27 July 2015

Me on Monday

This weekend was a time

for a lazy Saturday morning before going
to get a hair cut.  The first one since March.

for trying out the local Indian take away

for having friends round for a BBQ  

for sending hubby off to do some fishing

and to catching up with "Complications" on the TV.

Today, after dancing it was time to catch up on 
another layout or two for the teenagers album.

Thanks to Sian for another Monday meme.

How was your weekend?

26 July 2015

2015 Summer Photographic Scavenger Hunt Pt 5

I've been a bit slow about taking photos for the scavenger hunt of late
but after wondering where I was going to find a cell tower
look what I found slap bang outside the building 
where the teenager does his sporty stuff.

** 11 **

A cellular tower or television satellite dish

25 July 2015

And so it begins!!

It's July 25th

It's still 5 months until Christmas.

So why oh why does Hobby Lobby have half it's store
decked out with Christmas decorations?

Why is the shop assistant putting up trees?

It's too early.

The kids haven't gone back to school yet.
They haven't had homecoming yet.
Halloween is still 3 months away.
We haven't celebrated Thanksgiving.

What are they thinking?

It's still the middle of summer.


22 July 2015

Right Now

Joining in with my sister Ruth's question today.

"How is right now looking for you?"

Right now I am meeting up with friends for a cuppa and a chat.
I'm admiring my friend's new house and garden.

I'm still going strong on the teenagers Senior album.

I'm waiting for these lovely people to visit in 3 weeks time.
(No coats needed this time it's already 96 degrees.)

and I'm waiting for some girlie time with my sister whilst we get a pedicure.

How's right now looking for you?

20 July 2015

Me on Monday

This weekend was a busy one with

Lots of laundry and bed changing,
sporting activities for the teenager,
sandal shopping for the above teenager as his feet are too hot in trainers,
a sneaky hour of reading before
getting ready for a night out with new friends (which turned out to be a great night),
a tired hubby on Sunday meaning I had to drive the teenager to airsoft
before taking hubby to Starbucks for a free coffee and
taking him home and administering a large fry up.
He then loafed on the sofa whilst I tided the teenagers room
and caught up on my Project Life which has been neglected for the last month or so.
We ended the day with a trip to Baskin Robbins to try out one of their 31 flavours. 

Today I sat and had a coffee in the garden, after line dancing 
whilst the teenager watered the new flower bed.

Thanks to the lovely Sian at From High in the Sky for hosting this Monday meme.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

16 July 2015

Senior Year Pt 3

And so onto the final eight layouts.


** Snr Trip **

"You didn't like the choice of t-shirt for the Snr trip to Galveston and I can see why!
None of your friends went.................... BUT
you met up with Alexa who invited you to join her and her friends for the day.
You had a great time."
29 May 2015

** Last Day **

"3 June 2015 was your last day of school ever.  You didn't need to go in on the 4th
as you had exempted all your exams.  It was a quiet day without a lot of fuss.
You are no longer a "School Boy"
3 June 2015

** Graduation **

"After a rough start as a senior at Seven Lakes High School you proved to us
and yourself that you could do it.
You are the only one in the family to graduate from an American High School.
we think you're AWESOME!"
5 June 2015

** Diploma **

"Once the introductions and speeches were finished you were officially told you had graduated
and could move your tassel to the right side of your cap.
Four seconds on stage was all it took to receive your diploma from the Principal, Mr Vierling."
5 June 2015

** So Proud **

"There aren't enough words to say how proud we are of you."
5 June 2015

** VPG (Very Proud Granny) **

"If there was a prize for the proudest granny, yours would have won it."
5 June 2015

** Class of 2015  ** 

5 June 2015

** You did iT! **

"A week after graduation you were able to collect your Diploma."
15 June 2015

 "That's all folks"

With the exception of a few Heidi Swapp embellishments, I bought in the sale, all papers etc were taken from the stash I already had!!  I'm thinking that maybe I have too much.

15 July 2015

Senior Year Pt 2

And now for another six layouts in the continuing saga 
of the Teenagers Senior year.


