Me on a Monday - 28 June 2021

Last week......

  • I took the week off from the laptop.  Too much screen time is not good for me.
  • Was Sex Education Week for the children!!  Make of that what you will.  There may have been some funny moments, but nothing I could repeat on social media. :0)
  • I spent a lovely few hours chatting to my friend C who I haven't seen for nearly two years due to you know what!!.  I listened whilst she told me all about her husbands health problems and we made plans to meet up in August, when hopefully we will be spending time in Scotland.  I can't wait to see them.
  • We made a decision on the house.  But more about that at another time.
  • I was not happy about Nicola's announcement!!  Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, made the announcement that if you come from the Greater Manchester or Salford area you can't travel into Scotland until further notice.  I'm hoping that this doesn't mean we can't fly from Manchester.  After all I don't live there and I haven't been to Manchester since 1985!!  Only time will tell.
  • I'm chuffed that my first poppy has flowered.  I planted it from the seeds we got at Dad's funeral and it spouted, got re-potted and finally planted out and now I have the first flower.  I also have the start of green beans, a cucumber, a pumpkin and some cucamelons.  And by me, I mean hubby, as I don't know the first thing about plants and veg.
Three weeks and two days to go until the summer holidays.  But who's counting?



  1. Doesn't it feel like we can't truly relax and plan anything in advance? I really hope that the Manchester - Scotland decision is reversed before you go. I'm not totally sure how they can enforce it (without building another wall around Scotland!). Better investigate driving options just in case!
    I can imagine there are a few tales to tell after S E week - it was always a source of interesting anecdotes at the school where I used to work.

    1. There is a plan B for Scotland as I am going one way or another :0)

  2. Such a pretty poppy & WOW to all your veg growing. It's funny, I've been using bits from my sex ed times to make the comparison for COVID ... it's funny how people don't get the social distancing, pod restrictions but when I compare it to the sex talk from school, eyes go wide & I hear "oh, yeah" Now ask me how to calculate a triangle, I cannot remember a thing (lol). That's crazy about Manchester/Scotland restrictions; but we all know politicians change their minds as frequently as Scottish weather changes!

    1. Most of the veg are doing well but we just can't get the pumpkins to grow. They all seem to die off after a few days. :0(


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