Christmas window

It was village window decorating time again this week and last night, at the switching on of the village lights, the winners were announced.  We didn't come first and we didn't come third but we did come SECOND.

Yay.  I'm really chuffed and glad that I bothered to take part.  No 36 next door came first again, only this year it has different owners.

John is determined not to let them win 3 years in a row so is on a mission to get first place this time next year.

This is the silhouette of our window.  When it's a bit lighter I'll take a better picture so you can see what the houses look like in the daylight.


  1. Well done. What a lovely idea. do please post some pics of the other windows in the village

  2. I love Santa and the reindeer!

  3. Oh, I do like those little houses :). well done!

  4. Love the style of those images.

  5. That's lovely - how good was the winner?


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