30 September 2008

Music LO

I knew exactly which song I was going to do for this LO. It's Travelling Soldier by the Dixie Chicks. It's about a young soldier in Vietnam and the young girl who waits for him. It's quite sad but with so many of our forces at war at the minute it seems to fit. There are so many families waiting for their soldiers to come home.

I cry
never gonna hold the hand of another guy
too young for him they told her
waiting for the love of a travelling soldier
our love will never end waiting for the soldier to come back again
never more to be alone when the letter said the soldier's coming home.

29 September 2008

Todays News

Today I got paid for a mini book I made for a teacher at work. It's my first commission. The book cost £3.15 to make plus time and I thought if I got a fiver I'd be happy. As you can see from the picture a £10 note was inside the card.
I'm a Happy Bunny :)

Samuel on the other hand isn't so happy (well at least that's what he's telling me). He didn't get picked to sing a solo in the Christmas concert but will sing with the rest of the choir. He said it was a fix as two girls got the parts!! Never mind I don't think he's that bothered and secretly I think he's relieved he doesn't have to sing in front of all those people by himself :)

13 Years Wed

Unlucky for some........... :) 29 September 1995 seems like yesterday. Where has the time gone? Nice to see the hairstyles we thought so fashionable at the time. Especially John's. What is going on with the fringe?

28 September 2008

Prompts 3 & 4

Finally got round to photographing the Los for Sarah's challenge.

Prompt 3 - Go on a Date and Prompt 4 - Indulge yourself in a good book.

Sarah's Challenge prompt 5

This week we have to listen to music. That's no problem for me as the radio is on in the kitchen all the time and I have cds in the car at the moment as the radio is broken!!

The Sound Wave.

This week i want you to indulge your soul with some music. Take a trip to a music store and pick up a new CD or rummage thru your CD pile and find a good old faithful that you just love to go back to listen too time and time again.Get swept away in the music. Turn up that stereo: there are just some songs that deserve to be played at full volume.Once you get started, keep picking out some of your favourite songs and just sing your heart out or quietly remember what you where doing when you fell in love with that song.For your LO this week you can do a number of things. Make a list of some of your favourite songs. Or be more specific and tell a story about those songs that make you happy in 2008. Another option is too pick your favourite song and make your LO to tell the story of why its your favourite.

The Bin!!

Today's walk took us to 'The Bin' near Huntly. It's a bit like the local walks at 'Winding Walks' but as Samuel found out....further to walk. The map said it would take two hours to do the 4 miles but we thought that would be for people walking slowly!! Not so....We don't hang around but it took us 2 hours and we covered the whole 4 miles. We were definitely in need of chocolate by the time we finished so popped into ASDA in Huntly on our way home.

From the top you could see for miles over the local farmland.

The Forestry commission cut down the trees and take them to local saw mills but to Samuel it was 'Stick Heaven'.

On our way back down we came accross all the logs waiting to be shipped off to the sawmills. I told Samuel to be careful but he insisted on poking the logs and look what happened!!!

26 September 2008

Moderated Posts

As I have trouble remembering who's written what comment and where I'm moderating the posts. So Mum don't worry if your post doesn't appear straight away it will be there later, after I've had a look at them.

25 September 2008

Lucky Girl

What a very lucky girl I am today. Not only did I get a lovely watch from John for my birthday (it looks gold in the photo but is silver) but I also got flowers delivered at work. Samuel bought me some champagne and the Mama Mia soundtrack, Ruth, Harry and Andrew bought me a bag to put my BIA in and some very cute sheep for my kitchen (photo to follow) and my friends at work bought me a lovely silk scarf and a gorgeous necklace. To finish off the afternoon at work I also had one of the best chocolate eclairs in Moray. They come from McLeans bakery in Forres and are to die for.

My choice of birthday tea is pizza with a stuffed crust. (the fancy meal is in a fortnight). Despite being at work I've had a lovely birthday and have some very kind friends and family.

24 September 2008


The trusty phone camera came in handy again tonight when Samuel and I took Moss for a walk. We came across the biggest patch of mushrooms I've ever seen. Normally you only see one or two together but these stretched for a good couple of feet and were too many to count.

