28 February 2010

Day 59 of 365

** There's snow on them there hills **

** Grey clouds approaching **

Take your pick

Searching for seashells

We took a walk along Findhorn beach today as the sun was out. When I say beach it's 99% pebbles and not a lot of sand!! We were on the hunt for curly shells to add to our ever increasing shell collection!! You can never have too many shells :0) (Check out the mittens!! My sister Ruth bought me these a good few years ago and I don't think I've taken them off this year, it's been so cold).

As they say in Yorkshire "By Eck it's chilly" even the boats were wrapped up for the winter.

We did have some blue sky for a while but off in the distance there were some really grey clouds which caught up with us on the drive home.
If you didn't know how cold it was today you would have thought this photo was taken on a beautiful summers day!!
As it was so chilly we had to warm up in the local pub and have lunch :0)

Mini pincushion

Yesterday afternoon I had no internet so couldn't surf or blog for hours!! What a nightmare that was :0) To pass the time I made a mini pincushion. It's a very simple pattern from a lady
at How to make pretty pincushions. All you need is some felt, sewing thread, stuffing and a plastic bottle top. I might have to make somemore now!!

27 February 2010

Day 58 of 365

** Graffiti tree **
We saw this tree today on our walk through a nearby wood. How many years have initials been carved into it do you think? Me, I just think poor tree!!
(Click to enlarge)

Love Band of Brothers?

For anyone who, like me, LOVES Band of Brothers this series will be right up your street. The Pacific is about 3 real life US Marines in the Pacific in WW2. Once again a Spielberg/Hanks production that took 3 years to make and was filmed in Australia. Starts in the US on 14 March but we have to wait till 5 April so no plot spoilers if you watch it before me!!! :0)

A Just Because Present from Phoenix

When I got home from walking Moss this morning look what was waiting for me. A lovely pendant all the way from Phoenix, Arizona. It was made by the lovely Sherry and is in my all time favourite colour....lime green :0) Now I know I won’t wear it all the time so I’ve put it on a smaller chain and have attached it to my handbag. That way I can see it every day.
Thank you Sherry for such a thoughtful gift. It was really kind of you to send me something. We’ve always had Just Because Presents in our family so it’s not a surprise when something arrives from Mum or Ruth. It is however, completely different to receive something from someone you’ve never met who lives on the other side of the world.

Don’t you just love the blogging world?

26 February 2010

Day 57 of 365

** This week I bought myself a whole plant instead of just a bunch **
My first Cyclamen. I hope it survives my neglect!!

25 February 2010

Sneaky Peek!!

A sneaky peek at my Mothers Day presents. They're all finished but the big reveal will have to wait till the 14 March as I don't want to spoil the surprise!!

All made with things I had in my craft room. I'm on a self imposed stash diet in a bid to use everything I already have.
Some bits are mine and some have been given to me by my Mum so it'll be nice to be able to do something with them and give her back something "whole".

Day 56 of 365

** A bit of colour in another white day **
My mobile that hangs in the porch overlooking the back garden.

24 February 2010

Day 55 of 365

** View from my craft room window early this morning **

I'm so sick of snow!!

Not the most exciting of pictures today (but then you can't have a good day every day) but it captures how I felt when I realised the white stuff was back. It snowed heavily till about 9.30am and then stopped. Typical is waits till after I get to work!

22 February 2010

Day 53 of 365

** A quick trip to the local Garden Centre after work to check out fruit trees and to stop and say hello to the birds. **
These guys are so cute and the little yellow one at the bottom kept coming over to the wire and waited for you to scratch his head. Samuel wanted to take one home but No!!

21 February 2010

Day 52 of 365

** A felt bird I finished this afternoon **

He'll also hang in my hall once it's finished!!

A crafty afternoon

This afternoon I had the kitchen table to myself and made some new pictures for my kitchen & hall (once it's decorated). Nothing too fancy, just a couple of funky colourful piccies to brighten up my(badly needing decorating), kitchen.

Gracie Chicken I got from Debbie's blog over at Simply Debbie. Gracie is in all of her post and now looks good on my wall.

