30 May 2021

Question About Blogger

This week I had three blog posts deleted by Blogger after being flagged for review.   Apparently it was because they violated their  Malware/Viruses policy.  I don't even know that that means!!  

Has anyone else had this done to them?  I've had my blog since 2008 and it's never happened before. Any way they have been re-instated and are now back on the blog.  

Who knew that talking about your every day life, crochet and flowers could be so controversial!! 

24 May 2021

Me on a Monday - 24 May 2021

Last week seems to have been very much like the previous weeks so I thought I'd pick five things to write about from my week.

1.  Loving the fact that we can go out for a meal.  All three of us headed out to the Anchor in Irby on Saturday night and it was so nice to be out and about.  Still distanced and wearing masks but such a change from staying in.  Not a very flattering picture of The Younger Male.  That beard is in real need of a trim!!

2.  Enjoying watching - I can See Your Voice - BBC1 on a Saturday.  If you haven't already seen it, it's a game show where the contestants have to guess if someone can sing just by looking at them and hearing a few facts about each one.  There is also lip syncing round, which isn't always a good clue as some of them are very good at it even though they can't sing a note.  If the contestants guess who can sing after they have eliminated 5 of the 6 singers they win £10,000.

3. Listening too - Outlander on Audible.  I'm not really liking the lady who narrates it but as I've already read the books and watched the TV series, I already know the characters so can ignore the accents she's using (she makes Frank Randall sound like a squeaky old man!!)

4.   Happy that all three ladies are now back together in the office.  When the restrictions changed on Monday were allowed to be in the same room together and jumped at the chance, when the boss asked us if we'd like to be back together.  We have had such a laugh this week.  It's been almost 14 months since we were all in the same room for longer than 10 minutes.

5.  Disliking the fact that one of our neighbours had a party on Friday night with 20+ people in their house and the music so loud it could be heard all around the village.  At 11.40pm I asked them to turn the music down and was told "it'll go off at midnight".  Give them their due it did, but now I will have no problem sitting outside and making a noise even if their kids are trying to sleep!!  Some people have no regard for their neighbours.  These are the same neighbours who haven't bothered with any restrictions since lockdown started last year.  It seems like they are above the law.  

It's the last week of term this week and it can't come soon enough.  I am so looking forward to a week off.

I hope you've had a good weekend and have a great week ahead.


17 May 2021

Me on a Monday - 17 May 2021

Woo Hoo!!  Only two weeks left at work before it's half term.  A whole week off but nowhere to go as hubby is working.  :0(    Never mind we have a few days away in July to look forward to.

I took time away from the laptop this week as I felt overloaded with information.   There's only so much that will fit into my poor brain at any given time.

I pottered around in the greenhouse over the weekend and potted out my forget me nots and poppies.  They were the ones that I had planted, from the seeds we got given at dad's funeral.  They look healthy enough at the moment so I hope they keep growing.  I also planted out some sweet peas.  

I had loads left over so I took them to the plant swap in the village. (They're my green beans on the top row).

One of our neighbours has set up a little fabric greenhouse at the top of our road and if anyone has plants they want to share/get rid of, they can leave them there for the neighbours to take.  You don't have to leave anything to be able to take one.  I like the idea of dad's flowers/veg being shared around the village.  This weekend I left dwarf green beans, cucumbers and poppies.  

I'm hoping for a quieter week this week.  What about you?


14 May 2021

Friday Quote


                                                     Lets just say, it's been a long week!!

10 May 2021

Me on a Monday - 10 May 2021

Right now.........

I am busy, busy, busy at work.  The business manager was off last week and in her absence I got to look after the booking of supply staff.  It seems like she picked the best week to go away as it was, what can only be described as, manic!  So many staff off work and classes needing to be covered.  It was only a four day week but it felt like a fortnight.  The big boss did buy me a huge bar of chocolate though, which was very much appreciated.

I am loving the fact that we can travel into Wales and visit Bodnant Gardens.  It's been well over a year since we were there and it was like seeing it all for the first time.  The rhododendrons and the Magnolia were all in full bloom and looked amazing. 

I am thankful that the police are doing checks outside school re the speed of the traffic.  Let's hope they keep it up and it wasn't just a one off.

I am disliking the rain and hailstones we have had in the last week. There have been some very moody skies.  It's supposed to be May for heaven's sake!!

And lastly, I am loving the newest addition to the Lee household.  Dave the Dolce Gusto coffee machine.  Latte anyone? :0)

How was your week?


3 May 2021

Me on a Monday - 3 May 2021

It's been a bad and a good week.  

The bad news is a 15 year old boy was knocked down and killed in a hit and run, just outside school on Monday night.  They have arrested a 22 year old man who already has previous arrests for dangerous driving/speeding at the age of 18.  It just doesn't bear thinking about.  What is really making me angry though is that, as a school, we have been campaigning for speed restrictions on that road for years and were basically told nothing would be done as "no one had died".  Now it seems they are going to do something about it.  My thoughts are with the young man's family.

The good news is 1.  my wisdom tooth is out and healing nicely and 2.  I've booked a short stay for hubby and I in a riverside lodge in Shropshire.  We go at the end of July.  I can't wait for countryside and beautiful scenery.  Oh and the good thing is it's only a short walk from the lodge to the local pub 😊

Hollywood came to the Wirral last week as Rebel Wilson was filming her new drama, The Almond and the Sea Horse, in New Brighton, West Kirby and Liverpool.  She was a very brave lady, taking a swim in Marine lake.  It was freezing.

Did some more of my shell blanket and had a wee treat at the same time.  I love mini Party Rings.  It reminds me of putting them into The Younger Male's lunch boxes when he was at primary school.

Rain was forecast for Monday so hubby and I spent a few hours doing the walking routes in Delamere Forest on Sunday morning.  I was so nice to wander around and listen to the birds.  No traffic and no noisy neighbours and their workmen.  All in all a peaceful few hours.

Back to work on Tuesday.