30 May 2023

Hello on a Tuesday - 30 May 2023

I know, a Tuesday post.  Whatever next?  It's half term and the bathroom renovations are underway so I'm home all this week.  It's hubby's turn next week!

So what did we get up to over the bank holiday weekend?

The menfolk put up the new front fence. Which looks amazing.

I did the shopping and running about whilst they did that.

We moved the rowan tree and replanted the surviving plants from the back garden.

Hubby knocked the wall down between the toilet and bathroom.  What a mess!!

We walked the boys around the hill and up to the windmill as the weather was glorious.

We had chilled fizz and a cold beer on the deck.

We chatted with family and made plans to visit them in Norfolk.

I hope you all had a good weekend.


26 May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week


Photo is one of my arty farty shots :0)

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week.  

Mental health is something that many people don't even think about.  Something that is mentioned in the news or in passing.  The thing is, mental health is very real, and for those who struggle with theirs it's important for other to understand the impact it has on their lives (or at least try to).

I've had a few struggles with mine over that last seven years.  Even more since menopause.  I've had some down days, some very down days but also some very positive ones.  I'm lucky to have a great group of family and friends who support me when I'm having a blip.  Most people I know want to help in any way they can, and I in return, help them when they are in need.  There are some who just don't want to know, and that is absolutely fine.  I have learnt that it is not my problem if people don't Get Me!  It's their problem and one they have to sort out for themselves.  Who knows they may have their own mental health problems but just can't reach out and ask for help.

If you are suffering with your mental health, please know, you are not alone.  You are important.  You are loved.  Reach out and ask for help.  It will come to you from the most unexpected places.

25 May 2023

Thursday Thoughts - 25 May 2023

I wish I could say it was a weekend of socialising with friends, but it wasn't.  It was a weekend of putting up fences and preparing the space for the new boiler.  It was hoping to move the Rowan tree and putting in the plants we rescued from the back garden - the ones the boys didn't manage to destroy!!  It was a weekend of dog walking and food shopping.

This is the joy of buying a house that needs work.  But Oh! it will look good once it's finished.

Back garden fence ✓

Front garden fence ✓

Boiler installation ✓

Dog walking ✓

Grocery shopping ✓

Tree moving X

Planting X

Garden furniture cleaning X

Deck oiling X

Housework ✓

Laundry ✓

Looking forward to going back to work ✓✓✓

Hubby had a bit of a set too with the cordless drill and got hit in the face.  As he may have a concussion he's now working from home for a few days.  I always knew that DIY wasn't good for you. 😂

I think next weekend hubby and I should chill out and go to the pub on Saturday night.  That sounds like a great idea to me.


19 May 2023

What are You Reading?

It wouldn't be a country house weekend without a little murder. . .

Three rival actresses team up to solve a murder at the stately home of Lettice Davenport, the author whose sleuthing creation of the 1930s, Dahlia Lively, had made each of them famous to a new generation. 

In attendance at Aldermere: the VIP fans, staying at house; the fan club president turned convention organiser; the team behind the newest movie adaptation of Davenport's books; the Davenport family themselves; and the three actresses famous for portraying Dahlia Lively through the decades.

There is national treasure Rosalind King, from the original movies, who's feeling sensitive that she's past her prime, TV Dahlia for thirteen seasons, Caro Hooper, who believes she really IS Dahlia Lively, and ex-child star Posy Starling, fresh out of the fame wilderness (and rehab) to take on the Dahlia mantle for the new movie - but feeling outclassed by her predecessors.

Each actress has her own interpretation of the character and her own secrets to hide - but this English summer weekend they will have to put aside their differences as the crimes at Aldermere turn anything but cosy.

When fictional death turns into real bodies, can the three Dahlias find the answers to the murders among the fans, the film crew and the family - or even in Lettice's books themselves?

18 May 2023

Thursday Thoughts - 18 May 2023

How can it be Thursday already? Where has the week gone? 

Last week was a busy one.  We were all busy at work.  Hubby even had to go to work on Sunday, which is unheard of.  They had an order that needed to be completed by 17 May so it was all hands to the pump.  Hubby said if the guys were in then, as the boss, he should really be there too.

On Saturday, I met my Auntie for coffee and a catch up, which was lovely.  We always meet in Waterstone's bookshop, so whilst I was there I picked up the third book in the Thursday Murder Club series, The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman.  I also picked up their book of the month, The Three Dahlias by Katy Watson.  It's another Who Dunnit which sounded good, was half price and meant I got a free cuppa.  No brainer really.  I started reading it during the week, when I was off work with some yucky sickness bug.  I managed to guess some of the twists and even got the culprit right, so well done me.

