything in lately. So here's a quick run down of my last week.

:: Working 2 jobs at the moment as my friend is still off after having her appendix out.

:: Went into town to get Samuel a hair cut. Came home and decided to meet up with friends and watch the FA cup final. Did more chatting and laughing than watching footy. Had a few drinkies too which I have to say is the most I've had to drink in months.

:: Early this morning was spent ironing as Samuel's school fete was on today. He volunteered to help out so he was up at the school for 11am. John and I wandered up at 12.00 and then came back for some lunch and to sit and relax in the garden.

:: Mossy went for a walk followed by Samuel wanting to go out again on his bike. We went round the Gordon Castle for an hour and saw the swans. It was sooooooo quiet.

:: Home to a home made chicken salad and time to relax before starting all over again tomorrow.

:: Samuel near the Gordon castle.

:: Mrs Swan and 7 babies. The sun glared off them and made them all look white.
:: Stopping to look for tadpoles........didn't find any!!
:: A few arty farty logs!!
:: Looking at the rape seed through the trees seemed to make it brighter somehow.
:: My favourite shot of last week. It was really sunny when I took this so I put my hand up to block the sun and it came out brilliantly (if I do say so myself)!!
:: Mr Swan last week looking none too pleased that we were so close.
:: A gorgeous shot of the pond. I love those greens.
:: And finally my first "Flare shot". Through the trees at the pond last week.

And that's about your lot for this week. What I will come up with next week I don't know as I will be sorting out my stuff for the GoGo weekend and packing as little as possible so I have room for lovely stash!!

29 May 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy 41st birthday to my sister!! I would have blogged these pictures last year for her 40th but I wasn't blogging then!! She'll kill me when she sees these...................

SLYMI - Wk 22

I'm a little bit behind with SLYMI and sill have 3 layouts to do!!! This weeks was easy as it was follow a minimalistic sketch. Perfect for someone who hasn't done any for the last 2 weeks.

HSMSHS - Laugh

Laugh - To make sounds with the voice in showing happiness, find laugh in your space today.

Not had many laughs at work recently what with one thing and another so I decided to use a picture of my nephew on holiday in Lanzarote last year. There he was doing his "Billy Brit" impression have a good old belly laugh. The only thing missing was his string vest!!!!!!!!

28 May 2009

HSMSHS - Tower

Tower - A tall, usually square or circular structure, standing alone or part of another. Find 'Tower' in your space:

Didn't have time for any other towers today so went with
the Tower of London taken a few years back.

27 May 2009

HSMSHS -Winner

Winner - Person obtaining victory in a contest or game, to succeed in coming first, find a winner in your space today.

Picture of Samuel two years ago winning his first medal at sports day. You'd have thought he would look slightly happier but I think he was fed up having to have his picture taken!!!!

26 May 2009

HSMSHS - Woodland

Woodland - An area of dense trees and shurbs, find woodland in your space.

Never short of a woodland photo in this house :) This is Millbuies on the same day 31 Dec 08!! One side in sun the other in ice!!

25 May 2009

Cinema time

Today was one of the Academy's Activity Days and as such I kindly volunteered to chaperone the kids at the cinema!! (I actually only went as I got to see two films for free!!!) the first was Night at the Museum 2 which was funny and my only criticism is that Ricky Gervias isn't in it enough!!

The second was Angels and Demons and I'm glad I didn't pay to see it. After seeing the Da Vinci Code and seeing how Hollywood ruined that I wasn't holding out hope of this being any better. The book was brilliant and I couldn't put it down. The twist at the end was well worth waiting for but in true Hollywood style they have completely missed it out of the film!!! How can they do that? The film doesn't make any sense without it. PANTS, PANTS and triple PANTS!!!!!

I'm off to read the book again :)

It's amazing what you find..........................

I wasn't feeling too chipper this weekend so while the boys went on a bike ride to Spey Bay I tidied up my craft stuff and made a start on my cushion. While looking for my fabric scissors I found a couple of projects I had completed but forgotten all about. First I found this piece of Blackwork I did a few years ago.
I love blackwork as it 'grows' a lot quicker than cross stitch.

It now clean, pressed and hanging on the wall in my craft room.

