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Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 20th Wedding Anniversary. It's been a very quick 20 years. As with all marriages there have been highs and lows but we seem to have made our way through them.

Here's to the next 20 years.

Me on Monday

You know when you blow out your Birthday candles and make a wish? You know how you know it probably won't come true? Well mind did!!! Last weekend when I blew out the flames on that amazing candle I wished that our work permits would arrive soon. Well Happy Birthday me!! On Friday letters arrived to say they had been approved and were on their way. And on their way they were as they arrived on Saturday. Saturday night saw me applying for my first job and today I sent off the paperwork.  One in the mail and one at the school (just so they couldn't say they hadn't received it!!).

Fingers crossed it all goes well.
Thanks to Sian for hosting Me on Monday.  How was your weekend?

Birthday time

I've had the best Birthday.
It began last weekend when my friends had a party for me and my friend Sarah, with cake.............. and alcohol.  (not for me as I was driving!!) and an amazing candle. (It sang Happy Birthday and wouldn't stop!!)

We had soooooooooo many laughs

Then today with my boys. One in the photo and one taking the photo!!

There was champagne, presents and dinner out.
I was totally spoiled. 

21 again (and again and again.)

Expat Life

I'm loving the life we have at the moment but realise that it can change at the drop of a hat - or an oil price. My friend Lissa and her family arrived in Texas the same time we did  and today we got together for her leaving lunch. Her husband's company went bust and then his new company went into administration, which means them moving back to the UK.

You never know what is around the corner. Take every opportunity you can and love your life.

Mary Jo Peckham Park

We recently took a stroll around  Mary Jo Peckham Park in old Katy. It's 32 acres of parkland which has walking trails and a well stocked fishing lake.

There is a play park for the little kiddies and a mini golf course.  Picnic tables and grills and a tropical fish pond.  There is also a community center that has an indoor pool and offers yoga, karate, fitness programs, swimming lessons and first aid lessons.
You can feed the ducks or just sit on an bench and watch the world go by.

You can get up close and personal with some of the parks residents.
Black Vultures
Fox Squirrels 
All activities and events are FREE!!   Yes Free.  But only if you live in Harris County -  which we don't L

It's Like Riding a Bike

I haven't ridden a bike since 1993. I used to cycle to work everyday but then got posted to Germany  so had to sell my bike!!

I got an early Birthday present this weekend when Hubby bought me a new bike.

On Sunday we did nearly 7 miles around the local area and I loved it.
It's true what they say "It's like riding a bike.  You never forget."

The Chop

I've spent the last year growing my hair  so I could fasten it up in the summer when it's too hot.

Yesterday I undid all that hard work in the space of 30 mins.

Having now experienced two summers, One with short hair and one with long, Short hair wins every time.

But you have to try something different before you know if it's right for you.


Apparently, here in Texas, next week is the official start of Fall. In preparation for this, I made a Fall table decoration.

All the bits I used were in the sale and worked out $30 cheaper than the smallest ready made one in the shop. I'm really getting into the habit of changing my decorations to fit the season. Only problem is, where to store it all?!!!

Fattening him up

The Teenager has always been a "Skinny Minnie". At some point he would like to join the military. Unfortunately he has to gain weight!!! In an attempt to help him I made Brownies.

These are NOT the diet version!!


We have spent the last year trying to make "Proper" Yorkshire puddings. We tried several different pans. Different types of lard/oil. Blamed the naff oven!! And all to no avail.  They still come out looking like a frisbee!
That is until this weekend when we found a Popover pan, complete with recipe on the back.
Look what happened on Sunday.
and look what happened yesterday when I made an extra batch for the freezer.

They're about 5" tall and 3" wide.
I did say it was the little things that keep me happy. And now I'm sooooooooo happy J

Shopping and Palm Trees

I realise that we are very lucky to be living where we live. John's job has taken us 5000 miles from family and friends.
The downside of any move is being soooooo far away.
But there is an up side.  Like the times when you get to shop in the sunshine and see palm trees.

It's the small things that keep me happy.

