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46th Floor

My friend's husband sent her this picture this morning.   It's taken from his office on the 46th floor somewhere in down town Houston. What a fabulous view. 

I am.........

I am sitting in my craft room I am drinking frothy coffee I am listening to Simon Mayo I am debating what to do next Project Life, Turkey journal or a page for the neglected Florida album? I think I'll sit for a bit longer and gaze out of the window These things can't be rushed!!


We are now officially a Three Hat Family!!
Got mine today. Yeeha!!

Houston Rodeo

Sunday was our day to go to the Rodeo in Houston.   We picked that day because Fall Out Boy were playing.   Not because we know anything about FOB  but because it was a weekend and it "Wasn't Country"!!
We missed most of the livestock show as it started at 7am!!  but I did laugh at this photo. "Rear of the Year"

There were cows with very large horns. looking incredibly fed up!!

There were stalls selling all things "Cowboy" with some having that extra "Bling Factor" I told the stall holder I'd never seen so much bling in one place. She laughed.  Probably because she didn't understand what I was saying :0)

The stadium opened at 3pm so we headed over in the pouring rain. As we had seats in the Chairman's Club it meant being able to dry off and get something to eat before the show.

The view was amazing. Here you can just see the riders warming up.

I was quite excited about seeing my first proper rodeo but then I read about how many …

Midnight Rodeo

I went to Midnight Rodeo for the first time last night to help my friend Rachael celebrate her birthday and it was awesome.  I now have to learn how to two step. 
Selfie - mid dance

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Expat girlies (Birthday girl is 2nd on right)

It was a brilliant night made all the more fun by being asked  "Ma'am would you like to dance?" I would have loved to but I was just leaving and the said young man  was not much older than my son!!
I've still got it!!!

A helping hand

I was trawling through my photos yesterday and I came across this one.  I don't remember seeing it before.  I have a feeling it was on Christmas Day 2014 as the turkey is in the oven!!
My Nephew helping Uncle John with something in the "Musher"

Pile of Postcards

I thought I'd better do a post about the lovely selection of postcards I received in the recent Pile of Postcards Exchange - The Valentines Edition hosted by Sian. 
My first card was from Barbara and shows the lovely Glastonbury Abbey.

My next one came from Rinda and shows one of my favourite flowers - Lavender

Next was a very London postcard from Ruth aka Furrypig

Cheri sent me one with a quote from my favourite actress Audrey Hepburn.

and finally but by no means least, a card from Rachel B  who sent me one covered in Smarties.  Not only do I love Smarties but I also love the envelope the card arrived in :0) 

Thank you so much ladies.  All in all a great collection of cards which spookily are all related to things I like.
Old buildings Lavender London (as my sister & family live there) Audrey Hepburn and  Smarties
I think there may be another one on it's way but the post here can be so slow here I have not idea if or when it will arrive.  If you sent me …

It's Rodeo Time

Party with your boots on!!


Sunday morning donuts!!  

Just don't ask how many are left :0)