When I spoke to my Mum yesterday we mentioned to each other how tall Samuel was now. I said he was nearly as tall as me and she thought he would be the same size as her!!
Here's the first picture with me and the one with Granny will be up next month!! I'm not sure why we both look so serious. Must have been a very serious moment in history!!
As a gauge, I'm 5'6" when I stand up properly and don't slouch!!


  1. You both have the same chin and noses!! It looks as though you're holding DN upright! x

  2. My but your profiles are very much alike and if you are 5'6" then I would agree DS is tall.....Hugs

  3. Wow you are so alike, you can tell he is your son x

  4. Yep, you can tell he is your son, it won't be long till you have to look up to him to tell him off ! Mine pat me on the head now when I try to tell them off :-)


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