Two Halves of the Same Walk

On a recent walk along the prom we had two different types of weather. 

On the way out we could hardly see across the river to Liverpool and you could see the rain in the distance.   Normally you can see all the way down to the oil refinery but it was difficult to see the Liver Birds that day.

On the way back however it was a totally different story.  The clouds had gone and the sun was just trying to peek through before setting.

We were very lucky and managed to dodge the rain.

How can the same area have two totally different views in the space of an hour?


  1. I have often wondered about nature's ability to control just where the rain will fall. We could certainly use some rain here. The lighthouse photo is lovely, it's like a postcard.

    1. It was strange walking towards the rain with the sun shining behind us :0)


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