31 July 2020

Quote for Friday

There's a bright side to everything if you look hard enough.

Have a great weekend.

29 July 2020

An Unusual View

Last Friday saw me donning my mask and heading off to the opticians.

It was an unusual experience.  The shop is normally really busy and it was strange to see it with only a handful of customers.  All socially distanced and with all the staff in PPE.

I had my eye test, including the horrible test for glaucoma (where they puff air into your eyes) and a new test that takes a scan of the whole of your eye.  It's called Optical Coherence Tomography and the result  reminded me of an ultrasound scan.  

I asked if I could get a copy of the scan but apparently you need special software to be able to view it!!  I borrowed this picture from Google so you could see what I was talking about.  The idea is that the white lines on the right hand picture are straight as any wobble could mean trouble.  Mine, thankfully were straight.  Phew!

I couldn't quite believe that it was two years since my last eye test so wasn't too happy at the thought of choosing new glasses.  

I don't like fussy, or metal frames (unless they have a colour), I don't like big or chunky, blingy or horn rimmed.  Basically I didn't have much left to choose from.

There is a new system in place now, that every pair you try on has to be put into the basket they give you, so they can be disinfected before going back on display.  To be honest it put me off trying on different styles as I didn't want to be the person who had a basket full of glasses.

Another problem with trying on glasses.  You have to take your glasses off to try the new ones on and then you can't see.  They Younger Male had an appointment too and ever one to scrounge a lift, he'd made it at the same time as mine.  In payment I got him to take some photos of me trying on glasses so I could put mine back on to see if I liked the new ones. He also got to carry the basket.  Fair deal I reckon.  I had to move my mask down so I could see if I liked the glasses or not (I didn't.  Sorry Cath Kidston).

I managed to get one pair but couldn't decide on a second.  I have three months to choose so I'm hoping that they have new styles in by then for me to choose from.

27 July 2020

A Bit of Scrapbooking

I haven't done any scrap booking since 2016 when I made an album for the Younger Male's last year of High School.

I took all my stash out to Texas and I brought it all back from Texas and it stayed in a box, in the attic, for over three years until I gave the lot away to a friend who makes cards.

When we went into Lock down I decided it would be a nice idea to make an album about all things Corona. A quick rummage through some boxes in the attic and I found a few items that had survived the cull.  All I needed was an album and a few embellishments.

Last week I set to and started my album and whilst it was fun to be playing with paper and stickers, it didn't make me want to rush out and buy more stash.

I think my scrap booking days are over.

24 July 2020

Observation on Friday

We don't have a choice from today.
Hopefully everyone will stick to the new rule.  I know there will be some that think it doesn't apply to them, as with so many other things in life, but if we all do our bit we can beat this virus and save more lives.
Hopefully it won't be forever.

22 July 2020

Sunset on the Beach

The local beach is not really much to write home about, but I do love watching the sunset over it.

Some times the sun is there.....

and other times it hidden behind clouds.

and sometimes the sky is bright red.

20 July 2020

National Trust - Tatton Park

Tatton Park was our first National Trust visit and it didn't disappoint.

Set in the countryside, not far from Manchester airport  it is a beautiful place to visit.  So quiet and peaceful.  

Tatton Park was owned by the Egerton family from 1598 although it was not until the early 18th century, when Tatton Park was inherited by John Egerton, that a branch of the Egerton family made it their main residence and a “new” house was built on the site of the present Mansion and completed circa 1716.
It remained their home until it was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1958.

More about the mansion can be read here

The Garden is one of the most picturesque in England and is an almost complete picture of how it looked in Edwardian times.

A Tower Garden

The Tower Garden is dominated by a tower which would once have been used to watch for sheep stealing on Tatton's parkland.

My favourite.  The Japanese Garden

Plus many more we never made it to.  They can be read about here.

There is a pond, a lake and lots of walking trails around the estate which consists of 50 acres of landscaped Gardens, 1000 acres of deer Park, a rare breed farm and medieval Old Hall.

We're hoping to go back for a visit when hubby has time off in August.

17 July 2020

15 July 2020

Right Now

Right now 

·       I’m looking forward to the end of term.  It’s been a busy time recently and I’ll be glad of the break.  There is still a lot to do before 1st September when all children should be back in school.  It will be an interesting time. 

·       I’m making plans to go to York to see family and finally get so see our Grandson.

·       I’m hoping to be able to arrange a few days away with Hubby in August.  He hasn’t had a break since lock down started and is worn out.  Luckily Airbnb are open again and we’ve seen some lovely places to stay.  We just have to decide where to go! 

