27 June 2010

Day 175, 176, 177 & 178 of 365

Another day. Another catch up!!

Day 175 - John became a Chartered Manager. I'm really proud of him as he's worked hard for it.
Day 176 - Shopping for a new Stanley knife. Who knew there was so much to choose from?
Day 177 - Invasion of the body snatchers!! Someone seems to have stolen the legs out of these fishing trousers!!

Day 178 - A very bleary eyed Samuel at 4.45am today just about to leave for his Holland trip.

It's been a long day.
Up at 4am. Up to the school for 5am. Wave goodbye to the kids at 5.25am. Walk the dog at 5.45am. John cemented around the front door at 6.30am. Cup of tea at 7am and started to wallpaper at 7.30am!! Stopped at12.30pm. Showered and out for lunch at 1.30pm followed by watching England getting stuffed in the football World Cup!! It must be bedtime soon?!?

24 June 2010

Day 172, 173 & 174 of 365

Day 172 - Tranquil? You would think so. All I could hear was the constant calling of seagulls, the hum of road building and an RAF Search and Rescue helicopter!!

Day 173 - Reading in the car while Samuel was playing sports.

Day 174 - Rapeseed - Beautiful to look at but a complete nightmare for hay fever sufferers.

21 June 2010

Day 169, 170 & 171 of 365

Day 169 - The lovely hanging basket that my boys planted for me.

Day 170 - Happy Father's Day

Day 171 - Fingers crossed for a bumper crop

Especially for my sister - It's John's new apple tree!

18 June 2010

Day 167 & 168 of 365

Day 167 - Hall update. Almost ready for papering :0)

Day 168 - School report time. We're really proud of Samuel as he's done really well in his first year at High School even if he is a little chatty!! Wonder who he gets that from?

16 June 2010

Day 162, 163, 164, 165 & 166 of 365

I can't believe I'm so far behind with posting again. We have been so busy here with one thing and another and decorating on top of that only adds to the hours in a day.
Here are the last few days:

Day 162: John and I had a bet as to who had the tidiest desk. I lost as he has what I call an OCD desk as there is nothing on it even when he's busy. Day 163: On a trip to Inverness we came across the Continental Market in the centre of town. The salami stall has to be my favourite.

Day 164: Back to the decorating and this time it was time to sort out the lintel over the doorway in the hall.

Day 165: A spot of on-line shopping to get work shirts for John as they didn't have the ones with the longer sleeves in Inverness. A nice pair of pumps may have fallen in the basket too!!
Day 166: I drive this lane every morning and have always thought I should take a picture as the seasons change so here is the first one. Summer. Or at least it's supposed to be but the weather recently seems to have forgotten that fact!!

And that's it for now. Once the decorating is done and the summer holidays are here (only 13 working days but who's counting?) I should hopefully have more time to post and catch up with all your lovely blogs. :0)

10 June 2010

Day 161 of 365

I found this little fella slowly making his way accross the patio this morning. Wonder where he is now?

9 June 2010

Day 159 & 160 of 365

Day 159 - Making more bookmarks for my Mum.

Day 160 - Meeting at school re the trip to Holland
Oh I so wish I was going on this trip. Not for the Theme park or the tobogganing but for the trip to the WWI trenches at Ypres and the Canadian War Memorial (oh and the chocolate factory tour on the way home!!)
Mind you while Samuel is away I get a whole week without the X-box or TV. Bliss :0)

8 June 2010


When I spoke to my Mum yesterday we mentioned to each other how tall Samuel was now. I said he was nearly as tall as me and she thought he would be the same size as her!!
Here's the first picture with me and the one with Granny will be up next month!! I'm not sure why we both look so serious. Must have been a very serious moment in history!!
As a gauge, I'm 5'6" when I stand up properly and don't slouch!!

Day 158 of 365

:: Still a buliding site. But getting there ::

6 June 2010

Days 154, 155, 156 & 157

The joy of decorating means I'm miles behind in posting my pictures again!!

Day 154 - Pandora Bracelet (a girl can dream)
Day 155 - Give us a kiss!!
Day 156 - Lavender scented reeds. Hopefully helping me to sleep better.

Day 157 - A nice relaxing bubble bath
Hopefully I'll be better organised this week with posting my piccies!!

3 June 2010

Day 151 , 152 & 153 of 365

I've been a bit off colour these last few days so I'm now having to play catch up on my photos.

Day 151 - Progress on the bypass.

Day 152 - A walk in the long grass
Day 153 - My message to my boys on my kitchen notice board.