30 April 2009

HSMSHS- Warning

Warning - A statement or event that indicates a possible or impending danger. Find a warning in your space today.

Perfect timing today. Samuel came home from school yesterday with a leaflet about a play that is being shown in a local village next month. So what? Well on the inside is a "Warning" that is perfect for todays prompt :)

Our Teacher's a Troll - Royal British Legion, Buckie, NE Scotland 26 May 09.

29 April 2009

HSMSHS - Relax

Relax - To become less active, calm and happy, find Relax in your space today.

My way of relaxing recently has been to do some crochet. I only took it up in February and I love it.

28 April 2009

HSMSHS- Purple

Purple - A mixture of red and blue, find something Purple in your space.

This is my purple ribbon collection. Not sure why I have so many purple ribbons as it not a colour I normally use!!!

27 April 2009

HSMSHS - slide

Slide - To move gracefully in continuous contact with another surface, or letting an object or situation to deteriorate. Find 'Slide' in your space.

Only slide I could find was a hair slide!!!!!!

You never know the minute

After our fishing expedition yesterday John popped round to his mates house to pick up more tripe (still don't ask!!). Any how Samuel went with him and on the way back they got hit by a boy racer going too fast over the brow of hill and round a bend. John could see him coming and managed to get the landrover up a bank as far as possible so the boy only scraped the side and the wheel arch. Unfortunately for the boy his car has a broken steering column and a bashed in front end. How we got away with so little damage I'll never know. Everyone was OK and no injuries. The boy it turns out is still at school and told John his Mum would kill him!!! John said his parents were very nice. Just as well as their insurance is paying for the repairs.

26 April 2009

A few more fishy photos

An old hand at fishing, John could have spent all day there and come home happy even if he hadn't caught anything.
Samuel got to grips with it straight away and was the only one to catch a fish. He and John are going back on Friday as Samuel has a day off school.
Me I had a great time too. Happy to give it a whirl but just as happy snapping the photos. I think the next time I go I'll have my own rod and have a bash at casting. How hard can it be?

All in all it was a perfect day. We had no rain (they did in Fochabers), the sun came out more than once, we were right on the edge of a huge thunder storm but it missed us and Syvia who runs the burger van makes a lovely cuppa and an even better haggis burger (the boys had bacon). All that for under £20. Not bad for a day out these days.

Fly Fishing by J R Hartley.....................................

Remember that advert? Well today was Fly Fishing by the Lee family. We spent a very peaceful 4 hours at Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery
It was great fun and we even managed to catch a fish!!
We got there about 11am and John and Samuel sorted out the line for the rods and I sorted out the camera! Then it was off to find a decent spot and get fishing. It's the first time Samuel had been "Proper" fishing so John helped with the casting but left him to do the rest.
He obviously had beginner luck as within half an hour he had his first bite and managed to land a 2lb 1.7oz Rainbow(Blue) trout. He was really chuffed with himself.
We have of course the customary photo of said angler with said fish!!!!
As for John's luck well he had 3 "that got away" and of course they were all really big fish!!! Me I had no luck at all as by 3pm when I had a go, I think the fish had called it a day.

SLYMI - Wk 17

This week was layers and lace. Not two of my favourite things but I gave it a go - be it only minimally!!!!


Show off Sunday - Show us a picture that you are proud of!

It has to be the inside of the Natural History Museum. Taken last year when we visited Ruth in London.

25 April 2009

Another ordinary Saturday

This morning started with a lie-in with a cup of tea and my book. John actually bought me the tea in bed. Normally he tells me to get up for it!!
After sorting out the washing it was off into town for a few bits and pieces and to see if we could get a tennis racket for Samuel. He still had a JJB voucher from 2 Christmases ago to spend so was pleased to find them in stock.
Before I forget these dogs are on the socks that Ruth sent yesterday. She told me off for not showing them off last night!!!!

Back home it was time to tidy our bedroom and for John to put some shelves up in my craft room. I've managed to get rid of the old bookcase and get Samuel's old computer desk into the space. Now with the boxes up out pf the way I have enough room for my lap top and to scrap (if I ever get my butt into gear!!). I still need to hang a few crafty things up and then it's all done.
Whilst in town I popped into my local wool shop and bought 11 more balls to make my hexagon blanket with. I'm not sure how I'll get on and it will definitely be a work in progress. I must get my sewing machine fixed so I can sew up my cushion. Not sure how I managed to break it seeing as how I never use it!!

HSMSHS -Self Portrait Saturday

It's Saturday - show us a portrait!

It's that day of the week again when I have to pin Samuel down to get a photo. No point trying to get John as he would pull a stupid face!!!! Samuel wasn't too happy about having his taken thid week till I told him I'd take one of the dog instead!!!!!! Funny old thing!!!!

24 April 2009

JBP (Just Because Present)

I had a little surprise at work today when a parcel arrived with these lovely stripy socks in. They are from Ruth and I had to put a pair on as soon as I got home!!

HSMSHS - Lunch

Lunch -food, nutrition, a pleasurable meal, usually taken around midday. Show us 'Lunch' in your space.

Not a very exciting photo today and I have to say not a very exciting lunch. So much so it was soon overthrown for a chocolate chip shortbread from M&S!!

23 April 2009

The Apple Tree

Many years ago (11 I think) John planted an apple seed so that Samuel could watch a tree grow. Over the years this poor tree has seemed a little on the sad side, a little bit dead and decidedly bare. Last year we had two flowers and only the start of one apple. A few months ago it was time to go down the drastic route and cut it back. John repotted it and cut it down to barely nothing but..................................................................as you can see it survived and is now florishing and is as tall as the shed.
Today I noticed that the flowers had started to appear. There wasn't any at the weekend so it must have been all the sun we've had this week. We now have loads of flowers in all stages from flowering to just making an appearance.
We're really hoping this year that we will get apples. It has been a labour of love but hopefully it will have been worth it. Watch this space!!