·         Plans have already been made to go for coffee and cake, over the summer, with my friends from work.  I’m so looking forward to a huge slice of carrot cake from Carr Farm.

·         I’m printing photos for my lock down journal.  I’m hoping to get it finished over the summer. 

What are you up to?



13 July 2020

Twenty Questions About the Blogger

1 – Introvert or extrovert?  Introvert.  I’m quite shy until I get to know people.  I hate being the centre of attention, don’t like confrontation and totally hate public speaking.

2 – Favourite movie?  I like all sorts of movies it’s hard to pick just one.  I do like The Shawshank Redemption and have seen it several times.  Does that count?

3 – Arrive early or late?  Early.  I’d rather be an hour early than a minute late.

4 – Last book you read?  The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

5 – Favourite holiday?  We only celebrate Easter and Christmas here in Britain.  No July 4th or Thanksgiving so I’d have to go with Christmas.  I love all the lights around the house.

6 – Pet peeve?  Don't get me started.  The list is long and getting longer by the day.

7 – Food you refuse to eat?  Bananas.  They really are the devil’s fruit.

8 – Favourite fast food chain?  Chick Fil A.  I loved, loved, loved their freshly made lemonade. Closely followed by Sonic for their AmAzInG chocolate milk shakes.

9 – How do you keep fit?  I walk and go line dancing.  I don’t like gyms or on-line classes. 

10 – Morning person or night owl?  Morning.  I can get so much done in the morning which then gives me the rest of the day to do whatever I like.

11 – Favourite drink? Decaf Latte.  I take one to work every day.

12 – Irrational fear?  Moths.  They flutter around and they're hairy!!  Enough said.

13 – Go-to snack?  Sweet & Salty Popcorn

14 – Strongest sense? Touch as it's the only one that hasn't gone south since I turned 50.

15 – Fictional place you’d like to visit?  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. 

16 – Kindle or actual book? Kindle/tablet, although at the moment I’m listening to audio books so I can crochet at the same time.

17 – Last movie you went to see? Bad Boys for Life.  I went with my boys as it was out in the cinema on the younger male’s birthday.

18 – Favourite season? Autumn.  I love the colours of the trees and walking through the woods when the leaves are falling.

19 – Beach or mountains?  Mountains.  I little cabin in the hills would be my idea of heaven.  I like a walk along the beach, but a beach holiday is not my idea of a fun time.

20 – Favourite cereal?  Granola.   Especially if it has sultanas in it.  You can add it to other things rather than just using it as a breakfast choice.


10 July 2020

8 July 2020

One from the Archive

I was reminded the other day, via Facebook, that it was 6 years since we moved to Texas.  It got me wondering how I managed when I got there.  I didn't know anyone, I had, the then Teenager, to sort out with schooling and I needed to find a place to call home in time for our furniture arriving.

Looking back on my blog posts I came across this one. 8 July 2014.

I'm thankful I wrote about this as otherwise it would have been well and truly forgotten by now.

6 July 2020

Two Halves of the Same Walk

On a recent walk along the prom we had two different types of weather. 

On the way out we could hardly see across the river to Liverpool and you could see the rain in the distance.   Normally you can see all the way down to the oil refinery but it was difficult to see the Liver Birds that day.

On the way back however it was a totally different story.  The clouds had gone and the sun was just trying to peek through before setting.

We were very lucky and managed to dodge the rain.

How can the same area have two totally different views in the space of an hour?

3 July 2020


I saw this on Facebook and it made me smile.  I couldn't help but sing along :0)

1 July 2020


Cooking – I don’t cook!!  It’s not that I can’t, it’s that I loath it.  Hubby is the cook in our house and if I do anything, he likes to help interfere so I let him do it.  After 25 years I tend to do the washing up and let him get on with it.

Photographing - I'm working my way through the list if items for Mary-Lou's Summer Photographic Scavenger Hunt.  I'm not doing very well as I only have one.  I'm hoping to rectify that over the summer when I'm not at work.

Sharing - This week I have been sharing my chilli chocolate with hubby.  

Trying - to lose those last few lock down pounds.  How come the weight goes on over night but takes week to come off again?  I know I can do I just have to be in the right mindset.

Wondering – How many sleeps it is until 1. We finish school for the summer and 2. Our grandson arrives for the weekend.  We haven’t seen him this year as he lives in York and we didn’t get to see him as planned due to Corona.