30 December 2009

Boogie wonderland

Today was the complete opposite of yesterday. Not a single thing crafted (yet). I think I've spent the whole day in the kitchen, cleaning work tops, doing the the washing, de-greasing everything and boogieing along to 3 hours of tunes from the 80s on Radio 2. With the help of Nick Kershaw and Chris Tarrant I have shimmied my way through Yazoo, Adam and the Ants, The Jam, George Michael, Joy Division, Chesney Hawkes! and a whole host of others. I thought the 70s yesterday was good but this was fab-u-lous :0) I'm all set now to flop down on the settee and watch the TV tonight with a glass of wine and my crochet (what an exciting life I lead).

While I was doing all of the above the boys were out in the garden making Jack Frost (anyone remember the film?). He looks fab and it gave me an excuse to use up my sprouts!!! Sorry Sib :0)

I think he may have scared next doors cat which is fine by me as the thing is a pain!

I really must paint that back wall!!!!!!!


  1. Your day sounds like fun and very productive, at least you cleaned.. love the snowman!
    Did all my errands yesterday, am going to rest and read today and going to love every minute of it.
    .......:-) Hugs

  2. Aaaw, he looks fab - none of my kids have been out in the snow yet!!! thanks for changing your background btw - I found that really nice one from the same site...love it - yours and mine that is...x

  3. Lovely Santa and don't you just like the older music. It is as if that music is more for dancing than what we have nowadays. Maybe it is just me . LOL I love to dance.
    Happy New Year

  4. Mr Frost looks brill but scandalous waste of sprouts! Not the home-grown ones, surely??

  5. Whoa! That's one impressive snowman!!

  6. Fab snowman and a cat scarerer to boot. I need one of those as well then.