Hummingbirds Pt 2

After hours of waiting and just missing out on taking photos I managed to sneak up on this little fella on the feeder. I was indoors at the time so the photos are a bit dark.
They are about 3 1/2 inches in size.
Some of them aren't much bigger than the local dragonflies.
With the help of Mr Google I've discovered that she is a female Ruby-Crested Hummingbird.
We also had a Black-Chinned Hummingbird but that one flew away before I had chance to get the camera.  At one point we had two birds on the feeder at the same time.

The Draft

Things here just got a little bit "Real". The Teenager got his registration through for the Selective Service System. Or in other words the Military Draft, should there ever be a need. All males in the US aged 18 to 25 are required to register.

Lets hope everyone plays nicely for the next 7 years!!


This is our hummingbird feeder.

I am so excited that it attracts the cute little hummingbirds at this time of year. We have a couple of varieties here in the Houston area. The Ruby-throated Hummingbird, the Black-chinned Hummingbird  and  the Rufous Hummingbird.
So far we've had quite a few birds come by but they move so fast I've not been able to get a shot of any of them.
I'm not sure which variety we've had so lets just say it doesn't matter.  All are welcome.  The more the merrier.

New project

One of the coolest costumes the Teenager saw at Comic Con was the character from Halo.
We watched the guys from Garagefx show you how to make the costume  and guess what? Yep!!  the Teenager now wants to make one for the Houston Comic Con next year.
I suppose that means my car is outside in the heat so he can have a work space in the garage!!

It was pretty awesome when you realise that it's all made from foam matting.

The Amazing Houston Comic Con Pt 3

The teenager loved the whole experience of his first Comic Con. If we'd have gone by ourselves we wouldn't have had a clue who 90% of  the people were.
He met one of the voice artist that does Anime cartoons and Dragonball Z and thought he was so cool. The guys name is Chuck Huber and to be honest was a really great guy. He was only too happy to take selfies and do autographs with customers. (For free) In fact he was in charge of the camera!!
Who's that dude in the background?
Not too serious now!!
Lets take one from an odd angle!!
Turned out OK.
It was nice to meet someone who didn't take himself too seriously and was happy to do things for fans that's didn't cost them an arm and a leg!
Comic Con needs more people like that.

The Amazing Houston Comic Con Pt 2

What is Comic Con all about? I thought there would be comic book artists creators, writers and actors there. But no.  Not really. Apart from 80 year old David Prowse (he of the Darth Vader in the 1970s fame) there were no other actors.
It was mainly comic book artists with sooooo many pictures to sell!!
 Some of which were pretty cool.
or overpriced toys for the kids (or adults!!)
or comic books galore!
or maybe a hairclip for the girls
or even an autographed picture of your favourite character for $75 (which could have been signed by anyone)
Don't get me wrong I loved the place and had a great 4 hours mooching around but why does it all have to be so expensive?
We didn't even bother to try and sneak a photo of David Prowse as he wanted $40 for an autograph or selfie. Dream on David!!

The Amazing Houston Comic Con Pt 1

We've heard about Comic Book Conventions before. It's a thing that happens in America. It's something that's laughed about in the UK. We Brits think it's all "A bit sad"!! and a bit "Geeky"

Well after being to our first one I can tell you it's not sad but boy oh boy it is "Geeky as Hell".
There are people dressed up as their favourite characters. It didn't matter if you were  fat or thin, tall or short if you wanted to dress up then you went for it.  (Avengers Assemble - I don't think so!!)
 (Levi - Attack on Titan) (Pacman & Red Ghost)
There were exhibitors where you could have your picture taken (for free). As you can see we loved the Star Wars one. The guy in orange reeeeaaallllly loves his job
Obi-Wan Kenobi This is not the Geek you're looking for!!
and there were geeky t-shirts everywhere.
Hey dude check it out.  We both have pii
It was a great day out and the Teenager was in his element. He's now full of ide…


We are very lucky to have a pond across the road from where we live. It is stocked with fish, turtles and possibly the odd alligator  (only kidding.............I hope!!).

John is the master fisherman and caught the first fish.
The Teenager manged to catch one too. 
The boys had fun trying.
I took the serious route
and it paid off.  Here's my first catch.  Shame I dropped it and gave it a headache. It took a moment to recover but then happily swam away. To be caught another day.