30 June 2021

SPSH - First Link In

Mary-Lou at Patio Postcards is hosting another Summer Photographic Scavenger Hunt and today is the first link-up.

Between 1 June and 30 Sep 2021 we ned to find the following.

2021 SPSH  List


  1. A Breakfast of Champions
  2. Favourite Time of Day
  3. Something To Represent Home But Not The Building
  4. Head In The Clouds; shapes or interesting patterns
  5. The Art Of The Fold
  6. Something That Makes You Laugh or Happy
  7. What's In Bloom
  8. Window Views
  9. Something Older Than You
  10. The Delivery Van/Truck Making The Deliveries
  11. The Shape of Round/Circular
  12. Something That Is Cause For Celebration
  13. Your Marie Kondo Moment – Or Not
  14. Inside Your Fridge Or Cupboard
  15. Your Best Doodle Art (not public graffiti)
  16. A Guilty Pleasure; Something That Recharges You
  17. An Exit
  18. Upside Down, Right Side Up
  19. Steps, But Who's Counting
  20. Decades Of Sharing; find something in your home that is from the 70's or80's or 90's or 00's


A: show off your  COVID safety; masks, cleaning, or other related supplies

B: a local landmark

C: the most beautiful landscape photo of the season

So far I have....

4.  Head in the clouds; shapes or interesting patterns. - New Brighton beach.  Grey clouds to the left, almost sunny skies to the right.

5. The art of the fold.  This is a $1.00 bill that hubby folded many years ago and I keep in my purse.  I have another item he folded for me too, but I've put it away safely and can't find it at the moment!!

8.  Window Views  The view from my living room.  It always looks lovely at this time of year.

14.  Inside your fridge of cupboard.  No explanation needed.

19.  Steps but who's counting.  Steps in the gardens at Bodnant Gardens.

I still have a long way to go and some may need a little thinking about.

How are you getting along?

28 June 2021

Me on a Monday - 28 June 2021

Last week......

  • I took the week off from the laptop.  Too much screen time is not good for me.
  • Was Sex Education Week for the children!!  Make of that what you will.  There may have been some funny moments, but nothing I could repeat on social media. :0)
  • I spent a lovely few hours chatting to my friend C who I haven't seen for nearly two years due to you know what!!.  I listened whilst she told me all about her husbands health problems and we made plans to meet up in August, when hopefully we will be spending time in Scotland.  I can't wait to see them.
  • We made a decision on the house.  But more about that at another time.
  • I was not happy about Nicola's announcement!!  Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, made the announcement that if you come from the Greater Manchester or Salford area you can't travel into Scotland until further notice.  I'm hoping that this doesn't mean we can't fly from Manchester.  After all I don't live there and I haven't been to Manchester since 1985!!  Only time will tell.
  • I'm chuffed that my first poppy has flowered.  I planted it from the seeds we got at Dad's funeral and it spouted, got re-potted and finally planted out and now I have the first flower.  I also have the start of green beans, a cucumber, a pumpkin and some cucamelons.  And by me, I mean hubby, as I don't know the first thing about plants and veg.
Three weeks and two days to go until the summer holidays.  But who's counting?


21 June 2021

Me on a Monday - 21 June 2021

It was all change again at work last week.  With the daily COVID infection count going up again we have had to move back to where we were at the beginning of the year.  I'm now down the corridor, feeling like Billy No Mates.  Luckily we only have four weeks left at work and I won't have to worry about it for six weeks.

Hubby and I had "Date Night" on Friday and had a lovely meal at the local pub.  Unfortunately there were no tables inside, so we sat out on the patio.  We were lucky enough to get a table right next to the patio heater.  The joy of an English summer's evening.  Coats and heaters :0)

We did some house hunting at the weekend.  Just to see what was out there in our price range.  We were disappointed!!  When you wouldn't be able to get your sofas in the lounge, park outside your own house or it needs £40,000 worth of work doing to it, it's probably best to stay put.

Sunday was a stay at home day for me as my hayfever was really bad.  Even the super strength prescription tablets didn't do the trick and I ended up having to take an extra tablet in the evening.  Surely I won't have to stay in all summer!!

Here's hoping that next week is a smooth one.


18 June 2021

One From the Archive

I was reading my mum's old blog recently and came across a post she did where she mentioned something I had posted that day.  It turned out to be this.

I still miss my dad every day, even though it's been 26 years since he passed away.  He would have been 79 today.


18 June 2013

Simply a Moment - June 13

Tuesday 18 June 2013.

I'm off sick today with a sore throat.
I'm waiting to go and see the doctor.
Whilst I'm waiting, I think about looking through my scrapbook albums.  If I'm honest I don't have that many and most of my layouts are in a box somewhere.
I find the album that my Mum made for The Young Man.  It's all about his "Grumps".  His Grandad, My Dad.
As I'm looking through the photos and smiling at how much of a family resemblance there is, I feel my eyes welling up with tears.  Not sad tears.  Tears of happy memories.

It would have been Dad's birthday today.  He would have been 71 years old.

Thinking of Dad makes me happy.


I Lve You

14 June 2021

Me on a Monday - 14 June 2021

 A very stressful week at work left me wondering why I do it.  At nearly 55, maybe I should retire early.

Anyway, after finishing my High Tea Floral blanket, starting a new crochet project and wandering around Tatton Park's parkland and gardens for a few hours I feel a lot more relaxed.

Here's to a better week.


7 June 2021

Me on a Monday - 7 June 2021

Last week was a very relaxing week.  There was


Days out

Sneaky trips to the pub

Flights to Scotland booked 😊

Time away from the laptop (I will get around to leaving comments at some point this week.  Honest!)

and the border started on my High Tea floral blanket.

Only six weeks to go until school finishes for summer.  A very busy six  weeks to be sure.

I hope you had a relaxing week too.


3 June 2021

Canal Walk

We decided that over the bank holiday weekend we would head inland instead of to the coast where a million other people were headed.  It turned out to be a great idea.

Not too far from us, across the Mersey is the Leeds to Liverpool canal.  It is a whole different  world from that of the city centre.  Peace and quiet.  Just a couple of canal boats and a few people walking their dogs.

Great views, sunshine, birds singing, barges and the odd friendly fox or two.

Such a wonderful place to go and unwind after a truly hectic week for both hubby and me.  

Rounded off by a pub lunch.  It was such a treat to be able to just pop in and have a drink and a bite to eat.  I felt kind of normal!!

1 June 2021

Me on a Monday - (Tuesday 1 June!!)

Cheers!!  This is me for the next 10 days :0)

Well I made it to Friday.  The boss said it was a crazy week.  That was an understatement!!  Next week we have a week off and I have a few days out planned. As hubby has to work most of it,  I think I'll spend most of my time off sitting in the garden.