Our last photo

This is the last photo I have, or will ever have of mum and me.
Although she was very ill when it was taken it will be one
I will treasure for ever.


  1. Such love shines out as it does in.

  2. It's such a lovely photo of you both. I'm sure you'll treasure it and find comfort in it when you're sad. Take Care xx

  3. How lovely that you were able to come back and have such a memorable photo taken.

  4. It's gorgeous, Liz!

    When my sissy died of cancer last March, I took pictures of the two of us together, even though she had had a stroke and couldn't talk. I don't know for sure that she knew I was there, but I think she did! I told her we were getting our photo taken and that she could yell at me later. I miss her so much!

    Your photo is a treasure!!!

  5. Lovely photograph Liz and one to treasure x


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