Thursday thoughts - 11 May 2023

Another three day week this week.  I'm really loving the fact that I don't have to go to work on a Thursday.  I'm still up early as I need to sort out the pups, but somehow it's not the same as there is no rushing around involved.

Today I managed to strip the bed and get a wash on, pop out and do the shopping, get fuel and still be home by 8.30am.  As usual I have a list of things that need doing, but they're just little things that don't take long so I should have time for a little reading or crochet later.

The weather was beautiful last weekend and I managed to get the the bedding out on the line and the umbrella back up on the decking.  Innes had a lovely time lying in the sun but Blue wouldn't come out of the house.  He's suddenly taken a dislike to both the umbrella and the whirligig.  I'm going to put one or both up as often as I can, to get him used to them.   Like it or not, the washing will be out if the sun is out.

I'm meeting my Auntie at the weekend for a coffee and a catch up, helping hubby with the front fence and then I'm hoping someone will help me move my rowan tree.  This will all have to be done on Saturday as it's forecast to rain again on Sunday!!

I hope you all have a great weekend.



  1. That looks like a perfect place to relax with a crochet project in the sunshine!

  2. Your deck looks like a very restful place to sit on nice days to do some reading or crocheting or just being. Strange what goes through their little furry minds; I wonder what Blue sees the umbrella as or the whirligig; some great flying beasts?

    1. I wonder too, although he is getting better. He actually stood under it yesterday when the washing was out, but only because I was with him!


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