The birds are the same design as the Christmas ones I did for the girls at work
and the heart is the left over one I made last weekend with some bigger cardstock ones in the background. This now hangs in my hall waiting for more reds to be added once it's all done up.

I'm really pleased with them all and think I might make a heart picture for my friend at work who's birthday it is next month.


Last night Samuel's sport club had a Tombola evening to raise funds for the club. Not being an expert in Tombola I had no idea what it was. It turned out to be a Bingo evening which I realised as soon as we got there and the young lad on the door asked me how may tickets I'd like to buy!!
I duly bought a book of 10 games and got 2 free!! Needless to say John left all the "Blotting" to me when the numbers were called. You've got to be quick as the caller doesn't hang around. After playing all the games we had won the grand total of Nothing, Zilch, Nada!!

Samuel swears blind that we had cursed tickets. The only consolation of the night was a big box of chocs we won in the raffle (although that was the second to last prize!!) Samuel came home happy and I got to eat chocolate so all in all a good night.

20 February 2010

Day 51 of 365

** View from the Fochaberian Garden **
in the village
As the pond is off limits we walked Moss down to the River Spey this afternoon as the sun was out. Although the weather was chilly it was a beautiful day. This is a view from the Community Garden in the village where the names of local Fochaberians are on stones in the flowers beds. People who have contributed something to the village in the last few 100 years. It one of the big standing stones with the river in the background. The sun just had to feature in today's photo as it's been away such a long time.

Day 50 of 365

** Take away pizza from our one and only Italian restaurant **

John's out on a "boy's night" so why not?

19 February 2010

Note of the week

One of my jobs at work is to amend the absences of the pupils once we receive a note from parents. This has to be the best note I have had to deal with in my 8 years at the school. Love it!

Dear Mr Teacher

Please excuse Susie's absence from school yesterday. She had earache and insists on giving it to me every day from now on.

Yours sincerely

Mr Bloggs (father)

Names have been changed to protect the innocent!

18 February 2010

Day 49 of 365

Lurking behind Michael Buble yesterday was this little fella. He's a smoking man and I bought him 16 years ago when John and I went to Munich for the weekend when we lived in Germany.
His top half comes off and there is a space for little cones of incense to sit. Once lit, the top goes back on and smoke comes out of his mouth and he looks like he's smoking.
He came from the Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas shop in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This is a fabulous shop where it's Christmas all year round. The village is walled and has some amazing houses. When we were there there was a huge music festival on. It was a shame that as we were on a coach tour we only had so long to spend there. Definitely a place to re-visit. Maybe once the grumpy teenager has left the building!!!

17 February 2010

Love Hearts

After seeing the lovely heart that Kirsti made over at OneMadMoo I thought I would put the crochet hook down last night and finish the last heart I started making way before Christmas and never got around to finishing.
It's now all done and hanging on the end of my bed smelling of lavender.

Day 48 of 365

** Can't get enough of Michael Buble **

16 February 2010

Day 47 of 365

** Twins! **

My friend Carol and I wore nearly the same outfit for work today. Grey trousers and long grey cardi, white t-shirt and black and white scarf!! Spooky huh? Not a brilliant photo from my phone but with the snow I had to scrape off the car this morning I forgot to pack my camera.

15 February 2010

Day 46 of 365

** Don't ask!! **
I was sorting out some things to go in the charity bag and asked John to look through his old shooting stuff. When I went into the living room there was Samuel with a pile of hats on his head!! You've heard the old saying "If you want to get ahead.......get a hat"!!

Scrapbooky bookmarks

At the weekend my Mum asked me a crafty favour. Could I make some bookmarks for the ladies group she is involved in? These ladies all have stories to tell if you know what I mean? The group has different activities etc each month and in a few months time my Auntie is showing the ladies how to make cards and they wanted something crafty they could give to each lady at the end of the night.

They decided on bookmarks as these could be made from scrap of card, paper etc. I think my sister and cousins have been roped into this project as well so I don't have to make all 40 they need!!