We started putting the back fence up on Saturday.  Hubby and S did all the hard work.  I supervised from under the umbrella.  Were just waiting for the correct size bolts to arrive then we can crack on getting the boards up.  After that hubby has his hands full with helping have a new boiler installed, helping our neighbour put up the new front fences, taking down an old chimney and helping the bathroom guy if he needs any help.  I shall be getting on with housework and making the teas!!

We had a little win at the weekend.  Blue will now sit under the umbrella but still won't go out in the garden if the whirligig is up.  I'm going to keep working on him though as he can't stay in all day of the weather is nice.

Well Eurovision is over for another year.  Liverpool was heaving over the last week with fans from all over the world.  In true fashion we seemed to be back at the bottom of the pecking order, coming second to last.  All congratulations to Mae Muller.  I though she did a great job and it can't have been easy waiting to go on last.  Next year will be awesome as it's 50 years since ABBA won.  

Image from Google

Only another 5 working days and it's half term.


11 May 2023

Thursday thoughts - 11 May 2023

Another three day week this week.  I'm really loving the fact that I don't have to go to work on a Thursday.  I'm still up early as I need to sort out the pups, but somehow it's not the same as there is no rushing around involved.

Today I managed to strip the bed and get a wash on, pop out and do the shopping, get fuel and still be home by 8.30am.  As usual I have a list of things that need doing, but they're just little things that don't take long so I should have time for a little reading or crochet later.

The weather was beautiful last weekend and I managed to get the the bedding out on the line and the umbrella back up on the decking.  Innes had a lovely time lying in the sun but Blue wouldn't come out of the house.  He's suddenly taken a dislike to both the umbrella and the whirligig.  I'm going to put one or both up as often as I can, to get him used to them.   Like it or not, the washing will be out if the sun is out.

I'm meeting my Auntie at the weekend for a coffee and a catch up, helping hubby with the front fence and then I'm hoping someone will help me move my rowan tree.  This will all have to be done on Saturday as it's forecast to rain again on Sunday!!

I hope you all have a great weekend.


8 May 2023

Oh Rowan Tree

 Scottish Folk Song: Rowan Tree

Oh rowan tree. How fair wert thou in simmer time, wi' all thy clusters white. On thy fair stem were mony names which now nae mair I see. But there engraven on my heart, forgot they ne'er can be.

I'm very proud of my Rowan tree.  It was a freebie from school during lockdown and started life as a very scraggly twig.  I planted her out, in a pot at first, then as she got stronger I planted her in the back garden.

That was three years ago, and this year is the first year she's had flowers.

Unfortunately having the pups now means I have to move my lovely Rowan to the front garden, as they are poisonous to dogs.  Once hubby has finished the front fence I am going to attempt to move her and keep my fingers crossed she survives.

4 May 2023

May the 4th be with you

Thursday may well become my Monday as I embrace the four day week. 

So what has been going on since my last post?

I have been.....

1.  Travelling to Durham to stay with my friend Miss J.  She moved there, from Scotland, in January and has settled in well.  She lives in a lovely village outside Durham.  It's only 10 minutes on the bus so very handy.  We went to the Cathedral for a look around.  The cathedral volunteer told us it's the final resting place of St Cuthbert ( who, I have to say I hadn't even heard of).

1.  Starting my four day week early.  I was owed a day, after working in the holidays, so I took last Thursday off too.  It felt so good to be home in the middle of the week.  My poor washing machine didn't know what hit it though, as anything not nailed down got washed.

2.  Having an impromptu lunch date with hubby.  A cocktail, or two was just what the Dr ordered.     

3. Listening to "The Satsuma Complex" by Bob Mortimer on Audible.  Another Who dunnit? that I didn't figure out!

4.  Reading a real book.  The Man who Died Twice, the second in the Thursday Murder Club series by Richard Osman.  Another good read and, yes there is a pattern forming here.  I didn't figure out the killer!!

5.  Nudging hubby into finishing the back garden fence and starting the one out front.  He has at least ordered the wood so that's a positive.

6.  Looking after Innes, who wan't very well at the beginning of the week with bacterial gastroenteritis.  He was feeling very sorry for himself for a day or two, but is now back to doing everything at full pelt.

7.  Speaking to a lovely lady at the Blood Transfusion service, who rang to see if she could make me an appointment.  Sadly I had to say no, as I can't donate until August, when I've finished taking my folic acid tablets.

8.  Organising to have the bathroom fitted at the end of May instead of August, as all the fittings have arrived.  I'm so looking forward to having a Non 1980s bathroom.

And another week has gone by.  We have another bank holiday weekend coming up so another three day week for me next week.  Now there's an idea!!!