31 December 2012

Christmas Daily 10 - 26

Hooray we have the internet back.  Properly this time.  It seemed to come back intermittently but is now back to full strength.
The boys thought their right arms had been cut off and were at a loose end for days.  Me......I can always find other things to do.

At least now I can catch up with my December Daily.
10 Dec:  Poinsettias

 11 Dec:  The lovely Michael Buble's CD

12 Dec: I couldn't decide which candle to buy so bought both of them.

13 Dec: Samuel made a spice rack at school and was finally able to bring it home.  Now I just need to find somewhere to put it.

14 Dec:  I won £50.00 at work in Lbs for £s.  I managed to lose 12lbs altogether.

15 Dec: A winter walk.

16 Dec: Choosing a new decoration for the tree.

17 Dec: I made Reindeer name tags for the dining table on Christmas day.

18 Dec:  A family tradition of buying the bumper edition of the Radio Times!!

19 Dec: Both Samuel and I got presents from his sports club and they were put under the tree till Santa arrived.

20 Dec:  Secret Santa at work - I received a voucher for Bliss which means I'll be able to go for a manicure.

21 Dec:  The Elgin Academy Christmas song on You Tube. Which can be seen here.  Elgin Academy Christmas Song 

22 Dec:  A night out with the girls from work.  Rehana, me and Elaine.  A lovely night out but the meal was a let down.

23 Dec:  Breakfast at Baxters.  One of John's better ideas!

24 Dec:  Santa came early and bought me a new Kenwood mixer.  She's lovely and I had fun making brownies.

25 Dec: A great day, just the three of us.  John and I were up well before the teenage one.  John made a yummy dinner and there was plenty of time to sit and relax.

26 Dec:  A Boxing day treat.  Samuel and John made chocolate shortbread towers with strawberries and cream with a raspberry coulis.  Absolutely delicious.

and that was December.  All done and dusted.  I now need to print off the photos and as I've already written out the cards for each day and my journal will be complete.

22 December 2012

Elgin Academy Christmas Song

The Band Aid Song - Elgin Academy style!!
Hope it works.

If you look closely as the guy in the blue wig comes out of the loo you'll see me sat at my desk.  The pupil making the video was supposed to come and film the office girls but never came back.  I didn't realise we were that scary!!!

17 December 2012

Reindeer Place cards

My sister Ruth sent me a link to the Red magazine site where there were all sorts of Christmassy decorations waiting to be made.

I've gone with the Reindeer Place cards as they seem quite sweet.  In reality what they are is "Fiddly" and quite difficult to get to stand up.  Mine seem to have legs of their own!!
I've gone for the more traditional colours of Rudolph and used spotty embossed card.  I just need to add names to the tags.
The antlers were a "bugger" to cut out and too time consuming to bother making more than I had to.  I'm now thinking of ways to cut some out on my Cricut to see if that will work out for next year.

16 December 2012


The sun was setting whilst Moss and I were out for a walk and I managed to catch it through the gateway to the Gordon Castle.

14 December 2012

Lbs for £s

Yay me!!

Lost 12lbs............................................................gained £50.00

It was the last weigh in for "lbs for £s" at work today and I won!!  I'm so pleased with myself for sticking it out.  It hasn't always been easy but it has been worth it.  We all had a treat at work today and had scones at interval (followed in the afternoon by a slice of chocolate log!!).

I'm now £50.00 richer for my efforts.  Hopefully I can maintain the weight over Christmas otherwise they may ask for their money back!!

ETA:  Chocolate and wine tonight as a wee treat!!  Yum, yum.

10 December 2012

December Daily

Days 1 - 9

1 Dec:  Advent calendar.  This years sweet of choice is Terry's Chocolate Segsations.

2 Dec:  Just in time for Christmas, John decided to strip the walls and re-paper the kitchen.

3 Dec:  Sorted through the decorations to find something for the window display.  We also had the first snow of the winter.  Mum's Birthday.

4 Dec:  Drove home in a blizzard.  Eeeeek!!

5 Dec:  Wrapped presents and gifts for the girls at work.

6 Dec:  Decorated the window in time for the village competition.

7 Dec:  Went to see the village lights being switched on and saw Santa arrive in his fire engine.

8 Dec:  Watched my first Christmas film.

 9 Dec:  Made gingerbread men but I'm trying not to eat them due to the old diet!!

My album is all made up but the photos will need to wait as I don't have a printer at the moment.

7 December 2012

Christmas window

I'm all set for the lights being switched on in the square tonight now my window is decorated.

Last night's picture.  You can just make out my ripple blanket on the back of the sofa :0)

This morning.  Out in the rain just to get a shot of the snowflakes which I cut out on my Cricut.
Looking forward to tonight.  It should be fun.........................if the weather holds out!!

3 December 2012

Hello Monday

  • The first Hello this week is to my Mum on her Birthday.  I hope you had a lovely day.  Glad you liked all your pressies
  • I'm also saying Hello to - The first wintry day of the year.  We had snow this morning but luckily it didn't stick around.

  • Hello to - keeping up with my December Daily.  I can't print photos at home at the moment so will save them up and do a big print at Tesco or somewhere.
  • Hello to - the last 3 exams for Samuel.
  • Hello to - Another trip to Aberdeen to the Orthodontist.  Still it's handy to finish up the Christmas shopping.
  • Hello to - the village Christmas lights being switched on in the square.
  • Hello to - the village window competition.  I must get out this week and check out some of the windows.
  • Hello to - covering the grey at the hairdressers at the weekend.
  • Hello to getting a few cards and presents in the post this week.
  • Hello to- only having two more Monday's left at work before the holidays.
How's your week shaping up?