I looked out some colourful card and bits of paper and then hunted through my punches to find my daisy punch.
Less is more in my book. So one piece of card, one small piece of paper, one punched flower and one stamped swirl later I had a bookmark. Or should I say I had 10. I've just got to add ribbon (which I totally forgot to buy in town) and they'll be finished.

So not only have they added colour to my life this weekend they will hopefully add colour to someone else's too.

A very quick day

Today seems to have shot by. It started with ironing the school uniform and I'm now back from town a few £s lighter after taking the Landrover to the garage to get the brake pads changed!! Still it's not all doom and gloom. Samuel and I decide to spend the bus fare home on a trip to the cinema to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. It's no Harry Potter but I wasn't bothered as both Sean Bean and Kevin McKidd were in it. The latter in his Roman God skirt!!! For anyone not sure who Kevin McKidd is he's currently in Grey's Anatomy (which I've never seen) and was also in the brilliant BBC series Rome. And Sean Bean? Well he's just Sean Bean. Yummy :0)

The film is about a boy called Percy who turns out to be the son of Poseidon and has to search for Zeus' lightning bolt that has gone missing. Steve Coogan is brilliant as Hades. Not what you expect the God of the Underworld to look like :0)

Samuel is now keen to read the others in the series and who am I to say no? A trip to the library is called for tomorrow.

14 February 2010

Big Family Blanket and Day 45 of 365

Last year I bought some gorgeously soft and snugly Merino wool and started my first ever blanket (Afghan). I wasn't really sure what it would look like or how big it would be. Taking a few hints from the extremely talented Lucy at Attic24 I opted for smaller squares. She'd done a lovely Summer Granny Square blanket and I hoped mine would turn out as good.
I quickly had piles of squares all waiting to be stitched together.

Even with stopping for a cuppa and an early mince pie!!
Soon the rows were appearing faster than I could make the squares!! But with that came the feeling that I didn't "really like it". What to do?

Frogging was the only answer and soon all the squares were ripped ("Rib it", get it? - Frogged! took me a while!!) back and I made them into bigger squares of 4.
I had my first go at "Blocking" them and they seemed to look better all ready.
It got the point then, that I had a lot of bigger squares and was not looking forward to sewing them all together. Popping back over to Attic24 I found Lucy's tutorial on how to "join as you go". That was that. I soon had all the squares joined together in a what was fast becoming something that resembled a blanket!
I worked out that I would need 25 bigger squares before I could start the border. It wouldn't be enough to cover the bed completely but would be big enough without having to buy more wool.
The border seemed to take ages as it's a long way around 25 squares!! The edging (also one of Lucy's very own creations) took me hours and gave me sore fingers, but at last it was finished.
And TA DAH!!!! ................................................ here it is.

Not a particularly good picture but the best I could get on a grey day! It looks better once it's on the bed :0)
So........... I bought the wool in July 2009. Started the squares in August. Changed my mind in November. Cracked on with it in January 2010 and finished it in February. Not bad for 6 months work.
I'm really pleased that it's finished as it did become a labour of love towards the end but the finished blanket is now where it should be, keeping us warm on these chilly nights.

Day 45 of 365

** Lovin' it **

Happy Valentines Day

** Happy Valentines Day to you all. **

Here in the Lee household it has been a productive day. I've spent the day baking things that we love, as I love to bake. I'm so pleased with myself as for the first time ever (and thanks to Marguerite Patten), I've managed to make Cheese scones that have actually risen and don't look like Frisbees!! They are my favourites (for today anyway).

Samuel's favourite is Choc Chip muffins. So that's what he's got and John's favourite is Banana loaf. Or it is today as the bananas needed using up. I made all these with ingredients lurking in my cupboards!!

Samuel has been busy building and painting his Warhammer figures and hasn't managed to super glue himself together once!!

John has been doing what he likes best - surfing the net. We're just off out to walk Moss and then it will be time for the big Ta Dah of Big Family Blanket!!!

Back later :0)

13 February 2010

Day 44 of 365

** A sort of self portrait after a trip to the hairdresser this morning to get a trim **
Didn't want a whole picture of me today!!