31 August 2009

Pay it Forward Craft Givaway

I am playing along with a Craft Giveaway with Martha at A Sense of Humour is Essential and I invite you to join us.
The first 5 people to respond to this post will get something made by me, especially for you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
  • I make no guarantees that you will like what I make but I hope you will.
  • What I create will be just for you.
  • They say I have a year to get it to you. But I promise it will NOT take that long!
  • You have no clue what it's going to be. It’s a surprise to both of us at this point.
The catch? You must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog.

Thanks :)

30 August 2009


The sun came out today, for a little while anyway, so we took a walk around Loch-na-bo. It is a man made Loch not far from Fochabers. It was so quiet and we only met one man and his two Border Collies.
Samuel saw his first "real" dragonfly (as we normally only see Damsel flies) and was really surprised at how fast they can go. He was hoping they would land to he could get a picture but they were more interested in food so didn't!!!

These were a few of the neighbours we saw on the way around. They ran off at first, but pigs are really nosey so came back to see what we were up too!!
Creepy hollow!! This made me think that Halloween had come early. A tunnel made from intertwined branches. Very spooky on dark night I should think! I'm so chuffed with this picture :)And finally Samuel trying to catch the pond skaters and not having much luck!!!
I'm really pleased with the photos as I left my camera at home and had to resort to using my mobile!!!! Whatever next. I hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

29 August 2009

Pink Saturday part 2

I forgot to post my link to a blog I looked at last week. For me, living in Britian, this was a lovely post to find. Teresa lives in the USA but if from Canada but loves all things English. How cool is that?

Check her out here Inside the mind of a MiniMadWoman

28 August 2009

Pink Saturday Giveaway

Firstly can I say a HUGE thank you to all the lovely bloggers out there who left a comment last week. I can honestly say I was amazed by how many I got.

To say Thank You I thought I'd have a little give away this week. It's only a little token but a BIG thank you all the same.
OK so today we have this little pink heart garland, which I made last week. I would love it to go to a new home somwhere in Pink Saturday land.
I'll let you know next week who's won, once I've had my helper pick a name out of the hat.
Thank you also to our lovely host Beverly for making Pink Saturday possible. You can find more pink loveliness at How Sweet The Sound

27 August 2009

Off-cuts update

A little bit of an update on the re-cycled pjs and pillow case. Last night while watching "The 39 Steps" (with the gorgeous Rupert Penry-Jones) on TV I cut out and made 5 little hearts and attached some buttons. Now I have to attach them to the ribbon!!!

26 August 2009


After years of giving all our clothes that are too small (or too big in some cases :) ) away to charity I decided to keep a few back, just in case I could use them for something in the future!!
I give you................ 3 pairs of pyjamas, one shirt and one pillowcase. Along with some purple and blue buttons and some ribbon I wonder what will be made with that lot? Watch this space............................

24 August 2009

A wedding card

My friend at work wanted a card to put a poem in, so she could give it to her daughter on her wedding day. She asked me I would make one for her!! No pressure then :)
This is what I made I hope they both like it. The ribbon idea was taken from A Scrapbook of Inspiration