** Homecoming **

"Homecoming was very last minute as Laura's dad didn't say she could go until the night before!
You both had a great time and you even danced - Gangnam Style!!"
18 October 2014

** Selfie **

"A 'Homecoming selfie' with the lovely Laura"
18 October 2014

** Tuxedo **

"When we got you fitted for your tuxedo you had to bend down so Mrs Gutierrez
could reach up to measure you"
25 April 2015

** Snr Prom **

"After a lot of nagging from me, you finally decided to go to Prom. 
You looked very smart dressed in your tuxedo"
16 May 2015

** Good Stuff  **

"You met your friends at 9ers Grill for dinner (where you managed to get your free)
then had photos taken before driving to the Marriott hotel in Sugarland.
You had a great night with your friends and said you were glad you had gone.
You met Alexa from your speech class and asked her to dance!!"
16 May 2015

** Smile! **

"You seem to have had a lot of fun taking 'selfies' with your friends"
16 May 2015

The last eight tomorrow.

14 July 2015

Senior Year Pt 1

I haven't done any scrapbooking for the last year.
I'm not sure why.
I just didn't do any.
Then I saw the layout my sister did for the Teenagers graduation
and thought "Hey if Ruth can do one, so can I"

So I did.  All 22 of them.

Here's the first eight!! 


** Registration **

"On 11 August 2014 we went to see the registrar at SLHS.  
She said you had enough credits to enrol."

** Pep Rally **

"We didn't know what a Pep Rally was.  It's all sorts of cheezy Americana in one place!!"
18 August 2014

** Awesome Clubs **

" You were so happy when you found out the school had a Manga club.  By going there you found out about Dungeons & Dragons.  You've made some good friends through these clubs"
August 2014

** 1st Day  **

"Your first day at SLHS was a huge change for you after being in a school of 500 pupils.
You sent me a text a lunchtime that said 'This sucks I have no-one to talk too'
It broke my heart :( "
24 August 2014

** Laura**

"You met Laura on day three.  She had just started as a senior too having 
just moved from Oregon.  You hit it off straight away"
27 August 2014

** Snr Yr Book Pose **

All the Senior boys had to have a tuxedo pose for the senior year book.
You rocked the James Bond look"
4 October 2014

**  'Mums' **

Mum's for the girls.  Garters for the boys.
You were adamant you weren't doing either!"
17 October 2014

** Remember Spirit Wear?  **

"You didn't want anything to to do with Mums for Homecoming.
So you went with Spirit wear instead"
17 October 2014

And there you have it.  More to follow tomorrow.

13 July 2015

Me on Monday

It was a weekend of scrapbooking - yes scrapbooking, 
of sporty stuff for the Teenager, of tidying up,
of helping hubby make a fantastic curry for dinner,
of dragging the boys (some kicking and screaming) alligator spotting,
of milkshake slurping, of grass cutting in the heat, of sitting under the water mister to cool down and 
of laughing at two cards I received this week (thank you Ruth and Joanne).

Thank you to the lovely Sian over at From High in the Sky for hosting this Monday meme.
I know she's on her summer break just now but pop over anyway :0)

12 July 2015

Brazos Bend State Park

Hooray, today we actually made it to the state park.

The teenager wasn't all that keen at being dragged 
around in the 98 degree heat but he managed it.
(The moans got louder towards the end!!!)

John was in his element with the camera and the binoculars.

He found dragonflies 



and of course an alligator or two 

We didn't see too many dogs!!!

 I won the "Spot the Alligator" competition by finding the first one.
I got another Sonic milkshake as a prize.

It was a good day out.

10 July 2015

Sugarland Memorial Park

Last weekend, as most of the local state parks were closed
for the "4th July Weekend "
we ended up at the 
Sugarland Memorial Park.

We took a picnic and sat in the shade.
Some of us happier than others at being out and about!!

We watched the locals fishing, running and cycling.
We looked at the view.

We went for a walk around the lakes.

Past the working windmill.  I love the eerie sounds they make in the wind.

up to the Veterans Memorial

and the Stars and Stripes

and came across the only alligator of the day!!

It's not a massive park, like some state parks and is a work in progress
but it passed a few hours out in the sunshine.