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Review of 2013

I didn't think we'd managed to do much in 2013.  It has seems like quite a slow year.  Mainly because I have been lazy with my scrapbooking and my crafting.

Here are a few moments from our year.

There has been a lot of baking.
 A lot of laundry.
 The purchase of a greenhouse/poly tunnel.
 The boys making things in the man shed.
 The Teenager's braces coming off after 16 months.
 Having a go a bowls at the local Bowling club.  A new hobby for John in 2014.
 Revision for and taking of Standard Grade exams.  With excellent results.
 The birth of my cousins, daughters baby.  The lovely Daisy who, after a difficult start, is doing well.
 The sun.  In my opinion not enough sun this year.  More in 2014 please.
 A visit to the Land Army Girls memorial with Mum when she came to visit in June.
 Seeing our Cole Tit babies fledge.
 Decorating windows for Easter and Christmas.  We got 2nd place for our Christmas window this year.
 Lots of walks.
 A FaNtAsTiC holiday to Florida with my …

Car shopping

I don't normally like car shopping but today we ordered our new car so I didn't mind.

Here she is.  The new Peugeot 308.

Just have to wait until next year for her to be made and shipped over.  :0)

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Night Out

I had a fabulous night out with the girls from work last Friday.

Good food
Good friends
Good chat
and lots of dancing.

Looking forward to our next night out.


What a way to start the day.  This was the sight that greeted me at work yesterday morning.  A beautiful sunrise over Ladyhill monument in Elgin.

What kind of temperature do you call that?

Scottish winter weather is wacky at the best of times, but 14 degrees in December is unheard of.  And just to prove I'm not telling fibs here's the temp this morning when I got to work.
Oops I'm two minutes late for work  :0)

Window pictures

I eventually got around to taking a picture or two of our window.

We have Santa in his sleigh with his reindeer
flying over some houses
and in the dark it looks like this.

Hello Monday

Hello to a busy week

Hello  to the second to last week of term.
Hello to learning to Tea Dance with the lovely ladies at the Arradoul Scottish Woman's Rural Institute.
Hello to making a cake for the schools "Bake Off" on Thursday/Friday.
Hello to joining some ladies for indoor bowl in the local institute.
Hello to our works night out.
Hello to getting a few last minutes presents posted.
Hello to collapsing in front of the TV by Sunday.

How's your week looking?

Random picture of the Teenage one's version of the British Isles made out of Christmas beads.

Christmas window

It was village window decorating time again this week and last night, at the switching on of the village lights, the winners were announced.  We didn't come first and we didn't come third but we did come SECOND.

Yay.  I'm really chuffed and glad that I bothered to take part.  No 36 next door came first again, only this year it has different owners.

John is determined not to let them win 3 years in a row so is on a mission to get first place this time next year.

This is the silhouette of our window.  When it's a bit lighter I'll take a better picture so you can see what the houses look like in the daylight.

Christmas is coming

Christmas must be on it's way as on Monday we got filmed for the school Christmas song.  Carol wasn't with us but she managed to get in on the photo anyway.  Ha ha !