23 August 2009

Kayaking the River Spey

Yesterday was another kayaking Saturday. This time luckily for me, Samuel got to go in the afternoon, which meant I didn't have to get up so early!!
We met up at Knockando with the other kids from Keith swimming club and Jim from AquaplayScotland. This month Jim had decided it was time they did a river run so they got their kit together and started the 4 mile trip to Carron down the Spey.
John and I drove to Carron with the dry clothes and most importantly, the picnic. As we had 2 hours to kill we walked some of the Speyside Way
I loved this wee bridge so obviously had to stop and take a picture!! One of many from yesterday.
This picture is of a weed that grows all along the roadsides and paths around Fochabers and Moray. When it's in full bloom it is a raspberry pink colour but as Autumn approaches it turns to what can only be described as "Fluff". When the wind catches it it looks like it's snowing. This picture is for my sister Ruth who saw them while they were pink and thought they were really colourful.
After our walk we found a little fishing house by the Spey and settled into the bench that was very kindly provided by "The Big House" up the lane!! It was so peaceful sitting by the river watching a lady fishing for Salmon while her friend sat on a rock and read her book while drinking tea. What a way to spend an afternoon in the sun. This picture is taken from the bench while we waited for Samuel and his pals to reach the bend.
And this is John having a "Thoughtful moment" while I took some more pictures. Not sure what he's thinking about....probably the presentation he needed to do for Monday that he hadn't started as we had taken a "Time Out" yesterday to relax after a busy week at work.
After 2 hours the kayaking team arrived at the bridge and Samuel, knowing his mother would be there with the camera, managed to pose for a photo before jumping in to join his pals. I've got him well trained!
They all did really well (with no mishaps) and they're all looking forward to the next one.
Jim wanted them all to get into one boat at the end so 8 of them got in.......but Jim then had other ideas..........
......over we go................
Oooops Jim............you should know better than to mess with a bunch of kids..................
Happy times.

22 August 2009

Pink Saturday

This is my first time playing along with Beverley and her friends in Pink Saturday.
For my first attempt I thought I'd share these gorgeous Gladioli I bought in the supermarket yesterday. It was buy one, get one free, for the magic price of £3.00. How could I refuse?
As I was going to use the pictures for Pink Saturday I had to buy pink but I also had to buy these absolutely stunning purple.
The colour is amazing and the flowers look like they are made of a deep, lush velvet. Beautiful :)

18 August 2009

Off to High School

It was Samuel's first day at High School today and, although he wouldn't admit it, he was a little bit nervous. He wasn't too keen on the tie but the new Headteacher asked the kids what they wanted as a new school uniform and they picked shirt and tie........so tie it is!!
He got his Dad to tie it so he can then take it off over his head! John wanted the top button fastened and the tie up to the top but Samuel told him off for "making him look like a geek!!"
He trogged off this morning to meet his pals without looking back so I'm obviously obsolete now!!

He's now home and said it was "So much cooler than Primary" so I take that to mean he had a good day :)

17 August 2009

Home Grown

Today we had home grown and home made. Our tatties were ready and so were the leeks. There was only one thing for it.................................Leek and Tattie soup. It was delicious. Wonder what will be ready next? Sprouts? Yuck!!

16 August 2009

Picture of the weekend

This picture made my weekend. It's John and Samuel on the Drop Ride to Doom at the end of our tour of Edinburgh Dungeons yesterday morning. The ride lasts about a second at most but as it's pitch black in there you don't know how far you are going to fall. The look on Samuel's face says it all.

I was a big Jessie and didn't go on it. There is no love lost between me and fairground rides!!!
Click on the photo for a better view :)

Edinburgh Tattoo

The whole purpose of going to Edinburgh was to see the Tattoo and it didn't disappoint. Little did I know, when I booked the tickets way back in December 2008, it was the turn of the Royal Air Force to head the show.
This year they had bands from Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Cape Town, Switzerland and China plus our own home grown bands from the RAF to the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and all those in between.
These guys were my favourite. They are the Top Secret Drums Corp from Switzerland and all have normal jobs by day but live to drum any other time. They were FANTASTIC.
The Chinese from Edinburgh's twin city Xi'an in the Shaanxi Provence were brilliant and so colourful. These guys, who look like they are on horse back are actually on stilts. Amazing.
The drummers were just as good as those in the opening ceremony of the Olympics last year.
The back drop is of course the castle itself and each group performing has it's own picture. Here, obviously, are the red arrows. for me the best one was right at the end when they played the last post from the ramparts as the whole side of the castle was dedicated to Henry Allingham.

Edinburgh weekend

We have just had a fabulous weekend/3 days in Edinburgh, even if a little damp at times!!! That's good old Scottish, summer weather for you. Never leave home without a waterproof jacket!! We covered as much ground as we could in the 3 days but still have so much too see.

