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Me on a Monday - 20 May 2024

Another quiet week last week.  I can't believe it's only two weeks until I go back to work.   In the op department, all went well, but now I have something else that needs looking at.  I had a physio appointment last week which ruled out anything muscular and I also have another scan on Thursday so fingers crossed it's something that is easily fixed. How I wish this green view was in the country and not in a town. The weather has been changeable this week with a few more sunny days.  Good for getting the washing out on the line and also for shed building.  It's finally taking shape and the thing is a monster!! Plenty of dog walking, but I'll be glad to have the go ahead to get back to the gym so I can start building my strength up again. I have been reading your blogs but get tired sitting at the PC for too long so I haven't left any comments. Other than that it's been very quiet.  How was your week?

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