27 February 2011

9 of 52

My Orchid.
It just goes to show that some things are better off in colour.

23 February 2011

8 of 52

For some reason I thought I had already posted this but while I was looking for something for week 9 I found this sitting in the save now bit!!!

Self explanatory really. The Union Jack. It's actually a piece of wall art in Samuel's room. No need to put what colour it is in real life as that goes without saying!!

I know it should officially be called a Union Flag as it's only called the Union Jack when it's on the Jack Staff of a ship/boat, but it's always been called that it sounds silly to call it anything else.

Daily Photo Prompt

Today the word is Bottle.

Now I know I've used this before but I like it so much I'm using it again. It's a perfume bottle from Saudi Arabia I got when I was out in Dharan for 4 months back in 1995. I used to have a lovely blue one to go with it but that got broken in one of our many moves.

Daily Photo Prompt

The word for yesterday was Meal so here's a family favourite.......Toad in the Hole. I made mini ones as Samuel like those best.

21 February 2011

Daily Photo Prompt

The prompt for today is Purse.
This is a Mermaids Purse we found on the beach at Spey Bay last year. It is an egg sack or "nursery", if you like for baby Dog Fish.

20 February 2011

Daily Photo Prompt

Today's word is Nose.
This is Thistledown. A handmade, mohair bear made right here in Fochabers about 19 years ago. I saw her, and some of her friends, at a Taste of Moray exhibition they had at Brodie Castle at the time and I just had to have one.

Her nose is a Thistle but has started to look a bit worn in the last few years.

Daily Photo Prompt

Saturday's prompt was Power so I chose to photograph my electric meter (complete with dust!!).

18 February 2011

Daily Photo Prompt

Today's prompt is The Letter A.

I had to really think about this as I couldn't find anything beginning with 'A' at 8am this morning. I finally went for AGE as one thing is for sure I ain't getting any younger. I'm not sure how it happened but there seems to be a lot of products to do with age in the bathroom recently. A free bottle of shampoo from my last trip to the hairdresser is 'Age Rejuvenating', my moisturiser is 'Youthful Radiance' and even John has 'Anti-bag cream'!! What is going on here?

17 February 2011

Daily Photo Prompt

Today's word is Grease: fatty or oily matter in general; lubricant.

Two items I found lurking in the shed. All purpose lubricant WD40 and a shotgun lubricant of some sort.

16 February 2011

The Help

The Telegraph newspaper wrote:

The British cover to Kathryn Stockett’s novel The Help – about the experiences of black maids in Mississippi in the early 1960s – is a period photograph of a little white girl in a pushchair flanked by two black women in starched white uniforms – the 'help’ of the book’s title.

The photograph, which was found in the National Congress archives, was deemed too controversial to be used on the American cover. The spectre of racism in the South is still raw and political correctness works overtime.

I find it amazing that something so harmless as the cover photo can cause so much hassle. This book is amazing and I love the way that Kathryn Stockett writes like the maid would have spoken. I can just imagine myself with them in their kitchen as the prepare dinner or look after the children.

I only started it yesterday and I can't put it down. I need to find out what's going to happen next and what has happened to Constantine ..............

Daily Photo Prompt

The prompt for today is "A cup of coffee or other hot drink".

Mine is always a good cup of tea - decaf teabags, milk and half a spoon of sugar - perfect.

15 February 2011

12 Yellow Roses

Always yellow........never red.

Daily photo prompt

Today's word is Tank. Not something I have a lot of at home since we got the new boiler. So not wanting to use another archive photo I got Samuel to rustle one up out of Lego!!

Of course I couldn't miss out on showing the real thing so here's one we found at the Imperial War Museum back in July 2009.

14 February 2011


Samuel didn't like any of the usual tacky red heart, Valentine stuff in the shops so asked me if I would make a felt heart for his girlfriend. I chose pink and purples and added a few beads here and there and added a ribbon so she can hang it up.

He then went out to meet her and left the present and card on the dining room table.....boys!!!

7 of 52

My lovely Pandora bracelet which looks 100% better now I've cleaned it.

Daily Photo Prompt

One of the blogs I follow Vintage west photo has set a daily word challenge - a different random word each day with the challenge for you to try and take a photo of it. The interpretation of the word is entirely up to you. Today's random word is "Something you Love" and seeing as it's Valentines Day I had to have these two didn't I? It's another old photo I'm afraid as it's very difficult to get one of them together.

13 February 2011

Daily photo prompt

I came accross Vintage West Photo via my friend Sharon's blog and thought it might be nice to have a daily photo prompt once more.

Today word is Berry and seeing as I haven't been out and have no blueberries left I've had to resort to using an old photo from Kew Gardens.

11 February 2011


I just had to rescue these Tulips from the squashed flowers box in the supermarket the other day. They were reduced and are well worth all 155 pennies I paid for them as they certainly brighten up my kitchen.
Most of them are already open and some are a little bit squished but they do look nice.

My daffs are just coming through in the garden so who knows the next flower post could be them!

10 February 2011

The Kings Speech

Love, love loved it. My friend Elaine and I went to see this last night and it was brilliant. It's nice to get to see the' other side' of the Royals and even though, due to Artistic Licence some of it was not absolutely correct it was well worth watching. It was a very quick few hours as you got so engrossed with the two main characters the time just flew by. Elaine and I are now officially known as Bertie & Lionel!!!

A rough idea of what the film is about:-
With Colin Firth already winning Best Actor at the Golden Globes , The King’s Speech is already being seen as a front runner for this year’s Oscars. Starring Colin Firth as King George VI who has to overcome his debilitating stutter when he succeeds to the throne on his brother’s abdication. Helena Bonham Carter co-stars as his wife and Geoffrey Rush as his unorthodox speech therapist.

7 February 2011

6 of 52

The River Spey from the Fochaberian Gardens in the village.
We haven't had Internet for a few days and if I'm honest I haven't really missed it!!