No more babies

It's official.  The bird box is empty.
The babies started to fledge on Sunday morning and hid in the Honeysuckle after leaving the box.

Mum and dad were busy all day
They came back the next day to try and get this little one to leave
but even with mum showing him how to get out of the box he just wouldn't jump.
After a day or two all was quiet so we thought they had all gone and the box was empty.  John and the Teenager checked it last night only to find that the little fella that wouldn't come out had sadly died.  He was very small with not a lot of feathers.
Looks like he was the smallest and just not strong enough to leave.  It's quite sad that Mum and dad didn't keep coming back to feed him but then that's nature for you.

Lets hope we have better luck next year.