12 August 2009


Yesterday I had a bit of a "sewing Day" after seeing these owls over on HenHouse. They are just so cute I thought I'd have a bash at making one myself.
I also found a pattern over at Robert Kaufman which I based my little owl on.
Both little fellas are made from some old pjs, a bit of felt and an off cut of a £2.00 fleece from ASDA. Nothing like re-cycling :) I had to sew the feathers etc onto the front of the little one as I didn't have any sticky fabric stuff they used in the original pattern and as my sewing machine is refusing to sew straight stitch I had to hand sew them together.
The little one I stuffed with toy stuffing but the sleepy owl was stuffed using feathers from an old pillow!!! Now there's something I should have thought longer about before starting....they went everywhere :)
Still I think they look quite cute and I really enjoyed making them. I've decided I really must get some different off cuts of material so next weekend it will be a trip to my local fabric shop for a mooch around.
How cute do they look together?


  1. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. they are so fab guess what i may have a play at at the weekend!!!!!!!

  3. Liz, they are fab, i love them! has Samuel claimed them? Joshy takes all my toys i make! fliss xx

  4. Very cute :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)