Question About Blogger

This week I had three blog posts deleted by Blogger after being flagged for review.   Apparently it was because they violated their  Malware/Viruses policy.  I don't even know that that means!!  

Has anyone else had this done to them?  I've had my blog since 2008 and it's never happened before. Any way they have been re-instated and are now back on the blog.  

Who knew that talking about your every day life, crochet and flowers could be so controversial!! 


  1. Yes Liz I had two that were flagged, removed & then reinstated. I have no idea what caused the flag on my post - mine are fairly mundane! I often wonder if there are certain words that flag review?

  2. Well I wonder what word it was that flagged up the issue?! I can't say that it has happened to me - yet!

    1. It doesn't tell you why, but each post was pretty mundane so maybe they are knitters and not crochet fans. Ha Ha! :0)


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