31 July 2012

Pass The Book

A few weeks ago I received Pass the Book from Alison and having now read and enjoyed it it is my turn to Pass it On.

It's called How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff and it is one of the books from World Book Night 2012.

If you would like the chance to be next to receive this book - and will be able to pass it on - just leave a comment here and I'll pass it on when I get back from my travels.

The Observer newspaper wrote:

Rarely does a writer come up with a first novel so assured, so powerful and engaging that you can be pretty sure that you will want to read everything that this author is capable of writing. But that is what has happened with Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now, which, even before publication, is being talked of as a likely future classic.
Though billed as a book for older children, the novel is full of shocking events - underage sex, with a whiff of incest, appalling violence. But younger readers, with their relative lack of experience and greater insouciance, may well be less troubled by these things than the many adults who will also read the book.
How I Live Now is the first-person story of Daisy, a smart, stroppy, self-absorbed 15-year-old who arrives from New York's Upper West Side to stay with her English cousins. The four cousins are romantic, bohemian and enjoy an eccentric, faintly feral pastoral idyll of an existence in a rambling English country house, mystically in touch with nature and, indeed, with Daisy.

I've just read on the Internet that it's been made into a film which is due for release next year.  I wonder if it will be worth watching?

Back Home

We're back from what was a brilliant fortnight in the sun in Turkey.  It was very hot ~ 43 degrees C at the hottest ~ but the pool was cool. 

Lots of reading done. 
Lots of relaxing done.
Lots of chillin' out done.
Hotel - brilliant.
Staff - brilliant
Holiday - brilliant

Three very happy people.

You get the idea :0)

10 July 2012

Off on my travels tomorrow until the end of July.  I hope you all have a good summer :0)

2 July 2012

Hello Monday

I can't believe it's that time of the week already.

Hello to the first Monday in July.

Hello to going to the gym in an hour - followed by 4 more sessions this week!!

Hello to the sun being out this morning - do you think you could stay out for the next 7 weeks?

Hello to a date later with my kitchen - it's in desperate need of a 'Spring' clean.

Hello to the first day of the week where I'll meet the girls for lunch on Wednesday.   Where my uncle will go in to hospital.  Where John will come home after six weeks away and our holidays can finally start.

1 July 2012

A quick summary

Last week was really busy due to it being the last week of the school term.  It was also a week of gym sessions, taxiing the Teenage One here and there and another trip to the orthodontist in Aberdeen.

Here are a few pictures I managed to take during the week.

:♥: The Olympic Torch.  Yes the real thing (minus flame!!).  One of our pupils carried it for a leg of the journey through Inverness and kindly brought it into school so we could all see it.

 :♥:  Not quite the land of the midnight sun but close enough.  This was taken at 11.30pm one night last week.  I think it finally went 'dark' about 11.55pm.
 :♥:  And finally..............the SUN!!  Yes it did actually put in an appearance last week after days of rain.  Long enough for me to get the umbrella out and sit out and have my afternoon tea and a quick read.  :0)
The sun stayed out long enough for me to get all my laundry out on the line yesterday before the heavens opened again and we're back to rain.

When will it end?