26 February 2016

A belated Valentines

As you know Valentines day was a few weekends back.
Hubby bought me two cards but didn't write on either of them.
He eventually showed them too me and then put them in the drawer till next year.
He saw these flowers.

But I didn't get those either.
Have you seen how much they wanted for a few roses in a vase?
Now I know why we have never bothered with Valentines day for the last 21 years.

24 February 2016

A promise.

Have you ever made a promise to someone and it's turned out to be the hardest promise to keep?
When I was back in the UK visiting mum she and I had a little chat about how much the flight had cost for me to travel back.
I said it didn't matter how much it cost.  Where else would I be?
After trying to give me the money for the flight she made me promise not to come back when, as she put it, she wasn't there.  I was to use the money and take the Teenager and hubby away somewhere nice on holiday.
She said that she was thankful for the time we were spending together and she would rather have those few days now than when she was gone.
Today, the day of her funeral and memorial service I have stuck to that promise and it is the hardest thing I have ever done.  
I am here in Texas with my boys, thinking of her and my family.
Have I done the right thing?  I think so.

My Mum........

♥♥♥ I love you mum ♥♥♥

23 February 2016

The Eulogy

Who would have thought it so difficult to help write a eulogy
for someone you loved so much.
Well let me tell you, I found it extremely difficult.

I had lots of little notes written down but just couldn't link them together.
Thankfully my sister is much better at it than I am.
She included everything I had written down without even knowing it.
She has written an absolutely wonderful piece and I am so proud of her.

Hubby's Birthday

It was strange to try and celebrate hubby's Birthday this weekend.
I felt a little guilty arranging to go out with friends on Saturday
knowing that mum's funeral and memorial service wasn't till Wednesday.
But what can you do?  
Do I think mum would want us to cancel everything and stay home?
No I don't.
We decided not to go trail riding as we had originally planned
but did get to the rodeo and out for drinks with friends afterwards.

On the Sunday (his actual Birthday) he spent the morning fixing the dining room chair!!

As my sister Ruth said.  Life does indeed go on.

16 February 2016


This last few weeks, being so far from family, I have been blessed to have
some really wonderful friends.
A bunch of flowers, a text, a card.
All to say we're thinking of you.

I couldn't be more grateful for the friends I have made here
and the ones I left behind.

15 February 2016


My sister and I have been busy looking out old photos of mum.
Here are some of the ones I found stashed away 
in a cardboard box.

Late 1940s

Approx 1959

Engaged 1960 



 Waiting for me to arrive 1966

Passport photo approx 1971

Christmas Day 1973

I'm so glad I have these.

Our last photo

This is the last photo I have, or will ever have of mum and me.
Although she was very ill when it was taken it will be one
I will treasure for ever.

7 February 2016

Her name was Margaret

My mum passed away on Saturday, 6 February 2016.
Her name was Margaret.
She featured on my blog a lot over the years,
and it's only right and proper that her final chapter be recorded here.

She received a late diagnosis of cancer in mid-December 2015.
She chose not to share her story outside of family and close friends.
She died as she lived: with strength, grace, love and faith.

This is our beloved; this is our friend. 
Song of Songs 5:16

There will be no blog posts this coming week.

6 February 2016

Demolition Time

Before we left Scotland for Texas we'd heard rumours that 
the heating business next door to us was being sold.

This week, this is what the building looks like.  I guess the rumours were true.

On the very left of the picture is hubby's old shed.

Apparently this is the site of the new Co-op.
Thank heavens we don't have to put up with all that mess.

5 February 2016

Microwave Dog

Hubby has had a sore neck for the last few days and 
mentioned that we should get a heat pad for it.
No need for one of those said I. 
We have "Microwave Dog".

In the past he's been used for everything from 
time of the month to growing pains.

This week he's back in action.
If a little squashed.

3 February 2016

1 February 2016

A New Adventure

I'd applied for approximately 21 jobs before getting an interview in December 2015
for a secretary's position in a local High School.
The interview turned out to be a success and I was offered the job on 13 January 2016.
I had a mountain of paperwork to complete followed by fingerprinting
and then on 27 January I started my first job on American soil.

I work for two teachers in the Student Support Department and I will be dealing with all the paperwork associated with students with disabilities or learning needs.

When I arrived in the office, after handing in my paperwork to HR, I found beautiful tulips on my desk along with a card, from them,welcoming me to the school.

Everyone has been really nice and friendly and couldn't be more helpful.
Nothing is too much trouble.  Some staff just come in to say hi and hear my accent 
which I find a little strange as it's just my accent!!

The schools here are big on school spirit and Friday's are always spirit day.
This week I got to wear this delightful t-shirt to show my support!!
Next week i'm hoping for a pink one :0)

When I got home after my first day John had bought me some champagne and the Teenager had bought me a new champagne flute.  

It was all a little overwhelming to start with but I'm sure it's just the start of my next adventure.