15 July 2013

Hello Monday

HELLO to flying off to Orlando on our holidays and meeting up with my sister Ruth, her hubby and my nephew.
HELLO to Moss looking after Granny for two weeks.
HELLO to "who knows what?" but whatever it is...................... it'll be fun.

And just for you, a wee treat as you've been so good this week

♥♥♥  See you in a fortnight.  ♥♥♥

14 July 2013

Scavenger Hunt 2013

This week I managed to get three more on the list.

#3 - City Hall, Capital or other similar civic building.  This is the Public Institute in the village.  They have everything here from school assemblies to wedding dances and ceilidhs.

#14 - A stained glass object or mosaic.  These are one of four sets of stained glass windows in the Gordon Chapel in the village.  They are all dedicated to the Gordon-Lennox family in one way or another

#15 - A fire truck or police car - This old 1911 fire engine was bought by local fire stations 20 years ago. They paid £18,000 for it.  It originally worked in Glasgow and was then sold to a private collector.  When he died they asked his widow if she would sell it to them.  Yesterday it was in Portessie for the wedding of a local fireman.

This years scavenger hunt is hosted by Rhinda over at Gallo Organico.  Pop over and see what others have been snapping.

9 July 2013

Scavenger Hunt 2013

Only two for this week.

#6 - Someone or something taking a nap.  That would be Mossy have a snooze in the afternoon as it was too hot for him the garden.

and #20 - A Dinosaur.  We popped into the local toy shop this morning and this T-Rex greeted us at the top of the stairs.
No entry.  Dinosaur on the loose.
 This one's a bit blurry as it suddenly began moving and roaring  :0)

Scavenger Hunt 2013 is hosted by Rhinda @ Gallo Organico.  Pop over and see what others have found so far.

8 July 2013

Hello Monday

This weeks it's

Hello to still being EXCITED that Andy Murray won the Wimbledon Men's Single Final yesterday.  SOOOOOO chuffed for him.  He really deserved it. What a fantastic game.  I was jumping up and down like a right idiot :0)

Hello to one more week before our holiday
Hello to hair cuts all round this week.
Hello to doing the packing.  Doesn't look like the boys want to do it.
Hello to Mum arriving on Tuesday.
Hello to coffee and chatting.
Hello to still being chuffed for Andy Murray.
Hello to getting the house valued.
Hello to hubby only having 4 days left at work this week.
Hello to the blocks arriving for the new raised beds in the garden.
Hello to my eyes being better before our holiday.  The pollen is making them really itchy at the moment.
Hello to being so pleased that Andy Murray won yesterday.

Did I already mention that last one?

4 July 2013

No more babies

It's official.  The bird box is empty.
The babies started to fledge on Sunday morning and hid in the Honeysuckle after leaving the box.

Mum and dad were busy all day
They came back the next day to try and get this little one to leave
but even with mum showing him how to get out of the box he just wouldn't jump.
After a day or two all was quiet so we thought they had all gone and the box was empty.  John and the Teenager checked it last night only to find that the little fella that wouldn't come out had sadly died.  He was very small with not a lot of feathers.
Looks like he was the smallest and just not strong enough to leave.  It's quite sad that Mum and dad didn't keep coming back to feed him but then that's nature for you.

Lets hope we have better luck next year.

3 July 2013


Whats on Your Workdesk? Wednesday

This week on my work desk I have half finished layout of the Teenager when he first went fishing a few years ago.  I'm hoping to stitch an outline around the photo to make it it little different than the stuff I normally do.  The thing is I can't seem to get  motivated to finish it off.
Still next week will be the first week of the summer holidays so I'll have time to do it then.

WOYWW is hosted by Julia over at Stamping Ground.  Why not pop over and see what others have on their work desks.

2 July 2013


Yesterday I managed to get off work to go with the pupils on a school trip.  It was only for a few hours in the afternoon but it was the first time anyone from the office had been asked to go in the 11 years I've been there.
The planned trip was to the Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown, a village not too far away from the school.

It was for pupils taking French and German and was organised by the Modern Languages department.  Two teachers would take a French and a German group each and I'd take the other French.  Or so it was planned. When we got there there was only one of each so I just tagged along with the French lot.  I managed to keep up purely because Mum and I visited a distillery last year so I had a rough idea of what was being said.  I didn't understand 99% of the French but it was interesting to go.

I think the kids thought I was some strange woman who'd come along for the ride.

1 July 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to the first day of July.

Hello to going on a school trip to Glenfiddich Distillery with the Modern Languages department.  Two tours for the pupils.  One in French & one in German.  Hmmmm doesn't matter which one I go on I won't understand any of it anyway.

Hello to seeing the last of my babies fledge from the nesting box.  This little fella was first to go yesterday morning.  The others (probably lazy ass boys) are still in the box this afternoon.
Hello to it being exactly two weeks till we go on holiday.

Hello to the last week of the school session.  I hope it's not too busy (laughs at stupid statement) ha ha.