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More snow anyone?

A few days ago my sister text me to see if we were all OK as she'd heard on the BBC news that we'd had 6 inches of snow. I text back and basically said "What snow"?
Today we got that extra 6 inches of snow. Just after we set off to go into Elgin (about 9 miles away) the blizzard started. There were car wheels spinning everywhere and a huge lorry got stuck at the traffic lights in the village and couldn't get going. Luckily having the Landrover meant we could get there and back with no problems.

The snow had eased off by the time we got home so John and I took Mossy for a walk to our usual haunt.......the pond. Samuel stayed home to re-build the snowman who had started to thaw last night and had almost lost his head!!
I love taking the same shot of the pond as I go round throughout the year as it means I can get every change in the seasons. I also LOVE the action option on the Nikon as it captured the snow as it started falling heavily again in the shot above. (…

Hooky review

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A year of crafting

I didn't think I'd done a lot of crafting this year, but I think that's because I haven't done a lot of scrapping. It seems I was wrong. Taking a leaf out of Lucy's book (over at Attic 24) I've got a little review going.

:: January - Paper wreath

:: February - My first attempt at crochet.

:: March - knitted egg cosies

:: April - A name plate for my friend's little boy.

:: May - My name badge for the Scrapagogo weekend.

:: June - One of the layouts from my scrapping getaway.

:: July - Crocheted cushion for my Mum.

:: August - Fleece owl.

:: September - Felt elephant.

:: October - Felt lavender mice.

:: November - Robin Christmas cards.

:: December - Door hanger.

There are still a few other things that I'll show tomorrow. It looks like I was busier than I thought. That's what staying off Facebook does for you :0)

Boogie wonderland

Today was the complete opposite of yesterday. Not a single thing crafted (yet). I think I've spent the whole day in the kitchen, cleaning work tops, doing the the washing, de-greasing everything and boogieing along to 3 hours of tunes from the 80s on Radio 2. With the help of Nick Kershaw and Chris Tarrant I have shimmied my way through Yazoo, Adam and the Ants, The Jam, George Michael, Joy Division, Chesney Hawkes! and a whole host of others. I thought the 70s yesterday was good but this was fab-u-lous :0) I'm all set now to flop down on the settee and watch the TV tonight with a glass of wine and my crochet (what an exciting life I lead).
While I was doing all of the above the boys were out in the garden making Jack Frost (anyone remember the film?). He looks fab and it gave me an excuse to use up my sprouts!!! Sorry Sib :0)
I think he may have scared next doors cat which is fine by me as the thing is a pain!

I really must paint that back wall!!!!!!!

Some crafting at last

This afternoon I took a time out and actually did some crafting. I'd covered half a dozen CDs way back in the summer and had never done anything with them. I knew what I wanted to make, but never got around to cutting anything out to decorate them.
Here's a little snippet. I still have to add some ribbon and figure out how to hang them up!!
I also covered the chipboard door hanger I got in a Scrapagogo kit so long ago I can't remember when. After seeing my sister Ruth's Santa Stop Herehanger last week I thought I make an attempt to do something with mine.
I used the very last of my Kelly Panacci paper on one side and some lovely lime green Scenic Route on the reverse. A also used a few red shiny alphas from MyLittleShoebox and some tiny chipboard letter which I coloured with blue felt tip pen and covered with silver Sickles.
I had to put Bloggin' as I ran out of Gs!!! I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out :0)The lighting isn't brilliant just now so I&…

Unexpected visitors

I looked out of the window while doing the ironing this morning and saw these two guys sitting on my back garden wall!!
No idea what they were doing there but I have to say I had to keep Moss indoors otherwise we may have had Pheasant for tea!!

My favourite present

I got some lovely presents this year but this has to be my favourite. It's a trinket box made by Samuel. It's the first thing he's made in "Techy" (as he calls it) and I love it. It's already in use.

Brodie Castle in the snow

A trip to Brodie is always on the cards when it snows and as it hadn't snowed for a few days and the roads were clear we headed off about lunch time. As you can see the lanes at the castle were a little icy, as demonstrated by two boys (one of almost 13 and one of almost 45!!)

Samuel had a great time but for some strange reason insisted on pulling silly faces!! Is it just a boy think and will he outgrow it? I managed to get in on the act too, only I look like the Michelin man as I had my body warmer on under my coat. Still at least it wasn't as cold as it was last December when we took Harry to see the ducks!No trip out is complete without the customary Arty Farty shots so here's a few to be going on with..... Ice on the hedges...............
A very chilly looking seat (where I do believe, one summer, Ruth and I sat and ate chocolate. Well why not?). Not warm enough for that today though.
A shot of the Castle from the gardens (just for Sherry).
Some very frosty fence spi…

Back to normal

We had a very quiet, relaxing day yesterday which began early!! Even though he hasn't believed in Santa for the last few years it didn't stop Samuel getting up before 7am!!
I have my own tradition of laying the table on Christmas Eve. That way it's all done ready for dinner on Christmas Day. This year I "Liberated" some holly from by the pond and used my lantern from Party Lite, which has snow flakes on two sides, in the centre. The red candle holders were a gift from work when I first started there nearly 8 years ago.
I found these cute little angels at a local garden centre and had to hunt around to find 3 to bring home. They didn't have many left by the time I got there. A bit of bazzill cardstock for name tags and hey presto, they were ready to go.
John made a gorgeous dinner and while the meat was cooking we took the dog for a stroll around the pond. Strangely enough we were the only ones there!!
After dinner it was more relaxing and before we knew it it w…

Merry Christmas

I'd just like to wish you all a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas. It's been great this year to meet so many new people. I have to say thanks to Val for introducing me to Pink Saturday and to Beverly for getting me into action every week. If it wasn't for the two of them I wouldn't have met so many lovely Bloggie friends so thanks you two.
I hope you're all having a wonderful day and I look forward to lots more chatting next year.

Christmas Eve

Can you believe it? It's here already. Christmas Eve. It's been a busy old day with baking, trifle making, ironing, Wii - ing and take awaying.
I made my very first Linzer cookies today and to say it was a team effort just about covers it. Samuel did all the weighing and I did the mixing and then John had to finish off the dough as it was too difficult to mix. While the dough was in the fridge Samuel made mince pies and jam tarts. Both of which have turned out fantastically well. (Well there's no jam tarts left so they must have been OK.)
Mossy needed a walk after he'd had a bath (can't have the dog smelling...Santa might not come) so while John popped out to get some wine Samuel and I went for our usual walk around the pond. It was really icy today but after a quick sprinkling of snow it wasn't too bad to walk on. The pond was frozen solid and a few hardy ducks were having a swim (but not many)
When we got back it was time for a cuppa and a bash at archery on t…

And the winner is.........................

Elizabeth from Thoughts from an Evil Overlord. Well done to you. I've left a comment on your blog and if can let me know if you want a title making I'll make one up for you.
So from Elizabeth to another, well done and I hope you like the book.

A hunting we will go

Yesterday morning the boys decided to go shooting up at our friend's farm just a few miles away. Samuel took his own gun and John tagged along to supervise! They only saw one pheasant and a few pigeons and didn't manage to shoot anything. Samuel once again tells me that he "skiffed" a few, which for the uninitiated means he just missed :0).
They came home via Loch Oire and John being well trained stopped to take a few pictures.
He said they were the first people on the lane and as you can see 4 miles from us they'd had slightly more snow. It was -5c on the way home tonight and more snow/sleet if forecast. Luckily it's the last day of term tomorrow so it can snow all it wants after that.