23 September 2008

Lurking in Tesco

I popped into Tesco at lunchtime to do my weekly shop (so I don't have to waste precious time at the weekend) and thought I'd have a look in the book isle. I had a mad moment and took out my mobile and very casually took a picture of the books!!!! I need a picture for Sarah's challenge. Didn't turn out too bad for a phone picture.

21 September 2008

Birthday Mini Book

And finally for today I finished the mini book I was making for one of the teachers at work. It's for her nephews 21st next month. I hope they both like it. It's the first time I've been asked to make something specifically for another person. I usually make cards to give to people.

I used Basic Gray Skate Shoppe which is quite boyish.

Spey Bay

As the first walk was 'Pants' we went to Spey Bay to see if we could see any dolphins. In true fashion we didn't see any but I did get chance to practice my photography and Samuel found a mermaids purse. All in all a good day was had by everyone (including the dog).

Sunday Walk

I'm trying to get all of us out for a walk on a Sunday. It's the only day we're all home together and I don't want to spend it doing housework/homework.

Today we went to Oxley Walk which we'd seen signposted off the A98. It wasn't what we thought it was going to be but I did managed to get a picture of John and both boys picked some blackberries. (Note John's grumpy face). Samuel and I also learnt how to whistle with a piece of grass :)

Sarah's Challenge prompt 4

This week is a good week. It means I'll have to make time to read. I usually wait till I go to bed and then John moans about the light being on!!

Take it literarily. For this weeks challenge I would like you to indulge yourself in some reading. Go to your favourite book shop, the kind that has nice cosy couches and a coffee shop, your local dusty old unusual book shop or your local library.Spend a few hours in the craft section, wonder around the cooking section, and dream in the soppy romantic section.Review old favourites or discover some authors. Maybe pick a book that really wants you to read more and go ahead and buy it. If budget is an issue, take a note and look in your local charity shops or ask the library if they can get it in for you.Whilst you are whiling away your time at the book shop, think about all your favourite books/authors. Make a list.So for this week’s LO, either take some pictures whilst at the shop or a picture of you reading that favourite book. Try and include that list of favourite books/authors somewhere on the page.

Which books to choose. I might just have to pop into Waterstones tommrrow. Shame they don't have a coffee shop!!

20 September 2008

The Tudors

Apart from Prison Break this is the only thing I religiously watch on TV, so I was really chuffed to find out that series 3 is already underway and will be screened next year.


Why would you want to live anywhere else??????

19 September 2008

The Isla Way

While Samuel was kayaking again today John and I took Mossy for a walk along the Loch. It was lovely and sunny and once we got away from the laughs of the kids it was really peaceful. Apart from us there was only an old man in a boat and a guy fishing. We walked to the end and then took the path up the hill. I was shattered by the time I got to the top. John said he'd let me go first but that was only because he wanted to lag behind!!! It took about an hour and we walked about 3 miles so I think I've earnt my bottle of Miller tonight :)


I've a few Birthdays/Anniversaries coming up in the next week so after seeing Fiona's card in the GoGo booklet I thought I'd have a bash at making one myself. One turned into four so now all my cards are made.

I'm hoping to crack on with my mini book this weekend now the photos have arrived from Photobox.

18 September 2008

GoGo Kit

My kit is finally here. I hate living up here sometimes (only sometimes) as the Post Office seems to think we live in the middle of nowhere.

Anyhow it here, it's gorgeous and there are some fab ideas for cards so guess what I'm making this weekend?

Weekly Challenge

While it was quiet tonight (when Samuel was at rugby and John was still at work) I thought I'd finish off the weekly challenge. I started it last night but as John came home at 9pm I stopped for the night to go talk to him!!

It's pictures of Samuel on a bike in Lanzarote. It was our last night and once we'd checked out we had ages to wait until the yummy pizza place opened. Ruth had noticed the sign for these bikes while we were walking on the prom so John took Samuel off to have a look. That was that. We didn't see him for half an hour. He had great fun and wants to go on them again if we go back!!!!!
The elements of the challenge were -
3 or more patterned papers from different manufacturers. 10 points
5 or more lines of journalling. 5 points
a cluster of embellishments (3 or more placed closely together). 10 points
a bit of bling. 5 points

17 September 2008

New phone

Hooray :) My new phone arrived today. It should have been here yesterday but living in Outer Mongolia as I do it takes two days to get to this part of Scotland!!

