Right Now

Joining in with my sister Ruth's question today.

"How is right now looking for you?"

Right now I am meeting up with friends for a cuppa and a chat.
I'm admiring my friend's new house and garden.

I'm still going strong on the teenagers Senior album.

I'm waiting for these lovely people to visit in 3 weeks time.
(No coats needed this time it's already 96 degrees.)

and I'm waiting for some girlie time with my sister whilst we get a pedicure.

How's right now looking for you?


  1. Not long now! And just wait until you see my suntanned feet!

  2. My Right Now is not looking as pretty as your toes or as quiet as the backyard pool - my Right Now is vacuuming and dusting, but I am thankful that I have a home to vacuum and dust :)

  3. My right now is thinking of the laughter of the last few days ( TBC is good company) and thinking about writing a bit more in my Texas journal.


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