December Daily

Days 1 - 9

1 Dec:  Advent calendar.  This years sweet of choice is Terry's Chocolate Segsations.

2 Dec:  Just in time for Christmas, John decided to strip the walls and re-paper the kitchen.

3 Dec:  Sorted through the decorations to find something for the window display.  We also had the first snow of the winter.  Mum's Birthday.

4 Dec:  Drove home in a blizzard.  Eeeeek!!

5 Dec:  Wrapped presents and gifts for the girls at work.

6 Dec:  Decorated the window in time for the village competition.

7 Dec:  Went to see the village lights being switched on and saw Santa arrive in his fire engine.

8 Dec:  Watched my first Christmas film.

 9 Dec:  Made gingerbread men but I'm trying not to eat them due to the old diet!!

My album is all made up but the photos will need to wait as I don't have a printer at the moment.


  1. That's a good start, though, and at least you have the pages recorded here.

  2. Lovely to see your photos so far. I need to photograph mine this weekend and get them on the blog.


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