Day 46 of 365

** Don't ask!! **
I was sorting out some things to go in the charity bag and asked John to look through his old shooting stuff. When I went into the living room there was Samuel with a pile of hats on his head!! You've heard the old saying "If you want to get ahead.......get a hat"!!


  1. It's a teenage boy thing ....

  2. Oh Liz Sweetie...
    I love this picture of Samuel. Boys will be boys won't they?

    He has the most peaceful expression on his face. Hope you are well. I think of you every day I pass my heart, and I know my book forwards and backwards now. I love it, and some day I am convinced I will see my castle.

    Thank you for sharing Liz.

    Country hugs sweetie and so much love...Sherry

  3. Oh this is funny.....:-) Hugs


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