Anyway it's here and it's 'Loverly'. It a Nokia 6500 Classic and it's very posh and swanky!! Going to annoy John later by choosing ring tones just because I can.

16 September 2008

The Rose

Samuel tells me today that he might have to sing a solo in the Christmas concert!! Not bad for a lad who didn't want to be in the choir. It seems that they are singing The Rose (which I think all schools must sing at some point). He has these lines to learn........

Some say love it is a river that drowns the tender reed. Some say love it is a razer that leaves your soul to blead. Some say love it is a hunger an endless aching need. I say love it is a flower and you it's only seed.

He'll find out next week if he's doing it. If he does I think I'll be sick of the song by the time Christmas arrives !!!!

15 September 2008

Sarah's Challenge prompt 3

I'm not sure how I'm going to do this one as we already have a busy weekend planned but here is Sarah's challenge for this week:

Challenge 3: Paint the townThis week i would like you to spend some time with a loved one, be it husband, partner, Best friend, someone who means alot to you.Every now and again its good to blow the budget and liberate a few pounds for a splurge. So make a date with a loved one. Start with maybe a trip out for the day, do a bit of clothe shopping for the date. As for the date, get all dressed up and head out for a night on the town. Start with a trip to the cinema or to see a band and carry on for a nice meal out. Once home sit all cosy on the couch and chat about nothing whilst watching your fav tv shows until late. Now for those who have a budget, send the kids away if you can or put them to bed earlyish. Get a take away but lay the table all fancy. Chill out with some nice wine. The aim of this challenge is to take time out together, chat, relax and have some peace and quite. Its up to you what you do for your date. Take a picture whilst you are out and create your LO to show the date and journal about the occassion, your loved one and why they are important to you etc.

It might have to be the old take away once Samuel has gone to bed, although he stays up late on the weekend now!!!

14 September 2008

Dr Who

Just when you thought the Dr had disappeared and wouldn't be back until Christmas he turns up in Fochabers!! Who'd have thought? :)

UKS photo competition

I don't normally enter this competition as my pictures are nowhere near as good as some of the other entries but this month the prompt was 'FOUR'. Since I read that I've spent the last 2 weeks thinking up ideas for things/ideas with 4 in them. this is what I've come up with so far......

Mossy has four legs!!!!!
Four bales from the local farm and four windows from the church next door but one!!

and finally the village clock at 4pm. What do you think?

Busy Sunday

It has been a very busy day today. Samuel finished his homework while I did the ironing and then we decided to go out as the weather was so nice. Our first stop was the elusive Findlater Castle. It is signposted off the A98 but then seems to disappear!! After doing a few u-turns we managed to find a tiny little track that took us up past a derelict farm where we found a car park sign!! From there on in it was easy to find. Mind you once we found it I did have to wonder why anyone would want to build it on the cliffs. Once I saw how far down the drop was I left the camera with John and got him to take the pictures once he, Samuel and Moss had walked accross the tiny path to the main ruin. I did see a deer while I was waiting on the other side!!
Our next stop after the castle was Sandsend beach where Samuel went to investigate the old WWII bunkers. Mossy had a great time 'Surfing' until he got a bit too far out of his depth and he came back in!! The beach was really busy today. Loads of kayaking going on and one or two surfers. And of course Joe Public who think it's OK to let their dogs jump all over yours!!!!

While we were there John found a new friend. This butterfly was quite happy to sit on John's hand for a while while I took pictures. Awfully kind of him :)

Once all this excitment was over it was time to head home (via the ice cream shop in Cullen of course). Samuel even said thanks for taking him out today. Like he had any choice while the sun was out.

13 September 2008

Today's LOs

Had a bit of a moment this afternoon while Samuel was playing with his pal and completed two LOs. I am determined to use my GoGo kits as I have so many of them that I've only used the odd thing out of. I keep forgetting what's in them so it was great to find all the Q & A papers still there. All the questions are on a tag behind the photo and I got Samuel to answer them too.