Crochet, for me, started on a "Snow Day" in 2009.  I was working in a local high school and due to the snow fall over night the schools were closed for the day.

In the village, where we lived there was a small haberdashery.  Very old fashioned but stocking all the essentials I would need to learn to crochet.  I popped in and saw Carol.  A very nice lady who happily explained the basics of casting on and single crochet (double crochet to my American friends).

Back home (all of about 10 yards across the road) and armed with hooks and wool I tried and tried to figure out how to hold the wool and hook to make it work but to no avail.  I looked it up on YouTube but that didn't help either.  I just couldn't get the hang of holding the wool in my left hand.

Determined not to give up I tried crocheting the same way I knitted.  I held both the wool and the hook in my right hand and TA DA!! 

It worked and it's been non stop ever since.


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