HSMSHS - Fruit

Fruit - The edible part of a plant, product of labour, or one's offspring. Show us 'Fruit' in your space.

My favourite kind of apple - Granny Smith and one of my favourite papers for scrapping. October Afternoon - Fruit Stand!!

22 April 2009

HSMSHS - Container

Container - An object use to hold or transport something. Find a container in your space today.

I loved this prompt today as I had loads to choose from. It's amazing how much stuff you can find in and around your home. My favourite shot was John
wheelbarrow in the garden that was left by the previous owner and is now a herb garden.

But then there were the Primulas in a gorgeous blue pot my MIL bought us last year.

I also tried an arty shot of some boxes but I'm not too sure about them!!!

The list goes on but it's time to stop.......................................

21 April 2009

HSMSHS - Paint

Paint - To depict with paints, to cover or decorate, find Paint in your space today.
One thing we are not short of in this house is paint. Especially the little pots that Samuel uses to paint his Warhammer figures. It brings back memories of Dad and David spending hours painting aircraft models with Humbrol paints!!!

20 April 2009

Humming Tree

When we went round the pond tonight we passed the "Humming Tree". It's obviously a tree bees find very appealing as there were loads of bumble bees hanging around. John managed to get a great shot of one of them. Samuel on the other hand had run a mile as soon as he heard the first hum!!!!!


Hide - To put out of sight or obscure from vision, show us 'Hide' in your space today.

This challenge is great. Even John wants to get in on the act!!!! He and the dog quite happily hid behind a tree so I could take a photo!!

19 April 2009

Messages in the sand

Mossy's footprints...............
A message for me from Samuel.........................
and one for his dad!!!!

Just a few of the messages we left in the sand today.

A Perfect Day

Today has been a good day. OK I was up early and did the ironing while John watched the Grand Prix but it meant that it was all done and away by 10am.
This then meant that while John popped round to his mates for some tripe (don't ask)I got to make a start on a scrapping project. SLYMI this week is scrap in the morning. Luckily it didn't say you had to have it all done AM!!! I'd cut out the letters and then decided that as it was a gorgeous day we should put the dog in the car and head off to the beach.
I decided on Cullen as the other two couldn't decide. Method in my madness though as it meant that we could get an ice cream on our way home. Just look at the colour of that sky.
I only ever manage to get a shot of the two of them together if it from behind. But hey it's a picture of them together. Samuel seems to have shot up in the last few weeks. It looks like we had the whole beach to ourselves but there were loads of people up the other end having BBQs and building sand castles. It was sunny but the breeze was still a bit on the chilly side.
Samuel messed around on the rocks after finding a £1 coin thrown in the rock pool by his Dad!!!! Then after an ice-cream (it would be rude not too) from the local shop we headed home.
John tidied up the shed, Samuel went to his pals and I finished the name plate I started earlier. It's for one of the teachers at work who's just got a little boy who's 3. I hope I've spelt his name right as her friends didn't know how to spell it either!!!
Now it's time for tea (chilli I made last week) and then time to chill out on the settee with my granny squares and a cuppa. Don't suppose there's much on TV but then when is there ever?


SOS - Show off Sunday. Lets see what you want to show off about today!

While it was quiet this morning I thought I'd have a play around with my camera. After consulting the Nikon for Dummies book I got to grips with the macro.
Mum and I found this medal after a clear out a few weeks ago. It was with two others in a drawer and we have no idea where they came from or who they belong to. Grandad Jackson would have had a Defence Medal for his work with the fire service but we don't know if it his or not.

18 April 2009


SPS - Show us your self or someone (or something) else portraits!

A sneaky shot of Samuel while he watching the TV. He
looks a bit fed up as he was waiting for John who was "taking ages"!!!
No other chance for photos of them both today as they're both been out and I was Billy No Mates left with the housework :(

17 April 2009

HSMSHS - Boots

Boot - A sturdy piece of footwear. Find a boot in your space today.

Boots are essential footwear in our house. At any time of year.

16 April 2009

A good day

It's been a day for achievement and excitement at home today. Firstly Samuel passed his level D Maths (which he should have taken in December but his teacher was off with a broken leg!!) and is chuffed to bits with himself, secondly he's been picked for the Library Quiz team at Buckie Library next week. He's so excited at being picked. Not bad for a reluctant reader with mild dyslexia. We're just so proud of him and wanted to tell everyone!!!! and lastly, for me, my Scrapagogo kit arrived and it is LUSH. It's the first kit in a while that I've liked the minute I saw it. Fab Penny Lane papers, Making Memories acetate, Creative Imaginations edged paper and doily, thickers fabric alphas and also sorts of other goodies in a wee baggie!! I'm going to have some me time this weekend to get started on it.

HSMSHS - Junction

Junction - A place where things join. Find 'Junction' in your space.
The most important "Junction" for me is where my mouse connects to my laptop!! I can't get the hang of the built in mouse at all.

15 April 2009


Her Space, My Space, His Space. This is a blog I found through Jo's blog Captured on Film and it seems perfect for me as I can now attempt to improve my photos by following their daily prompts. Today was "Cut. To divide, wound or detach with an edged instrument. Find 'Cut' in your space." I chose John's knives as I wouldn't eat as well as I do if John didn't do the cooking. He has to have a good set of knives.

Yesterday's prompt was yellow so I took a close up of some of Samuel's marbles!!! I think that might be my reflection in the blue one!!

I have a feeling this challenge might be good fun :)