28 February 2017

Summer 2016 Pt3

When mum was ill last year she made me promise 
to take the boys away somewhere nice in the summer.

So that's what we did.

We booked the flights, sorted out a villa and the three of us 
and two good friends set off for Tucson, Arizona.

Miss J found an amazing Villa

With a fantastic pool

 and Awesome views

even with the storm rolling in.

Tucson.  What an amazing place.

27 February 2017

Summer 2016 Pt 2

Kemah Boardwalk

Where some of us got a little camera shy

Where no one wanted to go on any of the rides

But didn't mind look at them from a distance and probably remembering the last time they went on one and felt sick!

Where hubby would have loved a fishing trip out on the boat.

Where some of us got soaked by the stingrays.

Cute but willing to soak you if you don't give them fish!!

 Where the Not a Teenager found a new flavour of chocolate

and where I wanted to take the whole display home.

Another hot and sticky day but worth it.

26 February 2017

Summer 2016 Pt 1

Summer 2016 was a time of mixed emotions.
First was sadness knowing we had to leave Texas
and the other was fun knowing we had friends to stay before we left.

Did we make the most of the time they were with us?
Yes we did.

Firstly we went to Johnson Space Centre

Where we took a flight on the Space Shuttle

 now installed on top of a Jumbo in the parking lot!

It was really interesting to see but soooooo hot inside.

After waiting for ages for Hubby to walk through the gangway, due to an extremely LARGE hornet 

we took a tour to SAIL
which, if you are a computer nerd, would be well worth it.
(No photos allowed inside)

Then on the way back we stopped at Rocket Park.  
The home of the Saturn V rocket that sent men to the moon.
It is ENORMOUS.  It's 363ft long and fully fuelled weighs 6.2 million pounds!

It makes this one look tiny

After a very hot and sticky day it was time for a cold drink.