The top photo is the Castle (obviously) taken from Prince's Street gardens.
Then we have the Royal Mile, which stretches from the Castle to the Palace of Holyrood (still to see)!! I love the fact that Edinburgh still has all it's old, original buildings, unlike some cities that have knocked down the old architecture and built hideous monstrosities in their place (i.e. London/Liverpool).
The Castle again with the Prince's Street Merry go Round in front of it. The gardens are lovely and stretch the whole length of Prince's Street, (which at the moment you can't walk along as they are putting tram lines down. From some of comments we heard I'm not even sure that Edinburgh locals actually want the trams back.)
The gardens must be packed full when the sun is out as they weren't doing too badly in all the rain.
While Samuel and I were waiting for John to fly in from Amsterdam we went in search of Greyfriars Bobby who was a little dog who, after his owner John "Auld Jock" Gray died in 1858, stayed by his grave side for the next 12 years. Bobby slept under the stone table next to his grave and in the winter a local man would put sacking underneath to keep Bobby warm. The people of Edinburgh loved Bobby so much he now has his own grave stone in the cemetery and a monument in the street outside. In true tradition he know has pubs etc named after him too :)

Thursday night was Tattoo night.................................................

12 August 2009


Yesterday I had a bit of a "sewing Day" after seeing these owls over on HenHouse. They are just so cute I thought I'd have a bash at making one myself.
I also found a pattern over at Robert Kaufman which I based my little owl on.
Both little fellas are made from some old pjs, a bit of felt and an off cut of a £2.00 fleece from ASDA. Nothing like re-cycling :) I had to sew the feathers etc onto the front of the little one as I didn't have any sticky fabric stuff they used in the original pattern and as my sewing machine is refusing to sew straight stitch I had to hand sew them together.
The little one I stuffed with toy stuffing but the sleepy owl was stuffed using feathers from an old pillow!!! Now there's something I should have thought longer about before starting....they went everywhere :)
Still I think they look quite cute and I really enjoyed making them. I've decided I really must get some different off cuts of material so next weekend it will be a trip to my local fabric shop for a mooch around.
How cute do they look together?

10 August 2009

SLYMI wk 32

Write in White - Or actually, any light colour on a darker colour.
Ruth and I also added our own challenge to this weeks prompt. Use the same photo and use orange (as neither of us normally uses it).

All the papers etc are from old GoGo kits. I'm determined to use them up.

9 August 2009

Earning his X-Box Live

When we bought Samuel X-Box live a few months ago, it was on the understanding that he paid it back. He could have taken the money out of his bank account but decided to "Work it Off" instead. Today I put him to work painting the shed!! Well I wasn't going to do it was I?

Just look at the concentration on that face. The tongue sticking out says it all.

He's now battling Pokemon with his pal who's here for a sleep over. All work and no play makes Samuel a grump :)


From Cath Kidston to old pistols. From climbing walls to Royal Marine rifles and from Laser Tag to Birds of Prey these are what we saw/did yesterday at Moy Field and Sports Fair. We weren't going to go this year but as John hasn't been able to get much time off these summer holidays we decided to take Samuel out for the day. He loves Moy (well mainly Laser Tag) and as we managed to meet up with friends he had two more boys to play with.

:: I loved the Cath Kidston bags but there was no way I was paying those prices for a bag!!!! I might make one instead :)
:: Samuel loved the Royal Marines stand and had a great time trying on their packs, throwing grenades and getting to grips with the guns!!
:: This year at the BASC stand they had a display of old pistols and rifles. It's amazing to see the old ones but sad to think that people still feel the need to use them!!!
:: The climbing wall this year was a big success with all 3 boys managing to get to the top. Young Chris even managed to to get over the overhang, much to the disgust of his older brother!!

:: The birds of prey were back again this year but we missed the flying display as we were watch the Gun Dog scurry instead where our friend and his dog Timber won the "Three Bird Pickup".
:: The highlight for all three boys was the Laser Tag. They had great fun running about shooting each other and trying to get the lights on each other hats to light up :) This is Samuel after being shot and having to wait to be unlocked!! Doesn't look very happy does he?
I wonder if he'll still want to do this next year after being at High school for 12 months?