Daily Photo Prompt

Today's prompt is The Letter A.

I had to really think about this as I couldn't find anything beginning with 'A' at 8am this morning. I finally went for AGE as one thing is for sure I ain't getting any younger. I'm not sure how it happened but there seems to be a lot of products to do with age in the bathroom recently. A free bottle of shampoo from my last trip to the hairdresser is 'Age Rejuvenating', my moisturiser is 'Youthful Radiance' and even John has 'Anti-bag cream'!! What is going on here?


  1. I like the colour you chose for the photo!!

  2. If it's any consolation, I have a lot more grey hair than this time last year!

  3. Haha good use of the letter A!!! Don't worry we're all heading the same direction - and as for my multiplying grey hairs - well let's just say I even found a grey eyebrow - that was quickly whipped out I can tell you!!!!!

  4. I like the color and "soft" effect of this photo!

  5. Good Morning Liz Sweetie...
    I think we all are feeling our AGE these days. I love seeing that someone else is using creams beside me. I love Garnier products and I use that as well.

    I hope you are doing well sweet friend. I think of you so often and smile. How is the weather there today? We are having a beautiful soft rain. (2 days now).

    Have a glorious week sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry


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