The Amazing Houston Comic Con Pt 1

We've heard about Comic Book Conventions before.
It's a thing that happens in America.
It's something that's laughed about in the UK.
We Brits think it's all "A bit sad"!!
and a bit "Geeky"

Well after being to our first one I can tell you it's not sad but
boy oh boy it is "Geeky as Hell".

There are people dressed up as their favourite characters.
It didn't matter if you were 
fat or thin, tall or short if you wanted to dress up then you went for it.
 (Avengers Assemble - I don't think so!!)

 (Levi - Attack on Titan)
(Pacman & Red Ghost)

There were exhibitors where you could have your picture taken (for free).
As you can see we loved the Star Wars one.
The guy in orange reeeeaaallllly loves his job

Obi-Wan Kenobi
This is not the Geek you're looking for!!

and there were geeky t-shirts everywhere.

Hey dude check it out.  We both have pii

It was a great day out and the Teenager was in his element.
He's now full of ideas for next years convention!!


  1. We too heve comic cons and cos players, we also have games cons. On 19th September there will be a games con here in Newport. Called Dragondaze it will have trade stands and game tables and demonstration games. Two rooms with Live role playing a room with borad games and a room with role playing tabletop games as well as cos players. All for Barnardo's young Carers. Last year we raised £1000 and this year we would like to repeat it

  2. I can see how it might be popular ....

  3. We had Fan Expo in Toronto this weekend, which is the same thing as Comic Con. I was contend to watch the reports on the 6pm news It seems this may be the way to get the Teenager to willingly have his photo taken :)

  4. Silly me thought it was something to do with stand up comics!!!!!!'

  5. Looks as though you had a great time - such happy smiles. You know what I'm going to ask don't you?


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