Another ordinary Saturday

This morning started with a lie-in with a cup of tea and my book. John actually bought me the tea in bed. Normally he tells me to get up for it!!
After sorting out the washing it was off into town for a few bits and pieces and to see if we could get a tennis racket for Samuel. He still had a JJB voucher from 2 Christmases ago to spend so was pleased to find them in stock.
Before I forget these dogs are on the socks that Ruth sent yesterday. She told me off for not showing them off last night!!!!

Back home it was time to tidy our bedroom and for John to put some shelves up in my craft room. I've managed to get rid of the old bookcase and get Samuel's old computer desk into the space. Now with the boxes up out pf the way I have enough room for my lap top and to scrap (if I ever get my butt into gear!!). I still need to hang a few crafty things up and then it's all done.
Whilst in town I popped into my local wool shop and bought 11 more balls to make my hexagon blanket with. I'm not sure how I'll get on and it will definitely be a work in progress. I must get my sewing machine fixed so I can sew up my cushion. Not sure how I managed to break it seeing as how I never use it!!


  1. Love the photo of the wool. Get that scrapping space used ...

  2. Great wool. Don't leave the scrapping space to gather cobwebs!

  3. looks like you've had a fab day love the wool can't wait to see the blanket


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