The other thing I found (Mum will recognise!!) was a piece of tapestry I made before I left home in 1983. Yikes where has that been for so long? The answer to that is, in my Nana's old sewing box. It is now pressed and ready to be made into a cushion once I have got some material to make the back. Not bad....it will have only taken me 26 years to make it!!!!

HSMSHS - Liquid

Liquid - Able to flow, not solid, find Liquid in your space.

My favourite liquid at home.........................Molton Brown, Thai Vert hand soap.

24 May 2009


Show off Sunday! Show off Sunday! Show off Sunday!!!!!

This was taken at the Keith show last year when I had the old Fuji camera. I was quite pleased how it turned out seeing as I hadn't really got a clue how the camera worked.

23 May 2009


SPS - Show us a Portrait Saturday!

Samuel the other weekend.......chillin'

22 May 2009


Foot - A unit of measurement, opposite of the head, end of the leg, the bottom of the hill. Show us 'Foot' in your space.

I've finally got my sewing machine to work properly so I thought the foot on that would be perfect for today.

Hoping to sew my cushion later :)

21 May 2009

HSMSHS - Curve

Curve - A line of which no part is straight. Show us 'Curve' in you space.

I took this picture in the British Museum when we went to see the Terracotta Army a few years back. I love the old and the new buildings and the fabulous glass roof.

20 May 2009

Adopt a Monkey

On my shopping list this week was cereal. Now I normally buy the shops own as I think branded cereals are a rip off. Anyhow Tesco had Kellogg's Coco pops MegaMunchers on special offer so I bought a couple of boxes. When I got home there was an add on the front to adopt a monkey. Normally you read these things and find you have to pay for doing whatever is on offer. This one just needed the codes off the top of the box. Well bugger me if you didn't need 3 codes and I only had2 boxes. A quick trip back to the shop today for another box and tonight we have our monkey!!!!!!!

He's from www.adoptamonkey.co.uk and he's a baboon from Malawi and his name is Stumpy. We picked him as he was found with only one arm and some teeth missing. Bless him. Anyway he is now on the mend and will hopefully be returned to the wild in November this year.

HSMSHS - Mouthwatering

Mouthwatering - To smell, sound or look delicious. Show us 'mouthwatering' in your space today.

I know I've posted this picture before but I was really chuffed with it. It's a chocolate, strawberry cream cake I made for John's birthday in February and it was delicious.

19 May 2009

Thought you'd seen it all?

Well have a look at the Welly of the season by no other than Jimmy Choo!!!!

What ever next?

The Jimmy Choo Wellies

If you have been of the mind that wellies simply aren’t fashionable, think again. Jimmy Choo will probably be the name on most lips this Glastonbury festival now that the chic show brand has joined forces with Hunter to create the most desirable wellies on the market.

With the shape of Hunter wellies combined with all the Choo trimmings – luxurious crocodile print, a gold buckle and a leopard lining – this is no ordinary Wellington boot.

The boots will be available at www.jimmychoo.com from June, for £250. Get on the waiting list on May 1 to avoid being embarrassed with your old wellies this festival season.


Tall -More than average height, or a story difficult to believe. Show us 'Tall' in your space.

Samuel beside the biggest BMW he had ever seen. or the Pagoda at Kew gardens.

18 May 2009

HSMSHS - Share

Share - A common experience, to give a portion of a larger amount, to give part of it away. Find 'Share' in your space.
Samuel and Harry sharing a "Hairy McClary" moment last year.

17 May 2009

What can you see in 20 minutes?

It's amazing what you can see in 20 minutes.

;; Mr & Mrs Swan have 7 babies.....
;; Mrs Duck has 7 babies too.....
;; The Iris is blooming.....
;; So is the Rhododendron.......
;; Mr Duck is posing.....
;; John and Samuel were looking for beasties in the pond.....
;; Samuel found a Dandelion clock.....
;; The Blue Bells were out.....
;; And so was the Hawthorn.....
;; And Mossy looks much happier than he did the other day.

My Day

While the boys were playing with toys I did some ironing, made a ginger cake

and made a card for my friend Elaine who's in hopsital after having her appendix out, very suddenly, on Friday.